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Biological Warfare — An Emerging ThreatReshma Agarwal*, SK Shukla**, S Dharmani***, A Gandhi***As we approach the 21st century, there is an increasing worldwide awareness and threat regarding theuse of biological warfare agents both for war and terrorist attack. Biological agents include microorganismsor biological toxins that are used to produce death in humans, animals and plants. They are c

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Traveling to: US Virgin Islands Health Brief prepared for: UCAR User User Prepared on: Jun 8, 2011 5:40:35 PM GMT US Virgin Islands Immunizations: Recommended immunizations for the United States Virgin Islands. Up-to-date routine immunizations, including tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, measles, mumps, rubella, varicella (chickenpox) and influenza, areimportant for all internati


PROFESSIONAL BCAA + Caffeine Nutritional Values Carbohydrate-Energy powder drink • Improves focus and mental performanceMaximum 4 (2 if you have got low tolerance to caffeine) portions during competition, preferably during the late phase of endurance sports, for ex. Cycling-running-triathlon competitions. Use Vitargo+Electrolyte as sports drink before changing to Vitargo Professi

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WATCHMAN’S TEACHING LETTER Monthly Letter #147; July, 2010 By: Teacher Clifton A. Emahiser 1012 N. Vine Street, Fostoria, Ohio 44830; Ph. (419)435-2836 Fax (419)435-7571; E-mail [email protected] TO THOSE WHOM THE COVENANT BELONGS A NON-UNIVERSAL CULTURE AWARENESS INSTRUCTIONAL PUBLICATION This is a non-copyrighted teaching letter. Please feel free to make as many co


541-683-8034 541-485-5245 Shahram Rezaee D.M.D., PC. Laleh Rezaee D.M.D., PC. The benefits of a happy, healthy smile health. Please fill out this form are immeasurable! Our goal is to help completely. The better we communicate, you reach and maintain maximum oral the better we can care for you. About You ❑ Single ❑ Married ❑ Divorced ❑ Widowed ❑ Sep

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Does Diligence Make Up for One's Dullness? -- Introduction the Symptom, Diagnosis, and Teaching Strategies of ADHD School of Criminal Justice and Social Sciences, Tiffin University National Changhua University of Education Abstract: Based on the Chinese traditional belief that “diligence is the means by which one makes up for one's dullness,” underachieving students might be blam

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PROGRAMA DE FORMAÇÃO CONTÍNUA EM MATEMÁTICA PARA PROFESSORES DO 2º CICLO - ESE DE CASTELO BRANCO A importância do cálculo mental torna-se evidente no dia-a-dia de cada um, quanto mais não seja, se pretendermos fazer compras ou efectuar as mais diversificadas relações entre gran-dezas e/ou equivalências que dispensam, por comodidade, o cálculo escrito. O próprio domínio do


Niveau de pratique Licencié non Licencié Licencié compétiteur compétiteur de compétiteur de niveau régional niveau national COMMISSION MEDICALE anthropométrique - taille Examen clinique des appareils et grandes fonctions de l’organisme Ce guide est destiné au médecin amené àexaminer un nageur en vue de la délivrance mo

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MASTER GARDNER INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE Sponsored by The University of California, Davis DYNAMIC GROWING FOR MASTER GARDENERS WILLIAM R. JACKSON, PhD Author, Consultant, Educator This concise synopsis was made available to the Master Gardeners International for its Conference July 15-19, 1997, in Sacramento, California. At the time of this presentation on July 16, the audience s

High-frequency repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation decreases cigarette smoking

High-Frequency rTMS Decreases Cigarette Smoking High-Frequency Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Decreases Cigarette Smoking Peter Eichhammer, M.D.; Monika Johann, M.D.; Alexander Kharraz, M.D.; Harald Binder, M.A.; David Pittrow, M.D.; Norbert Wodarz, M.D.; and Göran Hajak, M.D. epetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) R is a new technique that has been foun

Semaine du 17 au 21 octobre 201

Revue de presse emaine du 01 au 16 n o vembre 2012 Economie Réduire le coût alimentaire Agriculture Réussir Lait, n°262, oct 2012, pp. 33-61Questions aux agriculteurs,Agro Distribution, n° 231, oct. 2012, pp. 14-15Chine : un modèle à bout de souffleAlternatives Economiques, n°318, nov. 2012, pp.57-64Femmes et travail en agricultureBimsa, n°127, oct 2012, pp. 13-14 Envi


2011 Statewide Protocol Required-Optional Regional Drug/Medications • Yellow Highlight= 2011 Change-Addition • R = those medications for a Licensed ALS EMS Agency O = Optional Medications not required for ALS EMS Agency licensure. Inclusion of the medications at the direction of the EMS Agency Medical Director Service _______________________________ Vehicle #_________ Date Inspe

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Escola Náutica Infante Dom Henrique Departamento de Radiotecnia Programação avançada Ficha prática nº 3 Capítulo 2 Controlo de fluxo, strings e arrays Duração: 4 horas Escola Náutica Infante Dom Henrique Departamento de Radiotecnia 1 – Controlo de fluxo - decisão. If Then Else encadeados . 3 2 – Controlo de fluxo - decisão. Switch.Case . 3 3 – Contr


This article was downloaded by: [Rahim, Eric]On: 18 December 2008Access details: Access Details: [subscription number 906332068]Publisher RoutledgeInforma Ltd Registered in England and Wales Registered Number: 1072954 Registered office: Mortimer House,37-41 Mortimer Street, London W1T 3JH, UKReview of Political EconomyPublication details, including instructions for authors and subscription info


CARDIOLOGY CONSULTANTS MEDICAL GROUP The Treadmill Cardiolite Stress Test is a non-invasive test used to evaluate your heart muscle and blood flow from the coronary arteries. Abnormalities in cardiac rhythm (EKG) and cardiac perfusion can be detected. The test is done in three parts, and takes 3-4 hours. Appointment Date :______________________ Arrival Time :________________ Appointm


ENT SURGICAL CONSULTANTS (815) 725-1191, (815) 725-1248 fax 1890 Silver Cross Blvd. Pavilion A, Suite 435 New Lenox, IL 60451 MENIERE’S DISEASE (7/13) SOURCES OF INFORMATION  Meniere’s Disease; What You Need To Know. PJ Haybach. $24.95, Available through the Amazon Books or Vestibular Disorders Association, PO Box 4467, Portland, OR 92708 http://www.vestibular.org/ �


Infectious Diseases Society of America Emerging Infections Network Comments for Query: ‘ Antimicrobial Drug Shortages’ Comments made by 93 respondents [Pediatric responses are shown in blue font] Comments about Specific Cases/Examples of Drugs Affected • [Instead of] IV Bactrim, an AIDS patient was given po instead; he died from severe PJP, but he had horrif

Antidepressiva und angstlöser

Benzodiazepinagonisten in der Angstbehandlung Wirkstoff H-Name Dos. (mg) Tmax (h) t1/2 (h) Naturpräparate: Nebenwirkungen von Benzodiazepinagonisten • Beeinträchtigung der Fahrtüchtigkeit • Angstzustände meist nur 15 – 20 Min. • Wirkung Benzodiazeptinagon. nach 30 Min. Benzodiazepine sind die bekanntesten und am häufigsten verwendeten angstlösenden Substanzen.

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Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology 2007; 35 : 706–712 Original Article A prospective randomized treatment study comparing threetreatment options for chalazia: triamcinolone acetonideinjections, incision and curettage and treatment withhot compresses Amynah Goawalla MRCOphth and Vickie Lee FRCOphth Central Eye Unit, ACAD Centre, Central Middlesex Hospital, London, UK ABSTRACT C


How I Lost 130 Pounds Healthy Weight Loss For Life Losing weight does The weight loss program I followed is based on proven facts and common sense. It is a not have to be a struggle. You may Weight loss is something I deliberately set out not need surgery or to do. It is my hope that the information prescription drugs. presented here will help put you on the road

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J. Med. Chem. 2004, 47, 5555-5566 Increased Anti-P-glycoprotein Activity of Baicalein by Alkylation on the A Ring Yashang Lee,†,| Hosup Yeo,†,‡,| Shwu-Huey Liu,§ Zaoli Jiang,§ Ruben M. Savizky,‡ David J. Austin,‡ andYung-chi Cheng*,† Department of Pharmacology, Yale University School of Medicine, Department of Chemistry, Yale University, andPhytoCeutica, Inc., New Haven, C

Lmx grease

LMX GREASE Lithium complex grease DESCRIPTION LMX Grease is a lithium-complex thickened mineral oil based grease of NLGI No.2 consistency having extreme pressure properties andinhibited against oxidation and corrosion. APPLICATIONS Lithium complex greases have similar basic properties to conventionalSuch performance characteristics mean that lithium complex greaseslithium soap grease


8301 Professional Place, Landover, MD 20785 MODEL SECTION 504 PLAN FOR A STUDENT WITH EPILEPSY [NOTE: This Model Section 504 Plan lists a broad range of services and accommodations that might be needed by a student with epilepsy in the school setting and on school-related trips. The plan must be individualized to meet the specific needs of the particular child for whom the plan is being

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Giornale Italiano di Nefrologia / Anno 20, S-24 2003/pp. S109-S128Linee Guida per la dialisi peritoneale (DP) Coordinamento Generale Linee Guida SIN: G. Fuiano, C. Zoccali Revisione 2003 Coordinatore: G.C. Cancarini Estensori: G. Amici, A. De Vecchi, G. Enia, M. Giannattasio, V. La Milia, G. Virga Revisori: P. Altieri, G.F. Cabiddu, L. Catizone, R. Corciulo,A. De Vecchi, M. Fer

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The Role of Formal and Informal Chinese Institutions in Shaping the Entrepreneurial Landscape Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Pau (ESCPAU) FranceC A H I E R d e R E C H E R C H E N° 9 This paper views entrepreneurship in China as a legitimacy seeking process. We use institutional theoryas a lens to understand the pattern of entrepreneurship in China. We also examine how rapidly changingforma


TABLE OF CONTENTS ADENOSINE (ADENOCARD) Class Endogenous nucleotide Description Adenosine is primarily formed from the breakdown product of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Both compounds are found in every cell of the human body and have a wide range of metabolic roles. Adenosine slows tachycardias associated with the AV node via modulation of the autonomic nervous system without

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Dental Report Condition and Prognosis R M & Co Solicitors RMC/123/2010 1st January 2010 Dr B DAVID COHEN PhD, MSc, BDS, MFGDP, LDSRCS, CUEW, MEWI Specialist in Endodontics Accredited Expert Witness the MALT HOUSE Specialist Dental Treatment Centre Deva Centre Trinity Way Manchester M3 7BD Tel: 0161 834 8824 Fax: 0161 838 5353 Email: [email protected] __________________________

How to write a scientific paper

How To Write a Scientific Paper By Susan Cordova for the New Mexico Junior Academy of Science In all sections of the paper, present tense should be used to report background that is already established. Forexample, "The cell membrane is the barrier which separates the inside of the cell from the outside." Usefuture tense for work that you will do. For example, "We will test the hy


Diabetic Retinopathy The word diabetes mellitus comes from Greek words “Diabetes” means “siphon” and mellitus which means “honey tested urine” The duration of diabetes is the most important determinant of retinopathy after the onset of puberty Pathogenesis: Characteristic pathological Changes- 1. Pericyte Loss: Abnormal pericytic deposition of material due to sorbitol or adv


Antibiotic susceptibility of extended-spectrum ß-lactamase-producing Enterobacteriaceae Antibiotic Reference Laboratory, Communicable Disease Group, Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR), PO Box 50-348, Porirua. Email: [email protected] Introduction • Extended-spectrum ß-lactamases (ESBLs) confer resistance to all• The plasmids may also carry other resistance genes.

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CURRICULUM VITAE Hans Annell Illustratör/informationsdesigner, civilingenjör Född 1969 070-660 94 26 PRESENTATION Jag är högskoleutbildad illustratör och har dessutom en flerårig erfarenhet som teknisk skribent. I grunden är jag civilingenjör. Jag är van att analysera och strukturera komplicerade förlopp. Med min bakgrund som ingenjör och teknisk skribent, i kombina

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MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET SECTION 1 - CHEMICAL PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION Spectrum Batteries Inc. Emergency Telephone Number 1-813-248-0585 Outside North America Continent (call collect) 1-800-255-3924 Within USA,Canada,Puerto Rico,U.S.Virgin Isl. 1-281-533-9596 1-877-533-9596 PRODUCT NAME: Lithium/Thionyl Chloride Batteries – 180oC SECTION 2 - COMPOSITION, INFOR

Medikamente neu

Furosemid Furon®, Furorese®, Lasix®, versch. ApplikationenSchleifendiuretikumIndikation:10-20-60 mg i.v. Kinder: 0,4-1 mg / kgNierenversagen mit Anurie, schwere Hypokaliämie, Hyponatriämie, Hypoglykämie, Überempfindlichkeit gegen SulfonamideBemerkung: nicht bei RRsyst < 90 mmHg applizieren. NW: Gabapentin Gabapentin®, Neurontin®Kapseln zu 100 mg, 300 mg oder 400 mg - Filmt

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MIRE JÓ EZ AZ ISMERTETŐ? Ez az ismertető a sportolóknak nyújt segítséget a Lovak Doppingellenes és Ellenőrzött Gyógykezelésére vonatkozó szabályok megértéséhez. A jogi szabályok technikai jellegűek és olyas valakit, aki nem jogi személy, eléggé összezavarhatnak. De egy sérthetetlen, jogilag megalapozott, a sportolók érdekeit is védő, szabályozó rendszer megalkotás�

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P U E B L O C O U N T Y M E D I C A L T R E A T M E N T P R O T O C O L S PEDIATRIC RESP DISTRESS U P D A T E D : 3 / 0 8 / 2 0 1 2 W E B E R , M D D . W I L S O N , M D Specific information needed 1. Present symptoms -- sudden or gradual onset. 2. History of oral exposures -- toys, food, chemicals, etc. 3. Associated symptoms -- cough, fever, upper respiratory symptoms, r

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HIV / STI and Sexuality Education Curriculum Evaluation Tool Dear Sex Education Supervisor and Advisory Board Co-Chairs:There are a wide variety of curricula available in HIV/STI and sexuality education that can be includedas part of a coordinated school health program. How does your district know which one to choose?Many school districts have requested a user-friendly guide to evaluate cu

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European Cells and Materials Vol. 20. Suppl. 3, 2010 (page 124) ISSN 1473-2262 Self-Assembled Nanostructures from Organic Bolaamphiphiles for Gene Delivery N. Jain, Y. Arntz, V. Goldschmidt, G. Duportail, Y. Mely, Andrey S. Klymchenko LBP, UMR 7213 CNRS, Faculté de Pharmacie, Université de Strasbourg, France helping agents. Finally, all bolas showed low INTRODUCTION: The


Edited by I. Berczi and R.M. Gorczynski© 2001 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved Neuroimmune Biology — An Introduction Department of Immunology, Faculty of Medicine, The University of Manitoba, Bannatyne Campus, 32-795 McDermot Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3E 0W3, Canada That a healthy mind is fundamental to general well being has been recognized since prehistoric times and proverbs

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ADR.eu - .eu Alternative Dispute Resolution BESLISSING ADR Centrum voor geschillenbeslechting eu-domeinen bij het Arbitragehof van de Kamer van Koophandel van de Tsjechische Republiek en de Agrarische Kamer van de Tsjechische Republiek ( het Arbitragehof van § A3 (b) (6) van de Voorschriften voor geschillenbeslechting eu-domeinen (ADR Voorschriften) Zaaknummer: Administratief k


Pima College: Short Story Writing Syllabus Course Writing 126 CRN 23408 Writing 206 CRN 24907 Semester Spring 2011 Jan 18, 2011 College Site Pima East 8181 E. Irvington Class Times Self-Pace Required Due dates for: First & Final Short Story Submissions and Peer-edits Final Portfolio Online class discussions (Due with 1st & Final Short Story Submissions- Weekly parti


When Food and Pills Clash Fresh Concerns on How Diet and Medicines Interact, From Pepper to Pomegranate Americans increasingly view the food they eat as medicine to help lower cholesterol, reduce high blood pressureand control blood sugar. But as with prescribed drugs, the health-improving qualities of foods such as olive oil,nuts and fruit can interact with other medications, causing pos


Exelon launches new brand strategy and logo following recent merger with Constellation CHICAGO (May 24, 2012) — Exelon Corporation today revealed its new brand strategy, including the new corporate vision and values that will guide the energy company going forward, as well as a new logo and visual identity, following Exelon’s recent merger with Constellation. “Together, Exelon and

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SQUASH PROFILES EET A SQUASH PLAYER Kimberley Bessell Age: 15 Date of Birth: 1st March 1989 School: Werribee Grange Secondary College - Year 10 Place of Residence: Hoppers Crossing Favourite Foods: Lasagne, Ravioli Hobbies: Music, movies and hanging around Idol: Sarah Fitz-Gerald - 5 times World Open Squash Champion Greatest Influences: Parents and her

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Eigenmann & Veronelli PRODUCTS for RUBBER Eigenmann & Veronelli – Paolo Bullani Who is Eigenmann & Veronelli? • E&V is a private, Italian, distributor and producer of specialty chemicals founded on 1910. • Turnover: more than 230 mln. of €. (194 people) • E&V is certified: - ISO 9001:2000 (reg. # IT 9882) - ISO 14001 (reg. # 5210) - OHS


Annual Influenza Vaccine Consent Form-FLU SHOT and NASAL SPRAY Section 1: Information about Child to Receive Vaccine (please print) STUDENT’S NAME (Last) STUDENT’S DATE OF BIRTH month_________ day________ year __________ PARENT/LEGAL GUARDIAN’S NAME (Last) STUDENT’S AGE STUDENT’S GENDER PARENT/GUARDIAN DAYTIME PHONE NUMBER: SCHOOL NAME Section


Thrombosis Research 110 (2003) 255 – 258The William Harvey Research Institute, St. Bartholomew’s and the Royal London School of Medicine, Charterhouse Square, London EC1M 6BQ, UKThe therapy of rheumatism began thousands of years ago with the use of decoctions or extracts of herbs or plants such as willow bark orleaves, most of which turned out to contain salicylates. Following the adven

Superparamagnetic nanosensors for the detection of cardiovascular biomarkers by magnetic resonance relaxometry and imaging

Superparamagnetic nanosensors for the detection of cardiovascular biomarkers by magnetic resonance relaxometry and imagingAdvanced Imaging Unit. Dpt of Epidemiology, Atherothrombosis and Imaging. Spanish Cardiovascular Research Centre (CNIC) and Spanish Pulmonary Research Centre (CIBERES). C/ Melchor Fernández-Almagro 3, 28029 Madrid. [email protected] Purpose: Magnetic Resonance Relaxometry (

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CURRICULUM VITAE Harrison C. Spencer, MD, MPH, DTMH Current Position: President and CEO Association of Schools of Public Health 1101 15th Street NW Suite 910 Washington, DC 20005 Telephone, Fax & e-mail: 202-296-1099 (Office tel) 202-296-1252 (Office fax) (e-mail) Home Address 2425 L Street NW Apt. 807 Washington, DC 20037 Education: Haverford College


International Conference on Computer Systems and Technologies - CompSysTech’ 2005 Antonella Reitano, Fabrizio Di Maio, Salvatore Seminara Abstract : The information systems management sets the attention to the importance of data and above all the activities of selection to individualise this data. The decisive lines to the aforesaid problem can be individualised in the activities of


2006 © The Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry Voltammetric Behavior and Determination of 17b-Estradiol at Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotube-Nafion Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode Norifumi TERUI, Bunshi FUGETSU, and Shunitz TANAKA† Section of Integrated Environmental Science, Research Faculty of Environmental Earth Science, Hokkaido University, N10W5, Kita-ku, Sapporo 060–0810, Japan For

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Ministry Of Higher Education And Scientific Research University of Mosul College of Pharmacy Deprt. Of Pharmaceutical Science MosuL- Iraq CURRICULUM VITA PERSONAL DATA Nationality: Iraqi Current Academic Rank : Lecturer Specilization: Physical chemistry Current University : University of Mosul Current Faculty : Pharmacy Current Department : Pharmaceutical


24 Hour Pack List Items marked with a * are required for the Personal First Aid Kit ___ *1- Container or bag suitable for kit. (commercial kits are OK). ___ *4- OTC pain reliever tablets. (Tylenol, Advil, Motrin, etc.). ___ *4- Antacid Tablets. (Tums, Rolaids, Pepsid, etc.). ___ *2- Antiseptic cleansing pads. (Betadine, Castile soap, etc.). ___ *1- Antiseptic ointment. (Neosporin Triple

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Curriculum Vitae Habibolah Khazaie Personal History: • Birth: 1971.03.21, Kermanshah, Iran • Marital Status: Married • Address: Farabi Hospital, Sleep Research Center, Department of Psychiatry, Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences, Dolatabad Blvd, PO box: 6719851151, Kermanshah, Iran. • Phone: +98-918-8332426 (Cell Phone) • Email: [email protected]

50 einfache dinge, die sie über das altern wissen sollten

50 einfache Dinge, die Sie über das Altern wissen sollten Cem Ekmekcioglu Literaturhinweise (sortiert nach Zitierung im Text) 1. Morley JE. A brief history of geriatrics. J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci 2004; 59 : 1132-52. 2. Faust V. Über das Alter und Altern. Psychiatrie heute. 3. Viidik A. The biological aging is our inescapable fate--but can we modify it? Z Gerontol Geriatr 1999




P R I M A R Y C A R E can both be characterized by loss of consciousness anda fall.9 Syncope is suggested by an onset while the pa-tient is erect and by a brief duration (10 seconds), EPILEPSY flaccid muscle tone during the event, pale color, coldand clammy skin, or electrocardiographic abnormal-ities. Tonic–clonic seizure is suggested by an onsetwhile the patient is asleep or awake and

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1st Quarter 2012 Prescription Drug Use The average percentage of claims that are filled as Higher in Obese People generics is 70 percent. The potential is about 85 percent, however, so further opportunity exists. A new survey from the Centers of Disease Control and Almost 60 percent of employers cover 90-day Prevention (CDC) found that obese adults in the Unites supplies of main


CliniCal Practice DeveloPment Louisa Stone People with advanced disease approaching the end of life require sensitive consideration with regard to infection control procedures. Strict adherence to infection control guidelines designed for the acute hospital setting may not always be appropriate for terminal y il patients. This article examines the management of meticillin (methicillin)-resis



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Syed Asad OBJECTIVE Conduct research on the design and implementation of signal processing and communication algorithms on FPGAs/ASICs• Around 4 years experience in design, implementation and verification of FPGA based signal processing and communication systems. • Expertise: FPGA based system design using Verilog HDL, VHDL and System Verilog. • Tools: ModelSim, NanoSim, Design

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A paper presented at the International Conference on Policy Modeling Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong on June Health Sector Planning: Modeling and Implications Dr. Christine MAK Professor Sardar M. N. ISLAM Abstract A social cost benefit analysis (SCBA) is a common methodology used in economic evaluation of health programs. However, SCBA is not yet fully de


HER2 e carcinoma gastrico Bibliografia Allgayer H et al. c-erbB-2 is of independent prognostic relevance in gastric cancer and is associated with the expression of tumor-associated protease systems. J Clin Oncol. 2000;18(11):2201-9. American Joint Committee on Cancer 2010. AJCC Cancer TNM Staging Manual, /a edizione, gennaio 2010. Disponibili su Associazione Italiana Registri Tumori,

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1.0 Flora The flora surveyed at the site was done so using stratified sampling and random sampling. The sample points are shown in Figure 3.01. In Table 1.1 that follows, there is a complete of the plants and trees found at the site. FLORA: Table 1- A Complete List of the Floral Species Found at the Vision City Project Site Species Common Name Species Scientific Name Wild

Helicobacter pylori - alternative therapie bei antibiotika-resistenz

Holdergärten 13 89081 Ulm Telefon (0700) 264 264 26 Telefax (0731) 705 47 11 www.bng-gastro.de [email protected] bng – Holdergärten 13 – 89081 Ulm Informationen aus der Gastroenterologie Helicobacter pylori Alternative Therapie bei Antibiotika-Resistenz (02.05.2011) Zunehmende Antibiotika-Resistenzen sind auch für die Therapie gegen das Magenbakterium Helicobacter

Biogenerics evergreening july2009

P.O. Box 19405 • Washington, DC 20036 • USA T: +1 202.387.8030 • F: +1 202.234.5176 Congress Should Not Adopt “No Generics” Proposals for Biologics The Eshoo-Barton-Inslee and Hatch-Enzi-Hagan Approach to Biogenerics: Evergreening and the Creation of Perpetual Monopolies Congress is now considering proposals to establish a process for regulatory approval of gene

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The fol owing is a listing of Jewish and secular events throughout the school year, that each class wil celebrate. Use the Hebrew Class Key to the right to help you identify which days and with which classes your child wil celebrate any one particular event. Teachers can always use a helping hand, so if you can participate in set-up or clean-up, please let your child’s room p


FOUNDATIONS OF INDIVIDUAL BEHAVIOR Finding and analyzing the variables that have an impact on employee productivity, absence, turnover, and satisfaction is often complicated. Many of the concepts—motivation, or power, politics or organizational culture—are hard to assess. Other factors are more easily definable and readily available—data that can be obtained from an employee’s person

Instructions for abstract preparation for eac2012

Events of increased particle number concentrations around trade wind cumuli near Barbados B. Wehner1, F. Ditas1, A. Wiedensohler1 and H. Siebert1 1Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research (TROPOS), 04318 Leipzig, Germany Keywords: new particle formation, clouds, ultrafine particles. Presenting author email: [email protected] Beside numerous measurements at ground-based stations, new par


Comparing Epionce ® & Prescription Renova ® ABSTRACT In a controlled clinical study, an Epionce regimen produced similar results in improving the appearance of photoaging parameters com- Parameter Epionce (% Change) Renova (% Change) pared to the gold standard Renova (prescription 0.05% tretinoin). Using a split-face methodology, an Epionce regimen was compared with prescriptio

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ESTATUTOS DE LA “FUNDACIÓN SOLIDARIA JUGUEMOS POR BOLIVIA” CONSTITUCIÓN, DENOMINACIÓN, DOMICILIO, OBJETO, OBJETIVOS Y DURACIÓN Artículo 1º- (Constitución y Denominación) Se constituye una Fundación, con la denominación de FUNDACIÓN SOLIDARIA JUGUEMOS POR BOLIVIA en adelante “la Fundación”, que funcionará como persona jurídica de derecho privado autorizada le


Braz Dent J (2007) 18(3): 244-247 Importance of the Diagnosis in the Pulpotomy of Immature Permanent Teeth 1School of Dentistry, University of Ribeirão Preto, Ribeirão Preto, SP, Brazil 2School of Dentistry, Bahia State Foundation for Science Development, Salvador, BA, Brazil 3School of Dentistry of Ribeirão Preto, University of São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto, SP, Brazil Pulpotomy


Addictive Behaviors xx (2006) xxx – xxxLong term success of short smoking cessation seminarsDepartment of Preventive Medicine, Institute of Environmental Health, Medical University of Vienna,Kinderspitalgasse 15, A-1095 Wien, AustriaThe objective of this longitudinal (3 year) study was to determine predictors of abstinence in 515 employees of asteel plant (28% female, age 18–67 year

Project proposal

Studies on designing, syntheses, characterization, and biological screening of organic cocrystals Preamble: Organic cocrystals are at the forefront of the quest for novel crystal forms. There is a strong interest in their potential use in the pharmaceutical field and in all areas where the final products are commercialized and utilized in their solid state forms. Cocrystals are intens


PACKAGE LEAFLET: INFORMATION FOR THE USER Clareeze Allergy 10mg tablets Loratadine Read this entire leaflet carefully because it contains important information for you. This medicine is available without prescription. However, you still need to take Clareeze Allergy carefully to get the best results from it. • Keep this leaflet. You may need to read it again. • Ask your pharmacis


"The Problem with Hoodia" “Hello, I'm Roger. So, what takes you to Africa? Work or pleasure?” Angela Bingham turned to her seatmate and tried to muster a genuine smile. Although she was proud of her work, Angela thought it odd that a stranger would try to start a conversation by asking such a personal question. Nevertheless, she was stuck sitting next to this man for the remainder


Comunità… in rete suore terziarie francescane elisabettine aprile 2011 Tu conferma la nostra fede È lo slogan che accompagna il logo dell’incontro del Papa con le chiese del Nordest; in quel dare del “Tu” al Papa viene sottolineata la concretezza di una presenza nella quale Dio cammina con gli uomini nella storia di ogni giorno. Un “tu” co


Code review /ProgramOverModule11Purpose of the module: the module displays statistics about a program. All available programs can be selected. The list of indicators is static. The user can select to display a graph. Maintainability - JUnit AdminListExtensionTest fails, no other test cases implemented - Design: org.openmrs.module.programOver.web.controller.ProgramPatientsController is not a Spr

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Questions & Answers for ExCel Following STAR results Do the results of STAR affect the appropriateness of the ExCel research study? No. Based on the STAR results tamoxifen and raloxifene seem to be equally effective at reducing the incidence of invasive breast cancer: o nothing has changed from the standpoint of the rationale of ExCel. o raloxifene and tamoxifen appear to hav

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NUMBER 15 STHS SENIOR NEWS JANUARY 19, 2010 ACT REGISTRATION : The postmark deadline for the regular registration for the April 10 ACT is March 5. This test will not be administered at STHS. The school code for STHS is 410700. Application packets and practice booklets are available in the high school guidance office. The basic fee is $32.00 and the optional writing fee is $15.00. Students

Evitons une autre affaire mediator !

Evitons une autre affaire Mediator ! Extrait du Europe Solidaire Sans Frontières La France malade de ses médicaments Evitons une autre affaire Mediator ! - Français - Forums & mouvements - Sur : Santé - Médicament - Date de mise en ligne : mercredi 29 décembre 2010 Europe Solidaire Sans Frontières Evitons une autre affaire Mediator ! Quel est le point commun entre Sta

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REPRODUCTIVE TOXINS OSHA Laboratory Standard Definition: Reproductive toxin means chemicals which affect the reproductive capabilities including chromosomal damage (mutations) and effects on fetuses (teratogenesis). CHEMICAL NAME CAS NUMBER Angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE inhibitors) Bischloroethyl nitrosurea (BCNU) (carmustine) 1,4-Butanediol dimethylsulfonate (busulfan) 1-

Straight talk about…

Some things you need to know about… DONATING BLOOD Basic Eligibility To give blood, you must be in generally good health, weigh at least 110 pounds and be at least 17 years of age. Medication Piercings/ Tattoos Waiting time for: You may be accepted as a blood donor if you have had a Antibiotics—treatment complete. body piercing, as long as



Magnolia inventario 2011 agosto (2).xls

Tel: ++41 91/795 18 67Fax:++41 91/795 30 29e-mail: [email protected]: www.eisenhut.ch(Botanic Garden Karlsruhe) Neatly shaped tree with deep yellow, truly precocious flowers. Ten to fourteen tepals, stames red. (acuminata Fertile Myrtle x denudata a neat, narrow grower selected by Phil Savage. Very early light yellow flowers. Tall and graceful, single trunk habit. (subcordata Miss Hon

Kask dreamwe

Which HDV format is better to shoot in? 720p or 1080i? Both will be with a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio. 720p refers to a frame comprizing a 1280x720 pixel grid, with the full frame "progressively" filled in each frame. There is no interlacing or half-frames used. The frame rate can vary and this must be taken into account, but common 720p frame rates are 24fps, 30fps, and 60fps. A tru

Chemwatch australian msds 4929-88

AC100E PART B Chemwatch Material Safety Data Sheet Issue Date: 6-Dec-2007 CHEMWATCH 4929-88 NC317ECP Version No:2.0 CD 2008/1 Page 1 of 19 Section 1 - CHEMICAL PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION PRODUCT NAME SYNONYMS "hardener adhesive system Part B cartridge" PROPER SHIPPING NAME PRODUCT USE Adhesive system applied by a cartridge. SUPPLIER Company: Powe

Efca forum 2005

Efficiency, effectiveness and integrity questions relating to Service Contracts Procurement for EC External Actions Stanhope Hotel, Rue du Commerce 9, 1000 Brussels Opening remarks Panos Panagopoulos, EFCA President Koos Richelle, EuropeAid Director General Session 1 – Service procurement for EC external actions: policy and implementation Agneta Lindqvist, Euro




Determination of pharmaceutical residues and hormones in wastewater in Jordan Chemicals released into the environment may have endocrine-disrupting effects in living organisms, including humans. The incidence of endocrine-related diseases and adverse physiological effects in wildlife is increasing, and there are indications that changes in the reproductive health of humans, including declinin


Chemical Cocktail Adbusters Magazine, March-April 2005 From Prozac to perfumes, pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) are discharged down household drains in agrochemical-comparable quantities. Often their ingredients survive sewage treatment and enter our streams and rivers, and sometimes they return through our faucets. What will this largely unregulated cocktail of dimly


EQUINE PROHIBITED LIST Extract from VETERINARY RULES 10th edition, effective 1st June 2006 Printed in Switzerland Copyright © 2005 Fédération Equestre Internationale Reproduction strictly reserved Fédération Equestre Internationale t +41 21 310 47 47 f +41 21 310 47 60 e [email protected] www.horsesport.org Annex III Equine Prohibited List SUBSTANCES AN

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Risperdal Consta® (risperidona). Forma farmacêutica e apresentações: Pó injetável e diluente em embalagem contendo: 1 frasco-ampola com pó injetável (25 mg; 37,5 mg ou 50 mg de risperidona), 1 seringa preenchida contendo 2 mL de diluente para reconstituição, 1 dispositivo (SmartSite®) para auxiliar na reconstituição e 2 agulhas para aplicação no paciente, sendo uma destinada a

Neural networks introduction

Computational Intelligence provides us the opportunity to find asolution for the problems which were merely solvable by humanintelligence. Computational intelligence machine can learn and remember similar tohuman brainAlthough the processor elements of a computer (semi-conductors) actmuch faster than processor elements of human brain (neurons),human response is faster than a computer. In


Press release For immediate release WATER-JEL, PROFESSIONAL TREATMENT FOR EVERYDAY BURNS, --Widespread use in fire fighting and emergency medical fields for 20 years (Chicago-October, 2002)- Every 25 seconds someone in the United Statesis burned or scalded in their home, according to the American Burn Associationand the Burn Foundation. Burn-Jel and Water-Jel, two hydro-based gel products, h

Doorcontact ct200 2004-a.fm

Door Contact Model CT200 Product Specifications Sheet The detector is powered by one lithium battery that can last four years or more, depending on the amount of detector activ-ity. The detector transmits a check-in signal every eight minutes that includes its unique identification code, along with the cur-rent open/close state, tamper conditions, and battery status. • WiseLink® tech


Search » Select » Services » Payment » Itinerary Hotel Offers Hotels from € 22 Best Price Guaranteed Brussels Charleroi (CRL) A - CITROEN C1 from €53 per day Flight Reservation Number: Confirmed BOOKING IS NOT CONFIRMED UNTIL YOU RECEIVE EMAIL ITINERARY Find the best holiday rental in Brussels! Book a Hostel or B&B in Br


ProFit-based Quantitation of Cerebral Metabolites using 2D L-COSY at 3T E. Frias-Martinez1, N. Rajakumar1, X. Liu1, A. Singhal1, S. Banakar1, S. Lipnick1, G. Verma1, S. Ramadan1, A. Kumar2, and M. A. Thomas1 1Radiological Sciences, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, United States, 2Department of Psychiatry, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, United States Introduction : The ProFit algorithm has been d


Fysisk aktivitet som behandling ved Myalgisk Encefalopati Objective : To assess the effects of physical activity on fatigue and physical functioning in adults with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Design : Systematic review of published literature. Method: The following databases were searched in week 41, 2009: PubMed, Cinahl, Ovid (Amed, Embase and PsychInfo), ISI web of Science, OT-seeke

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Octubre 2009 VISIÓN PANORÁMICA DE LAS CAUSAS DE INEFICACIA DEL ACTO JURÍDICO TESTAMENTARIO; ESPECIAL REFERENCIA A LA REVOCACIÓN Licenciada Yuslima Sanz Sánchez Profesora del Departamento de Derecho de la Universidad de Las Tunas Para citar este artículo puede utilizar el siguiente formato: Sanz Sánchez, Y. : Visión panorámica de las causas de ineficacia del acto

Pet poison helpline info

The folks at Pet Poison Helpline share this report that details the top-selling human medications and the potential dangers these drugs pose to pets. The IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics recently released a report that included the top five human prescription drugs dispensed in United States: Lipitor, Nexium, Plavix, Advair Diskus and Abilify. Because Pet Poison Helpline’s call volume


A newsletter on the biology and control of sea lice distributed free to researchers,aquaculture and fisheries industry, educators, consultants, and managementauthorities. This fifth issue of 4th International Conference on Sea Lice Caligus includes: 28th-30th June 1998, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland Articles Theme The 3rd international conference held in Amsterdam in 1998 foc

Media information

News Release Integrated ABPM and Pulse Wave Analysis underlines I.E.M.'s technology leadership Stolberg (Germany): I.E.M. announced to launch their integrated pulse wave analysis (PWA) Solution as an upgrade to their well proven ambulatory 24-hour blood pressure monitoring system Mobil-O-Graph NG. This new feature has been developed together with ARC (Austrian Research Center


Conference Report Report of the 17th European Stroke © Free Author Copy - for per- Conference, Nice, May 13–16, 2008 sonal use only PLEASE NOTE THAT ANY DISTRIBUTION OF THIS AR- TICLE WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT FROM S. KARGER AG, BASEL IS A VIOLATION OF THE COPYRIGHT. Upon request a written per- Neurological Institute, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeo


NHS Series The first feature is the large moment load. The THK LM guide is used with two rails to withstand high moment load. The second feature is ample options. Full stroke adjustment (one or both sides), with cable bearer (horizontal or vertical), and other options to match piping port positions, etc., is selectable. The X axis module sensor is installed on the T groove on the front c


Diário da República, 1.ª série — N.º 242 — 16 de Dezembro de 2010 iii ) 40 % até 31 de Dezembro e após a entrega do iii ) 40 % até 31 de Dezembro e após a entrega do relatório intercalar, em formato a disponibilizar pelo relatório intercalar, em formato a disponibilizar pelo b ) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . b ) . . . . . .


Respostas às perguntas mais frequentes sobre a aposentação colocadas em Nov/Dez. 2012 Pág. 1 RESPOSTAS ÀS PERGUNTAS MAIS FREQUENTES SOBRE A APOSENTAÇÃO FEITAS POR TRABALHADORES DA FUNÇÃO PÚBLICA DURANTE NOV./DEZ.-2012 Durante os meses de Novembro e Dezembro de 2012 recebi centenas de e.mails de trabalhadores da Função Pública colocando questões sobre a aposentação. Tal avala

Protocol for bacmax96™ dna purification kit

BACMAX96™ DNA Purification Kit The BACMAX96™ DNA Purification Kit is de- signed for easy, reliable isolation of high-quality BACMAX96™ DNA Purification Kit BAC and fosmid DNA in a 96-well format. Small- Contents er batches of cultures can be prepped usingThe BACMAX96™ DNA Purification Kit con-smaller portions of the 96-well plates. tains sufficient reagents to perform four


Tel.: + 264 61 225 817 Fax: + 264 61 249 872 Email: [email protected] Web: http://www.exclusive-africa.com NTB Registration: TFA 00005 Entry formalities / Visa requirements in Mozambique It is generally recommended that travelers obtain visas prior to travelling to Mozambique. Only South Africans do not require a visa to go on holiday in Mozambique. T


Atopic Dermatitis Action Plan The goals of atopic dermatitis treatment should be to allow you or your child to participate fully in social and school activities; have little or no rash; experience minimal or no side effects from medicines; feel good about appearances and sleep without waking up from itching. Atopic dermatitis can vary according to severity over time. Management

"sniper" and the elephant in the room

Duty to Warn “Sniper”: Lessons From Harry Chapin’s Classic School Shooter Song Brain-altering Psych Drugs as a Tipping Point to Overt Acts of Violence By Gary G. Kohls, MD I have been involved in the mental ill health industry in various ways since the early 1990s. In the last decade of my medical career I was an independent holistic mental health care practitioner. I found mysel

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Case study; Lisa Lisa is a 34-year-old single female. She is a high school graduate and completed 1 year of college. She was raised in an upper-middle-class family where academic and career success was very important. She was the second of two children. Lisa was a good student, hard working and somewhat self-critical. She was shy but had several friends and dated occasionally. After g

Swine flu tryptic.qxd

People might wear a facemask to conceal respiratory symptoms rather than What is Gibraltar doing about this? The Civil Contingency Committee has been monitoring the events closely from the outset. It is difficult to provide general advice on how to wear masks correctly and if The following are some of the key actions taken:not worn properly they may not provide any protection. Face mas

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GLOBALIZATION: WHAT IS NEW; EFFECTIVE GLOBAL Marketing Department, Bloomsburg University, Pennsylvania, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Marketing and International Business, Concordia University, Montreal, and Distinguished Visiting Professor International Business, Helsinki Professor of International Business, Helsinki School of Economics Abstract What is new and important about glob

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DIRECTORATE OF NUTRITIONAL POLICY AND RESEARCH Energy drinks are a category of drinks which mainly contain caffeine. In spite of their name, they do not usually contain more energy (i.e. calories) than other refreshment drinks. The term “energy drinks” is just a commercial characterization. They are marketed as drinks which enhance mental and physical performance due to the stimulants they

834 115.119

International Clinical Psychopharmacology 2002, 17:115–119Quetiapine augmentation in patients withtreatment resistant obsessive^compulsivedisorder: a single-blind, placebo-controlled studyM. Atmaca, M. Kuloglu, E. Tez can and O. GeciciFirat University, Medical Faculty Hospital, Department of Psychiatry, Elazig, TurkeyCorrespondence to Murad Atmaca, Firat (Euphrates) Universitesi, Firat T|p M

XIII JORNADA DE ENSINO, PESQUISA E EXTENSÃO – JEPEX 2013 – UFRPE: Recife, 09 a 13 de dezembro. AVALIAÇÃO DA EFICÁCIA DA ADMINISTRAÇÃO DE DEXAMETASONA EM INDUZIR OSTEOPOROSE EM RATAS Hilda Michelly Paiva dos Santos1, Ismaela Maria Ferreira de Melo2, Mariana Bruno Carvalho Cavalcanti3, Clovis José Cavalcanti Lapa Neto 4, Yuri Mateus Lima de Albuquerque5, Welma Emídio da Silva6, Ferna

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P.M.& E. PROJECT MANAGEMENT & ENGINEERING s.r.l. Terza Edizione del Corso di aggiornamento LA GESTIONE INDUSTRIALE DEL CONTENZIOSO giovedì 04 marzo 2010 LO SCENARIO LEGISLATIVO ED IL SETTORE DELLE COSTRUZIONI 1) Lo scenario legislativo prima della Legge 109/1994 2) La crisi del settore delle costruzioni 1992 3) L’avvento delle norme comunitarie / Le gar

Asian health research gets the grid treatment

ISGC 2010 media release Friday 12 March 2010 For immediate release Asian health research gets the grid treatment From Dengue fever to diabetes, biomedical and health research is flourishing after receiving the grid-treatment. This week’s International Symposium on Grid Computing (ISGC) in Taipei, Taiwan, has showcased the latest developments in the field. At the Genomics Research Centre,

Msds sap da bucato esselunga agg 18102012


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ESSEX CANCER NETWORK UROLOGY NSSG MEETING Monday 13th February 2012 14.00 – 16.00 hrs Swift House, Middle & Annexe Chelmsford CM2 5PF Present: Tom Carr (Chair) Medical Director, ECN Consultant Urologist, BTUHFT CNS, SUHFT David Tsang Clinical Oncologist, SUHFT Maggie Braithwaite CNS, CHUFT Claire Turner CNS, MEHT Chris Stubbi

Torneo_booster[1] ok[1]

COMITATO REGIONE VENETO 00_ CARATTERISTICHE Sig. Corrado Betella M° nico Cavallini M° Roberto Ravarro Il COMITATO REGIONALE VENETO FIKBMS, in collaborazione con la BOOSTER e i maestri e, hanno ideato il TORNEO BOOSTER TRIVENETO. La competizione, che si svolgerà indicativamente da metà novembre 2012 a metà giugno 2013, si struttura in 7 tappe e vedrà la presenza di un t


BALTASAR GRACIÁN EL HÉROE Prólogo y comentarios Xavier Fähndrich Richon Este libro no podrá ser reproducido, ni total ni parcialmente,sin el previo permiso escrito del editor. Todos los derechosª de la edición: Estrategia Local, S.A. ª del prólogo y comentarios: Xavier Fähndrich RichonTranscripción del texto: Mercè Sobrino SalazarDiseño y maquetación: Frédéric Wo

Front matter 30/

J. Trop. Agric. and Fd. Sc. 30(1)(2002): 31–37 Characterization of Vibrio vulnificus isolated from retail cockle and shrimp by plasmid profiling and antibiotic susceptibility test (Pencirian Vibrio vulnificus yang dipencilkan daripada kerang dan udang dengan profil plasmid dan ujian kerentanan antibiotik) S. Radu*, T.A.F.T. Ahmad* and A.M. Sahilah**Key words: Vibrio vulnificus , shr


Κοινωνική Συνοχή και Ανάπτυξη 2012 7 (1), 69-80Social Cohesion and Development 2012 7 (1), 69-80Tomorrow’s public hospital in Greece: Managing health care in the post crisis eraPanos Minogiannis PhD, Columbia University Το δημόσιο νοσοκομείο του αύριο στην Ελλάδα: Η διαχείριση της φροντίδας υγείας σ


NEEDS ASSESSMENT FOR EDUCATION OF FAMILY DOCTORS 1. FAMILY DOCTORS NEED EDUCATION 1.1. Requirements for determining the education needs : • Knowing the job definition of Family doctor (FD) discipline – understanding that it’s different from Health Center (HC) doctors. • The doctor should know what is being expected of him • The public should know which services they can

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6258 LEY 4/1997, de 24 de marzo, de Sociedades no; derecho de adquisición preferente en caso de transmisión de las acciones o participaciones de carácter laboral; constitución de un fondo de reserva especial destinado a compensar pérdidas. Todas ellas constituyen sus notas esenciales que junto con las bonificaciones fiscales contribuyen a la promoción y desarrollo de este tipo de so


Backup System COMPLETE SYSTEMS TRI-CELL – The efficient storage system for solar power Intelligent storage system 96 volt have proven successful in numerous applica-Cutting-edge technology, top quality and optimumtions already. The life cycle of approx. 6000 chargingcoordination of the installed components makeand discharging cycles is equivalent to over 15 years. AsTRI‑CELL

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How I cured my Eye Floaters with a Real, Scientific and Proven Medicine sold in Pharmacies This ebook is very short, because it goes straight to the point. I could have written 100+ pages of filler, but I rather go straight to the point and tell you what is the product that I found can REALLY cure your floaters. There are no exercises, diets, prayers, or other odd things l


Pharmaceutical marketers, like their counterparts in other industries, are under constant pressure to justify their sales and marketing budgets. But in the United States, pharma marketers must also beat back accusations that advertising for their products is ineffective. For example, a recent (September 2008) study by Harvard researchers, which suggested that direct-to-consumer (DTC) ads do no

Ea acknowlegement of risk.doc

O U T D O O R R E ~ C R E A T I O N P O B o x 2 2 6 9 K e n t T o w n S A 5 0 7 1 P h : 0 8 8 1 6 5 2 0 2 2 F a x : 0 8 8 1 6 5 2 0 1 1 i n f o @ e a r t h a d v e n t u r e . c o m . a u w w w . e a r t h a d v e n t u r e . c o m . a u ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF RISK - CONDITIONS FOR ADULTS - Warning – This is an important document which affects your legal righ


**If you are in need of a code that is not on this code listing, please contact your Gas Valuation Analyst** APMC - 631 Sold To Codes as of February 23, 2011 BUYER_CODE BUYER_DESC 1404496 Ontario Ltd. operating as Hazel Farms **If you are in need of a code that is not on this code listing, please contact your Gas Valuation Analyst** APMC - 631 Sold To Codes as of February 23,

Kumbu trek, and the climb of island peak

EVEREST BASE CAMP TREK AND CLIMB OF ISLAND PEAK The Khumbu Valley offers some of the most beautiful scenery imaginable! We will start the trek from Lukla, which is an hour flight from Kathmandu. As we make our way to Namche Bazaar, located at 3400m, we will go through small villages and farms, will cross raging rivers, and slowly ascend until we see glimpses of the mighty Himalayas. As

Volume 32 number 4 airport rev.p65

Haloperidol Induced Dystonia Syed O. Quadri, M.D. Cecilia De Vargas, M.D. Adharsh P. Sahadevan, M.D. SCIENTIFIC REVIEW Lina Maria Reyes, M.D. CASE REPORT BACKGROUND INFORMATION side which this patient suffered from. Haloperidol interferesHaloperidol is a typical antipsychotic used in the treatmentwith the effects of neurotransmitters in the brain which areof Schizophren


Department of Reproductive Medicine, Westmead Hospital Dr H Smith; Dr N Gayer; Dr D Lok; Dr L Melhem; Dr T Hng; Dr S Soo; Dr A Tong Westmead Fertility Centre Ovulation Induction: Patient Information __________________________________________________________________________________________ Department of Reproductive Medicine, Westmead Hospital Dr H Smith; Dr N Ga



Eliminating yeast infections & systemic candidiasis

Introduction There is probably more misinformation about this subject, both in medical and nutritional circles, than almost anything I can think of. Books have been written on the subject. Pharmaceuticals have been developed, often with many serious side effects. Yet, in spite of all this effort, little is understood about this annoying and sometimes violent medical problem. Since this condition i

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New Reactor Licensing Applications (Site and Technology Selected) An estimated schedule by Fiscal Year (October through September) AP1000 Program Review DC Amendment NOTE: Schedules depicted for Design Cert *TVA – Bellefonte (AL) (2) future activities represent * Duke – Lee Station (SC) (2) nominal assumed review durations based on submittal South Carolina E


Epilepsia, 48 (3):464–469, 2007 Blackwell Publishing, Inc. C 2007 International League Against EpilepsyCompulsory Generic Switching of Antiepileptic Drugs: HighSwitchback Rates to Branded Compounds Compared with Other∗Frederick Andermann, † Mei Sheng Duh, ‡ Antoine Gosselin, and ‡ Pierre Emmanuel Paradis∗ Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital, McGill University, Montr


Patient Assistance Programs Superus Pharmaceuticals Patient Savings & Support Program Medication covered: Oxtellar XR and Trokendi XR Pfizer, Inc. Teva Cares Foundation Patient Assistance Program Dilantin (extended phenytoin sodium Capsules) Pfizer Helpful Answers Eisai Banzel Patient Assistance Program Questcor Pharmaceuticals Acthar Support & Acces

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TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION D-Sight-F 2.0 SYSTEM Hardware Devices Processing Unit CPU with Intel® Xeon®, 4GB RAM ECC; 4 Hard Disk 500Gb RAID 10 (1TB overall storage capacity), DVD; Controller on-board of the motorized stage for high scanning speed and perfect synchronization with the digital capture unit. Display Unit LCD Monitor 24 "1920x1200 pixel high-resolution wide

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PROTOCOLOS DIAGNÓSTICOS Y TERAPÉUTICOS EN ETS Unidad de Enfermedades de Transmisión Sexual Departamento de Dermatología del Hospital Virgen Macarena INTRODUCCION Debido a la resistencia desarrollada por algunos microorganismos de transmisión sexual y a la introducción de nuevos antibióticos, periódicamente se revisan los protocolos terapéuticos de estas infecciones, los que de

Microsoft word - documento2

Fármacos y suicidio: Crisis en el control de los medicamentos Miguel Jara El sobrepeso nos puede conducir al suicidio y/o a problemas psiquiátricos graves, si consumimos para ello determinados medicamentos. La Agencia Europea del Medicamento (EMEA) ha decidido suspender la comercialización del preparado contra el sobrepeso Acomplia (cuyo principio activo es rimonabant), fabricado por el

041698 drugs in pregnancy

T h e New E n g l a n d Jo u r n a l o f Me d i c i n ebefore pregnancy. Furthermore, for pregnant wom-en with certain conditions once believed to be in-compatible with pregnancy, such as systemic lupusA L A S T A I R J . J . W O O D , M . D. , Editor erythematosus and heart diseases, the outcome ofpregnancy has improved dramatically in the past fewdecades.4 DRUGS IN PREGNANCY In this arti

Dielectric constant chart.xls


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Final Program International Conference on Myasthenia Gravis, Paris 2009 Organized by the EuroMyasthenia Network December 1, 2009 Etiological, genetic, and immunological aspects Chairs: A. Vincent and R. Mantegazza 9h00: Plenary Lecture: Aetiology of autoimmune diseases – JF. Bach 9h30: Is there a link between innate and autoimmunity in MG? – R. Mantegazza 9h5

The operational sex ratio of the sea urchin paracentrotus lividus populations: the case of the mediterranean marine protected area of ustica island (tyrrhenian sea, italy)

The operational sex ratio of the sea urchin Paracentrotuslividus populations: the case of the Mediterranean marineprotected area of Ustica Island (Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy)Paola Gianguzza1, Fabio Badalamenti2, Fabrizio Gianguzza3, Chiara Bonaviri1 & Silvano Riggio11 Dipartimento di Ecologia, Universita` degli Studi di Palermo, Palermo, Italy2 CNR-IAMC Laboratorio di Biologia Marina, Castellammar


19/09/11 “Boom” del litio/Argentina: gigante canadiense apura inversiones y el multimillonario Slim confirmó su interés en Salta Lithium One iniciará las obras en el yacimiento Sal de Vida, ubicado entre Salta y Catamarca, un año antes de lo previsto. Desembolsará casi u$s12 millones en una primera etapa. El dueño de Telmex y Claro ratificó su decisión de invertir en el no

Microsoft word - 81-84

TOWARDS DEFINING CRITERIA FOR METFORMIN USAGE IN MANAGEMENT OF GESTATIONAL DIABETES MELLITUS Hamidreza Mahboobi1, 2, Tahereh Khorgoei3, Aida Najafian11: Reproductive Health Research Center, Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences (HUMS), BandarAbbas, Iran2: Payame Noor University (PNU), Iran3: Hormozgan Cardiovascular Research Center, Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences (HUMS),Banda


SPEG Dynamic Function Test Handbook – 2012 Edition 4. GROWTH HORMONE STIMULATION TESTS Indication Assessment of growth hormone deficiency These tests are often combined with the LHRH test; the volume of blood collected will need to be increased accordingly. The insulin hypoglycaemia test (also known as the insulin tolerance test, ITT) is recognised as the “gold standard�

(2013 01 25 conseil délégués des élèves)

COMPTE RENDU CONSEIL des délégués des élèves n°3 - Vendredi 25/01/13, 8h Présents : Pas de délégués en maternelle. Il est convenu que les élèves passeront les voir au besoin. CPA : Marion CATTUS CE2C : Marceau QUERE et Cynthia RALAINIRINA CPB : Andraina RAJAOBELINA et Emma MANSOTTE CM1A : Anaïs VANIER et Leyah NATO GOLAMA ALY CM1C: Jean-Luigi LE THIEC et Bertile BARONNET

British columbia

BRITISH COLUMBIA British Columbia has a diverse geography of mountains, fertile valleys (think BC peaches and blueberries) and a long coastline rich in fish and seafood (starring BC salmon). Top off your meal with a glass of BC wine! The province's landscapes produce an enviable array of food and agriculture products. Alcoholic Beverages Canadian wineries produce quality wines for any p

Microsoft word - gresik new patient intake form.docx

DR. CHRISTINE M. GRESIK ELMHURST MEMORIAL HEMATOLOGY & ONCOLOGY ASSOCIATES NEW PATIENT MEDICAL HISTORY DATE: ______/______/______ NAME ( LAST, FIRST, MI ):_____________________________________ Sex: r Female r Male Date of Birth: _____/_____/_____ Age: ______ Marital Status: r Single r Married (how long) ________ r Divorced r Separated r Widowed


Healthy Kids Winter 2009 Resources: Energy drinks: • KidsHealth A health hazard? Popular drinks may have harmful side effects • Keep Kids Healthy • Mayo Clinic Children’s Health drinks a gateway to other substances. In one study, college students who consumed energy drinks were more likely to • Get Kids Moving later use stimulants for recreational use. An

Microsoft word - antiinflamatorios.doc

ANTIINFLAMATÓRIOS NÃO-ESTEROIDAIS O QUE SÃO: Os anti nflamatórios não-esteroidais (AINEs) são medicamentos com efeito analgésico, anti-térmico, antitrombótico e anti nflamatório1,2, cujo consumo por atletas de diversas modalidades esportivas tem sido bastante relatado na literatura científica3-12. Esta classe de medicamentos constitui uma das mais utilizadas por atletas13.

Microsoft word - formulas trigon.doc

FÓRMULAS TRIGONOMÉTRICAS 1. Fórmula fundamental da trigonometria sin x + cos x = 1 1.1 Dividindo ambos os membros da fórmula fundamental por sin x , obtém-se uma relação entre a cotangente e cossecante: 1+ cotg x = cosec x 1.2 Dividindo ambos os membros da fórmula fundamental por cos x , obtém-se uma relação entre a tangente e secan

Microsoft word - fluoride_compounds

FLUORIDE COMPOUNDS ARE: Bio-accumulating, carcinogenic, protoplasmic, poisons and enzyme inhibitors. ( Inactivate 62 enzymes) They are also teratogenic, phyto-toxic, corrosive (class 8), neurotoxic, fetotoxic, clastogenic, thyrotoxic, mutagenic, and immuno-suppressive. Fluorides have a synergistic effect with other pollutants, including radioactive isotopes. They destroy vitamins and are

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e t of the Georgian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership’s conference held on 15 September 2012 “Parliamentary elections and Georgia’s EU integration prospects”: The 1 October parliamentary election is an extremely important challenge for Georgia’s statehood and democratic development. Ensuring a free and fair election environment and holding the elections to high standard


SOME HELPFUL INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR HORMONE PRESCRIPTION Dear Patient,You and your doctor or midwife have decided that a prescription for some type of hormone therapy is appropriate for you. We are hearing back from patients that insurance coverage for some of these, especially brand names, is being reduced. Here are some things to know that may help you decide how you want to manage your pre


Steven M. Hoefflin, M.D., F.A.C.S. Steven M. Hoefflin, M.D., F.A.C.S., graduated first in his class at UCLA Medical School in 1972. He continued his education in general surgery and completed a full plastic surgical residency training program at the UCLA Medical Center, where he received the coveted Surgical Medal Award. He is Board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is

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FIRST AID It is the aim of the school to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (Part IV), as added to by the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2002 (Part 2) and in relation to this policy all reasonable steps will be taken to avoid putting disabled pupils at a substantial disadvantage. The school aims to promote equality in all aspects of school life and with reg

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El parto mediante cesárea es cada vez más frecuente. Aunque el útero tiene un mayorriesgo de rotura en una mujer que ha tenido una cesárea, la mayoría de las veces el partovaginal es posible, siendo seguro tanto para la madre como para el feto. Por otro lado, la cesárea electiva rutinaria para el segundo parto de una mujer con unacesárea previa transversa baja genera un exceso de m


STRETCHING THE LIMITS OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS: HAS THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY GONE TOO FAR? LARA J. GLASGOW* INTRODUCTION It is well established that there is a tension between intellectualproperty (“IP”) and antitrust law.1 Perhaps nowhere is this tension moreobvious than in the pharmaceutical industry, where intellectual propertyrights are pushed to their limits i


Kerman university of medical sciences, kerman, iran. http://www.kmu.ac.irAntimicrobial resistance pattern of Escherichia coli causing urinary tractinfections, and that of human fecal flora, in the southeast of Iran Author(s): Mansouri, S (Mansouri, S); Shareifi, S (Shareifi, S) Source: MICROBIAL DRUG RESISTANCE-MECHANISMS EPIDEMIOLOGY AND DISEASE Volume: ٨ Issu


Reproducido del Best Practice 2008; 12 (8)Evidence based information sheets for health professionals Intervenciones y estrategias para dejar de fumar del terapeuta, lo que la hace consumir menos• La autoayuda no debe considerarse unarecursos que el apoyo individual, pero ofreceterapia para dejar de fumar de preferencia; enLa evidencia sobre las estrategias para dejar deunas tasas

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