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British Columbia has a diverse geography of mountains, fertile valleys (think BC peaches and blueberries) and a long coastline rich in fish and seafood (starring BC salmon). Top off your meal with a glass of BC wine! The province's landscapes produce an enviable array of food and agriculture products. Alcoholic Beverages
Canadian wineries produce quality wines for any palate. Almost all of the grapes for Canada's wineries are grown in the southern parts of British Columbia and Ontario, where warm summers give way to sunny, lingering autumns. Like the cool-climate wine growing regions of New Zealand and parts of France, these Canadian regions enjoy an ideal climate for the ripening of grapes that produce delicious, food-friendly wines. Whether you choose a crisp Riesling with smoked salmon, or a Pinot Noir with rack of lamb, Canadian wines bring out the best in any dish. For other occasions, beer, Canada's number one alcoholic beverage, is produced across the country in breweries small and large - from local microbreweries to large facilities producing thousands of cases a day. The brewing process starts with high-quality, world-famous Canadian barley where only a portion of the annual harvest is good enough to meet the high standards of the Canadian brewing industry. Pair this with the clean growing environment, quality ingredients, committed experts and a steady supply of fresh water, it's no wonder Canada is a leading nation in brewing the perfect beer. Canadian dairy farmers produce wholesome, nutritious, safe and delicious milk. Canadian dairy farms are known for products produced with modern and innovative farm technology. More than 1.4 million dairy cows on nearly 13,000 farms supply Canadian families with a variety of high quality dairy products. Canada's dairy products are diverse, including aged cheddar cheese and more than 650 different varieties of specialty cheeses, as well as ice cream and dairy drinks. They also include easy-to-store products, such as milk powders, condensed and evaporated milk. An example of Canadian innovation is the development of a robust line of functional dairy products, such as pre- and pro-biotic yogurts, which make a healthy snack. Canada's eggs and egg products are stuffed with nutrients and easy to cook, with endlessly adaptable and delicious options. Eggs are essential for manufacturing many foods and non-food products such as mayonnaise, noodles, baked goods, pet foods and even shampoo! Canadian eggs are produced in healthy and environmentally responsible conditions, which mean that consumers can have full confidence in the quality, cleanliness and safety of our eggs. Our laying hens, for example, are vaccinated to prevent illness, but they aren't treated with hormones or with antibiotics. Fish and Seafood
Canadian fish and seafood products are harvested from some of the cleanest, most pristine waters in the world. Canada's seacoasts are especially suited to supplying Canadians across the country with delicious fish and seafood. Glittering and leaping as they fight their way up the rapids of a Canadian river, Canadian wild salmon are among the world's most splendid fish. A healthy and nutritious choice, salmon is high in protein and is low in saturated fat. Salmon is also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. Our clean, cold waters also provide a bountiful harvest of oysters and crab and our dedication to quality, freshness and taste means that these Canadian delicacies are prized around the country. The sunny days of late summer and early autumn are harvest time for Canada's overflowing fields. You could find grapes, peaches, pears, plums, apples, and more prominently, blueberries and cranberries. Workers hand-pick the sweetest fruits for the table market, while mechanical pickers scoop up the berries destined for freezing and processing. Grains and Oilseed
From unique, nutritious foods to tasty, key ingredients, Canada's specialty crops industry is poised to meet the needs of today's health-conscious Canadians. Mustard seeds are an essential ingredient in products such as mayonnaise, salad dressings, soups and prepared meats, and look for ginseng, a safe and effective supplement, tonic or tea. You can be sure the quality and versatility of Canadian grains and oilseeds make them essential ingredients for all Canadians. Poultry and Fowl
No matter how it's prepared, Canadian poultry is a feast for the senses - and even better, it's healthy. Every delicious mouthful of Canadian turkey or chicken is low in fats and high in protein, and contains amino acids, niacin, vitamin B6, iron, zinc and many other essential nutrients. We also raise ducks and geese, as well as game birds such as pheasant, partridge, guinea fowl, quail and squab. And, because Canada is home to diverse cultures with different requirements for the food products they use, Canada's industry is equipped to provide halal-certified and kosher poultry, together with a wide range of organic products. Vegetables
Treasured by Canadians for their fresh, scrumptious flavours, Canadian-grown vegetables are a wholesome and healthy part of any meal. A large variety and steady supply of fresh vegetables can be savoured year-round. You could find anything from peppers and carrots to corn and onions. Of all the vegetables grown in Canada, the mushroom has been on the human menu for thousands of years. The white button, brown and portobello mushroom are now a familiar sight in grocery stores across the country. BC greenhouse tomatoes are juicy and delicious. They can be consumed fresh, cooked or even as a juice and are a great source of Vitamin C and beta-carotene. BC greenhouse cucumbers are a crips, crunchy highlight to any salad or sandwich.


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