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Journal International De Victimologie International Journal Of Victimology Psychophysiologic effect of post-retrieval Propanolol on traumatic memories in post-BRUNET, A. PHD (1), ORR, S. P. PHD (2), TREMBLAY, J. M.D. (3), NADER, K. PHD (4), PITMAN, R. K. M.D. (5) [CANADA, QC & USA] Authors (1) (3) Department of Psychiatry, McGill University and Douglas Hospital Research Center, Montr

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The regular meeting of the City Council was called to order by Mayor Andersen at 5:00 P.M. The Pledge of Allegiance to the flag was recited. Roll Call showed the following members present: Mayor Andersen, Council Members Gumke, Kourajian, Nygaard and Schulz, City Attorney Dalsted, City Engineer Schwartzkopf and City Administrator Fuchs. Council Member Kourajian moved to approve the minutes of the

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Three ways to learn the ABCs Medard Ng* and Martin F Yanofsky† The ABC model of flower development represents a milestonecarpels. An example of the A gene is APETALA1 ( AP1 ), thein explaining how the fate of emerging floral organ primordia isB genes are APETALA3 ( AP3 ) and PISTILLATA ( PI ) andspecified. This model states that organ identity is specified bythe C gene is AGAMOUS

Key patient information points low back pain

These brief clinical guidelines and their supporting base of research evidence is intended to assist in the management of acute back pain. It presents a synthesis of up-to-date international evidence and makes recommendations on case management. Recommendations and evidence relate primarily to the first six weeks of an episode, when management decisions may be required in a changing clinical

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JAMES A. SIMON, M.D. Infertility Menopause/Osteoporosis Gynecology Reproductive Endocrinology Clinical Professor Bisphosphonates and ONJ: Risks, Benefits, and Prevention Carol J. Mack, MPH, PA-C Patricia M. DeHof, CRNP, MS A few years ago, several major news publications published articles regarding the risk of osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ) for patients taking drugs called


Jagran PrakashanInvestors/Analysts Conference CallOctober 30, 2007Moderator LMorning ladies and gentlemen. I am Sandhya, the moderator for this conference. Welcome to the Jagran conference call hosted by ICICI Securities. For the duration of the presentation, all participants’ lines will be in the listen-only mode. I will be standing by for the Q&A session. I would like to hand over to Mr.

Running head: pediatric bipolar disorder

The Enigma of Bipolar Disorder in Children and Adolescents In the past decade, there has been a proliferation in the number of children and adolescents diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Except in rare cases, the young people who receive this diagnosis do not meet the strict diagnostic criteria for bipolar disorder I or II in the DSM-IV-TR. Many pediatric psychiatrists insist there are important

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Veterinary Parasitology 101 (2001) 405–414Molecular approaches to studying benzimidazoleJ.F. Humbert a , ∗, J. Cabaret b, L. Elard c, V. Leignel d, A. Silvestre ba INRA, Station d’Hydrobiologie Lacustre, BP 511, 74203 Thonon Cedex, France b INRA, Station de Pathologie Aviaire et de Parasitologie, 37380 Nouzilly, France c Laboratoire de Parasitologie Fondamentale et Fonctionnelle,


THE JAMMU AND KASHMIR STATE LEGAL SERVICESAUTHORITY (LOK ADALATS) REGULATIONS, 2010. Short title and commencement .—(1) These Regulations maybe called the Jammu and Kashmir State Legal Services Authority(Lok Adalats) Regulations, 2010. They shall come into force from the date of their publication Definitions .—In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise“Act” means the Jammu a

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La rédaction de ce texte, inédit, date vraisemblablement des années 1950. Elle est adressée dans le service le 1er juin, envoyée par un médecin d’un grand hôpital qui nous écrit : « Cher ami, Voici donc « Madame D. » admise hier aux urgences après une bagarre conjugale, fils en pension. Sortie de l’hôpital psychiatrique de M… il y a un mois. Ne prenant pas ses neuroleptiques

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Dominique Strauss-Kahn Es gibt einige Städte, die besucht man aus bestens bekannten Gründen: Venedig wegen des Dogenpalasts, der Kanäle und der Gondeln; Amsterdam wegen der Tulpen – und um ungestraft herzhaftes Kraut zu rauchen; Rio wegen des Karnevals; Hamburg wegen der Reeperbahn. Und New York City? Warum, zum Teufel, sollte sich einer freiwillig in den Asphaltdschungel Manhat


FOUNDER / CREATIVE DIRECTOR Ballard Creative TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY BFA I define the brand strategy and manage the creative direction for all client engagements. I guide the creative and digital teams to develop interactive and traditional creative campaigns. I am a partner for solopreneurs, Gold Polly 2013, Bronze Reggies 2013, Logo Lounge Six startups, and established companies as we


A B S T R A C T Objective To find out efficacy of laparoscopy in evaluation and treatment of chronic pelvic pain (CPP) ingynecologic patients in terms of arriving at diagnosis. Study design Place & Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Baqai Medical University Karachi, from July 2006 Duration of study Patients and A total of 30 patients were selected


Date: / / Name of Family Physician: Patient Name: Marital Status: Sex: M F Home Address: Apartment/Lot #: City: State: Zip Code: Home Phone: ( ) Cell Phone: ( ) Social Security Number: Date of Birth: Age: Employer: Phone Number: ( ) Spouse/Guardian Name: Social Security Number: Address (if different from patient): Date of Birth: Home Phone: ( ) Cell Phone: ( ) Employer: Phone Number: ( ) Patient

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Patent and Know-How License Agreement with Huaren Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. JMS Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “JMS”) announced that JMS has entered into a Patent and Know-How License Agreement with Huaren Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Huaren”), Qingdao-based Chinese company, regarding medical devices and pharmaceutical drugs for Peritoneal Dialysis. 1. Background and Objectives

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STRATEGIK MINI-DOSE CATTLE DRENCH 20 June 2011 MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Section 1: IDENTIFICATION of CHEMICAL PRODUCT and COMPANY Product Name: Strategik Mini-Dose Cattle Drench Product Code: 500620 (5 L); 503330 (10 L); 502325 (20 L) Recommended Use: A broad spectrum anthelmintic for cattle Company Identification: Address: Customer Centre


LETTERS TO THE EDITOR low dopamine neurotransmission. This keeps prolactin levelsHowever, as I argued in detail in my recent book (2), family,normal, spares cognition, and obviates extrapyramidal signs. twin, and adoption studies do indeed suffer from “strong andThis letter provides data on the off-rates of additionalconsistent methodologic biases operating across study de-newer atypica


FOR MORE INFORMATION Cardiac CTA Your Cardiac CTA is scheduled at Jamestown Hospital PRE-PROCEDURE POST-PROCEDURE After checking in at the front desk of the hospital, you willFollowing the procedure, you will be taken back to the pre-______________________________________. be directed to a pre-procedure room where a nurse willprocedure room. You will need to stay too have your

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Why is the Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) National Congressional Call In Day, Wednesday, September 10, 2008, so important? The answer is simple—we must unite and call members of Congress and urge them to protect women’s access to bio-identical hormones. This issue has been brewing for years between the FDA, big Pharma and compounding pharmacists. As you know, the stake


J. Biol. Macromol. , 5 (3), 47-52 (2005) Gelation and gel properties of polysaccharides gellan gum and tamarind xyloglucan Department of Food and Nutrition, Faculty of Human Life Science, Osaka City Univeristy,3-3-138, Sumiyoshi-ku, Sugimoto, Osaka City, Osaka, 558-8585, Japan Received September 5, 2005, accepted September 14, 2005 Keywords: Gel, Gelation, texture modifier, gellan, xyl


contributing to the nationwide “Schaufenster Elektromobilität” initiative with a project that aims to demonstrate the possibilities of an automated production line for Li-ion battery modules. Li-ion batteries are the core components for any vehicle that features increasing electrification. At the planned pilot production line in Hannover, Germany, new production techniques and As a l

Jcr news release

JCR Affirmed BBB+/Stable and J-2 Rating on GS Yuasa Corporation Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd. (JCR) announces the following credit rating. Rationale (1) GS Yuasa Corporation (the "Company") is a holding company established in 2004 through a merger between former Japan Storage Battery Co., Ltd. and former Yuasa Corporation. It handles automotive and motorcycle batteries as we

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First Name __________________________ Last Name___________________________ DOB ____________Age _______Street ___________________________________ City ______________________ State _____________ Zip __________Phone ______________________________________ Email _________________________________________________Emergency Contact ________________________________________________________________________

School newsletter

A word from the nurse… School Activities… I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about a new February 1 .Southern Area Spelling Bee at 5:30 at Jeff health center here in Dubuque. Crescent Community February 5 .BBB Jeff Red vs Mazz Blue 7J/8M at 4:00 Health Center opened on October 25, 2006 and is . 8th Grade Open House at Hempstead at 7:00 located at 1789 Elm S

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THE EMERGING ROLE OF INTEGRATED MARKETING IN THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY AN EXAMINATION OF DIRECT-TO-CONSUMER PRESCRIPTION DRUG COMMUNICATIONS As prescription drug manufacturers increasingly target consumers through integrated marketing com-munications strategies, questions of ethics inevitably arise. Anne Gibson explores the role pharma-ceutical companies’ direct-to-consumer IMC campai

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The Making of Janac Sportswear Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say. Never did I think I would be inventing products to help women post-breast cancer surgery – until I went through it myself. Here is my story. In 1995 at the age of 43, I found an odd dimpling on the side of my left breast when I was doing a routine self-examination. I went to my GP who said he thought it w

Antrag pille danachneu

Antragsteller: Juso Kreisverband Rottal-InnAdressat: Juso Unterbezirkskonferenz Rottal-Inn / Dingolfing, Juso-Bezirkskonferenz Niederbayern, Juso-Landeskonferenz Bayern Verschreibungspflicht für die „Pille danach“ abschaffen Während mittlerweile in 28 europäischen Ländern das postkoitale Verhütungsmittel Levonorgestrel rezeptfrei erhältlich ist, fällt dieses in Deutschland nach wie

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Use the following to answer questions 1-4: Does using a cell phone while driving make an accident more likely? Researchers compared telephone company and police records to find 699 people who had cell phones and were also involved in an auto accident. Using phone billing records, they compared cell phone use in the period of the accident with cell phone use the same period on a previous day.

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The SAR Newsletter is published by Society for Acupuncture Research (http://www.acupunctureresearch.org/) Welcome to SAR's Summer 2011 newsletter. This issue provides you with selected information on recent and upcoming meetings and events, acupuncture in the news, highlights of new relevant research, and more. SAR Newsletter Committee SAR's newsletter will keep you up-to-date a

Abram lansing school

Participating Schools & Teachers Abram Lansing School Anna Devine School Ballard Elementary School Ballston Spa Middle School Barkley Elementary School AnNur Islamic School Beacon High School Abraham Wing School Bell Top School Arbor Hill Elementary School Academy of Culture & Communication at Pleasant Valley School Arongen Element

Care of the mouth after grafting or implant procedure

Richard M. Wagner DDS. Care of the mouth after Grafting or Implant Procedure The graft or implant area now needs to heal in place, which normally takes several months. We expect that you should do well after your surgical care. On this sheet we have tried to address the most common concern brought to our attention. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to call. In an emergency, a


Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad Proposed Scheme of Instructions and Examination for Fourth Year (Biotechnology) to be effective from the academic Year 2011 – 2012. Semester I Semester II Plant Tissue Culture and Plant Biotechnology** Elective – II10.1 Environmental Biotechnology10.2 Animal cell Science and Technology10.3 Food Biotechnology FERMENTATION T

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Harrie van den Bosch zadel- en tuigmakerij-prijs 16:00 uur Draverij van meet. Winsom tot € 500. (1e afdeling) 1 D040252 Pauline aus Elten 0 K.L.C. Roeges 2 NL050295 Yevgeni 0 J.W.M. Engwerda 3 US040006 Armbro Embellish 0 A.J. Mollema 4 NL050356 Yunin Boko 0 P.J. Strooper 5 NL050251 Yorath Boko 0 R. Bakker 6 D050020 Iron Miglio

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February 2013 Issue 26 An independent newsletter for people working in Aged Care In this issue: “So - Rewrite the Manual!” The following is a must read letter written by the wife of a gentleman with dementia. She • So - re-write the hits the nail on the head and should make us all think. Things happen now – life is not predictable. Rules do not matter, ti


Journal of Universal Computer Science, vol. 16, no. 20 (2010), 2902-2903submitted: 4/10/10, accepted: 18/10/10, appeared: 1/11/10 © J.UCS Evolving Theories of Conceptual Modelling J.UCS Special Issue Markus Kirchberg (Institute for Infocomm Research, A*STAR, Singapore Klaus-Dieter Schewe (Software Competence Center Hagenberg, AustriaThe aim of the first international workshop on


Dr. L. Mallesha Name: Dr. L. Mallesha Address: a) Office: JSS College of Arts, Commerce and Science b) Residence: Farm House, Paduguru, Gundlupet (T), Chamaraja nagar-571123 Contact No.: 7795101182 E-mail: [email protected] Qualification: M.Sc., Ph.D. Area of Specialization: Inorganic Chemistry Research Publication: 17 1. L. Mallesha , K. N. Mohana and

Conservative treatment for low back pain

Terapi Konservatif untuk Low Back Pain Divisi Spine, Bagian Orthopaedi & Traumatologi Rumah Sakit Hasan Sadikin *. Pendahuluan Pilihan terapi digolongkan sebagai “konservatif” apabila bersifat non invasive (seperti pemberian obat-obatan) atau jauh lebih non invasif dibandingkan dengan tindakan pembedahan. Secara umum, tindakan pembedahan untuk nyeri punggung bawah b

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Integrating Theoretical Approaches to Promote Physical Activity Leonard H. Epstein Research on the promotion of physical activity has been based on a variety of conceptualmodels. These models generally target one level of analysis, such as the individual,community, or the environment, and differ in their relative contact with basic or appliedscience. There have been limited attempts to develop

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Psychoactive Medication Information for Patients (Pharmacotherapy - Psychopharmacology) Medication Class Chemical Name Trade Name Side Effects & Possible Uses Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors practitioner and/or dispensing pharmacist to discuss the range of possible or common Zoloft, Concorz, Sertra, Setrona, Eleva, Xydep, Sertracor S


Opening Remark Symposium 1 Chairpersons: Ryo Sumazaki University of Tsukuba Tetsuo Hori University of Tsukuba Keynote Lecture 1 University of Tsukuba Ryo Sumazaki Keynote Lecture 2 Teikyo-Heisei-University Sadao Yasugi Special Lecture 1 Chairperson: Hiromichi Ikawa Kanazawa Medical University Molecular motors: Kinesin superfamily proteins as key mo

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Note: Since the personal interview are proposed at different locations, candidates are requested to write choice of their place of interview i.e. Gurgaon, Ahmdabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bhubneshwar and Nagpur on the top of the application while forwarding the hard copy of the print out of the application for the post of Engineer (Civil)/ VC No.99/13. RITES LIMITED (A Govt. of India Ent


1. Mangram AJ, Horan TC, Pearson ML, et al. Guideline for prevention of surgical site infection, 1999. Hospital Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee. Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol . 1999;20:250-278. 2. Misteli H, Weber WP, Reck S, et al. Surgical glove perforation and the risk of surgical site infection. Arch Surg .2009;144:553-558. 3. Carlo A. The new era of flash sterilization. AO


M i n d & B o d y A n A l g e s i c s It doesn’t hurt to ask If you find the wide array of pain-relief options on the market bewildering, your pharmacist should have all the answers. Words: Julie Penfold Illustration: Toby Morison When you need pain relief Options:  “Analgesics such as  over-the-counter (OTC) remedy  options for headaches,” says  Per

Proceso sin dilaciones


Microsoft powerpoint - depressive disorders adolescents.ppt

*Antidepressant trial of adequate dose/duration is 4-6 weeks at FDA approved maximum dosage or maximum tolerated dose with minimum 80% Meets DSM-IV criteria for Major Depressive Disorder or severe DysthymiaPsychotherapy should be the initial treatment of choice and should be continued throughout treatment even if drug therapy is started. Fluoxetine 20 – 60 mg/day for 4-6 weeks*Switch to al

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Tetrahedron Letters 43 (2002) 8347–8350 Combined directed ortho metalation—intramolecular Friedel–Crafts connections. Regiospecific route to 1-substituted fluoren-9-ones David Tilly,a Subhendu S. Samanta,a Ferenc Faiglb and Jacques Mortiera,*a Universite´ du Maine and CNRS , Unite´ de chimie organique mole´culaire et macromole´culaire ( UMR 6011), Faculte´ des scienc

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