Nutritional Values
Carbohydrate-Energy powder drink
• Improves focus and mental performance Maximum 4 (2 if you have got low tolerance to caffeine) portions during competition,
preferably during the late phase of endurance sports, for ex. Cycling-running-triathlon competitions. Use Vitargo+Electrolyte as sports drink before changing to Vitargo Professional for the best result. Physical activity/endurance performance longing for Shown in clinical studies1,2,3 on humans to be 70% more 2 hours or less – preferably use Vitargo Professional throughout the exercise. effective than drinks consisting of dextrose- and maltodextrine! Replenishing glycogen .Vitargo® 70% quicker
Preparation 1 portion = 55 g ~1 dl powder
Stomach emptying rate .Vitargo® 80% quicker
Fill a third of a sport drink bottle or a shaker (~200 ml) with water and add the powder.
Shake vigorously for 1-2 minutes. Then top up with water (total solution 5-6 dl). Important
Vitargo Professional – formulated to enhance
to follow the mixing instructions!
mental performance and sports performance
High in caffeine (240mg/liter)
Vitargo® is a patented carbohydrate with unique properties, specially Do not exceed recommended dosage. This product contains 120 mg caffeine per portion formulated for elite athletes to give an effective loading of easily which is as much caffeine as for 1-2 cups of coffee. Too much caffeine may cause accessible muscle energy (glycogen) in the body. The Vitargo®- nervousness, irritability, sleeplessness and occasionally rapid heart beat. If you not use carbohydrate passes through the stomach very fast, this is shown caffeine beverages on a daily basis, a wise thing is to evaluate this sports drink during in the osmolality (table no.1), the lower osmolality value, the quicker training. Not for use by individuals under the age of 18 years.
the solution leaves the stomach and the intestines can absorb the Osmolality
energy. Vitargo® Professional with the combination of Vitargo®, BCAA Ingredients
and caffeine may improve mental focus, sports performance and Amylopectin Barley starch (Vitargo®), BCAA (L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine), Acidifier recovery. BCAA is present in 2:1:1(L-luecine, L-isoleucine and L-valine). (Citric acid, Malic acid), Tri-sodium citrate, Calcium gluconate, Magnesium gluconate, Vitargo® Professional is mineralised, with Sodium, Potassium, Calcium Aroma, Potassium gluconate, Caffeine, Color (Beta carotene), Sweetener (Sucralose) TABLE 1 Dextrose*
Best before: see top Net weight: see top Flavour: see top
Replenishment of muscle energy (Glycogen) z depending on mineral content * 5% solution Carbohydrate
Average molecular weight
REFERENCE LIST: 1. K. Piehl Aulin, K. Söderlund , E. Hultman, Muscle glycogen resynthesis rate in humans after supplementation of drinks containing carbohydrates with low and high molecular masses (Vitargo). Eur J Appl. Physiol. 81:346-351, 2000. 2. K. Piehl Aulin, K. Söderlund et al. Improved gastric emptying rate in humans of a unique glucose polymer
(Vitargo). Scand J Gastroenterol 2000;35:1143-1149. Post-exercise ingestion of a unique, high molecular weight glucose polymer solution improves performance during a subsequent bout of cycling exercise journal of sports science, 1-6, 2007. Stephens, Paul L Greenhaff et al. 3. Stephens, Francis B., Roig, Marc, Armstrong, Gerald and Greenhaff, Paul L. (2007)
’Post-exercise ingestion of a unique, high molecular weight glucose polymer solution improves performance during a subsequent bout of cycling exercise’, Journal of Sports Sciences, 1 - 6 4. Complete reference list, visit www.energikakan.se

Source: http://www.energikakan.se/filer/VIT_Professional_back_ENG_2009.pdf


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