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Geplanter Reiseverlauf der DOG-Exkursion nach Israel und Jordanien Bezirksgruppe Südniedersachsen Samstag, 01.11.2010 1. Tag: Flug mit Bordservice nach Tel Aviv. Empfang und Transfer zum Hotel in/bei Netanya. Hotelbezug für 4 Nächte in/bei Netanya. Sonntag, 02.11.2010 2. Tag: Ausflug nach Tel Aviv und Jaffa , das biblische Joppe. Gang durch die engen Gassen u. a. zum H


Medical History Is your general health good? □ YES □ NO If NO, please explain: _____________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ Has there been a change in your health in the last year? □ YES □ NO If YES, please explain: _______________ _______________________________________________________________

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Annual Report 1991 Contents Food Analysis • Flavour compounds as indicators of the oxidative fat deterioration • A comparative study on the potent odorants of different virgin olive oils • Investigation into the ripening of cheddar • Microvariant of the Rrpid-mix-test • Thin-layer electrophoresis of thickening agents • Detection of soya in sausage after electrophoretic sepa

Andrew r

1830 14th Avenue South * Birmingham, Alabama 35205 POST-SURGICAL INSTRUCTIONS Care of the Mouth Begin gentle brushing the day after the surgery unless otherwise instructed. Brushing should be limited to above the gum line in the treated areas in the first week. You may begin flossing and brushing along the gum line after about 7 days. Remember that a little bleeding upon brushing is normal

Frb battery replacement

DATATRACE® FIELD REPLACEABLE BATTERY PROCEDURES The Field Replaceable Battery for Micropack III Tracers allows the user to change the Lithium batteryof the unit without the necessity of sending the Tracer to the factory. This document describes the disassembly, battery installation, and reassembly for the FRB Micro-pack. Also included, is a “QUICK-START” procedure which can be used by exp


Facts You Need to Know About Laser Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) and Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) Surgery Patient Information Booklet LASIK: Nearsighted Patients (0 to -14.0 diopters) with or without -0.5 to -5.0 Diopters of Astigmatism Farsighted Patients (+0.5 to +5.0 diopters) with up to +3.0 Diopters of Refractive Astigmatism Mixed Astigmatism Patients ( �


What is Papilledema? ♦ A floating black speck, resulting from an Papilledema can narrow the range of your This condition is known as pseudotumor be-enlarged blind spot in the field of vision, usually peripheral vision. Your doctor may check your cause it exhibits the same symptoms caused by a apilledema is a rare condition that involves the in both eyes. Everyone has a “blind

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You have been asked to consider the use of an epidural steroid injection as part of the conservative management of your sciatic pain. Please read the following information carefully Although there is still some controversy over the place of epidural steroid injection in the management of patients with chronic back pain, there is a considerable body of evidence to suggest that it can improve t


PERENNIALS AND SEMI-NOMADS; a vocabulary of flowersThe most apparent difference between David Powell’s ‘Out There’ series the same lines (although bearing in mind the symbolic superlatives of (2011-2012) and the recent flower series (2012-2013), is the absence of the myths): a man disrespectful in nature is punished by being transformed human figure and the introduction of flowers. The

Adult diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus: Type 2 What is type 2 diabetes mellitus? Type 2 diabetes is a disorder that happens when your body does not make enough insulin or is unable to use its own insulin properly. The inability to use insulin is called insulin resistance. These problems with insulin cause the level of sugar in your blood to get too high. When you digest food, your body breaks down much of the food i


necesarios trabajos de mantenimiento e inspección, el comprador deberá efectuarlos oportunamente,El comprador no podrá pignorar ni transferir a título de garantía la mercancía bajo reserva de dominio. El comprador deberá comunicar al proveedor, sin dilación alguna, cualquier caso de embargo, prenda-Adjudicación del pedido, condiciones especialesciones o demás actos de disposición o


Características Features Especificaciones Ideal para cargar baterías de cámaras digitales, celulares, PDAs, iPod, GPS, MP3, DS, PSP, Radios, Traductores, Video Cámaras, Reproductor de CD y DVD. Para baterías recargables AA/AAA NiMH y NiCd. Tiempo promedio de carga de 1.5 a 2.0 horas. Puerto USB para dispositivos adicion

J:\pubsdept\oma-17 temp\cd-rom2\995_04.vp

previously charged with Cu ions. Column is washed and AOAC Official Method 995.04 tetracyclines are specifically eluted with buffer containing EDTA. Multiple Tetracycline Residues in Milk Eluate is ultrafiltered to remove remaining protein and filtrate is in- Metal Chelate Affinity-Liquid Chromatographic Method jected onto LC column. Tetracyclines are adsorbed and concentrated First Act

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DRUGS AND THE RISK OF FALLING Which drugs can increase the risk of falls? In theory ANY drug that causes one of the following effects can increase the risk of falling: As well, theoretically ANY drug that causes the following effects can increase the risk of a serious outcome if the patient falls: • Osteoporosis or reduced bone mineral density: Increased risk of fracture if

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- V-13-100R Human Papillomavirus 31/33, - V-15-50R Rotavirus 280 (RT-PCR) - 0703 Amplikit VKOR, Vit. K epoxide reductase compl. (G1639A) - TV1-100FRT HVC Real-TM Qual, - TV1-100/52FRT HCV Real-TM Quant, - TV1-48FRT HCV Real-TM Quant, - TV5-100FRT HVB Real-TM Qual, - TV5-100/2FRT HBV Real-TM Quant, - TV5-48FRT HBV Real-TM Quant, - TV3-50FRT HDV Real-TM Qual, - TV4-50FRT HAV Real-TM Qual, -

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IMPROVING CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AND TRANSPARENCY IN BANKS AND INSURANCE COMPANIES IN KOSOVA This research report is part of a project supported by the Center for International Private April 2009 Authors Professor Muhamet Mustafa – Project Leader Sejdi Osmani – Project Manager Salvador Elmazi, MA – Consultant Gezim Tosuni, MSc – Consultant Fadil Aliu, MSc – Se

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Publications, awards and presentations, Dr David Rosen Publications: 1. Rosen DMB , Sutton CJG (Prof.) Use of the potassium titanyl phosphate (KTP) laser in the treatment of benign multicystic peritoneal mesothelioma. Br J O&G 1999 ; 106: 503- 506. Rosen DMB , Lam A , Chapman M, Carlton M A, Cario G M. Methods of creating pneumoperitoneum - A review of techniques and compli


Narkolepsie Dr. Georg Handwerker, Gemeinschaftspraxis für Kinder- und Jugendmedizin, Passau Mit freundlicher Genehmigung von SPRINGER Sience and Business Media Tagesschläfrigkeit ist bei Kindern ein eher seltenes Symptom, bei Jugendlichen etwas häufiger. Liegt eine pathologische Tagesschläfrigkeit vor, ist Narkolepsie auch bei Kindern die wichtigste Differenzialdiagnose, wenn sch

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Terry L. Simpson, M.D., FACS ARIZONA SURGICAL PLAZA I 1840 W. Maryland Suite A Phoenix, Arizona 85015 Phone (602) 234-8995 Fax (602) 230-8344 Email: [email protected] Website: http://drsimpson.net Post-op Instructions Please call 602-234-8995 for any questions or concerns Call the office if you experience any of the following: • Shortness of bre


RBMOnline - Vol 8. No 3. 348-356 Reproductive BioMedicine Online; www.rbmonline.com/Article/1193 on web 29 January 2004 Previous miscarriages influence IVF andintracytoplasmatic sperm injection pregnancyoutcomeDr Markus S Kupka studied in Cologne, Tubingen and Bonn in Germany. He received his MDdegree in 1997. Following training, he was awarded his qualification in endocrinology andreproducti

Figuras estilÍsticas

FIGURAS ESTILÍSTICAS FIGURAS EN EL PLANO FÓNICO. Aliteración : repetición de un fonema o grupo de fonemas: Con el ala aleve del leve abanico . (Rubén Darío.) Que le di a la caza alcance . (S. Juan de la Cruz) Onomatopeya : Imitación de ruidos de un movimiento, objeto, animal: Uco, uco, uco, abejaruco. (F.G. Lorca.). También aliteración que pretende reproducir sonidos:


Aura-Soma® Equilibrium-Flasche B109 Erzengel Zachariel magenta / mittleres oliv Meine ersten Gedanken zur neuen Flasche Sie ist wärmend, umhüllend, nährend, weich Weiblich, weibliche Führung aus dem Herzen, emotionale Intelligenz, Matriarchat Intuition, auf die innere Stimme hören, achtsam, feinfühlig, einfühlsam, hellsinnig sein Verwurzelt sein, gut geerdet und gehimmelt


ASTRO OPTIK MARTINI ASTRO OPTIK MARTINI Inhaber Dieter Martini Apol onienstraße 4 54492 Zeltingen – Rachtig Tel.: 06532/3695 FAX: 03212 - 3333695 Email: [email protected] Webseite: http://www.dietermartini.de Preisliste Maerz 2013 ab Maerz 2013 gelten meine neue Preise, die vorherigen Preislisten sind ungültig! Azimutlager,Teflon für Azimut und Höhe,Ebony auf Rockerbox und


DATOS PERSONALES NOMBRE:-------------------- ANA HERNANDEZ FERNANDEZ DIRECCION:------------------C/ NAVEGANTE MACIAS DEL POYO, 13 - 30007 - MURCIA Nº DE COLEGIADA:------ 434 (Colegio Oficial de Odontólogos y Estomatólogos de la Región de Murcia) FORMACION ACADEMICA LICENCIADA EN ODONTOLOGIA. Título conseguido en Junio de 1.997 por la Facultad de Medicina y Odontología de la Universidad de M


Do representations of male muscularity differ inDavid A. Frederick , Daniel M.T. Fessler, Martie G. Haselton1285 Franz Hall, Department of Psychology, 3rd Floor Mailroom, University of California, Los Angeles, CA 90095, USAReceived 1 October 2004; received in revised form 20 December 2004; accepted 21 December 2004Men overestimate the degree of muscularity that is attractive to women, an


Journal of Chromatography A, 1119 (2006) 277–284Study on the conversion of three natural statins from lactoneforms to their corresponding hydroxy acid forms and theira Department of Health Diet and Restaurant Management, Chung Shan Medical University, 110, Chien-Kuo N. Rd. Sec. 1,Taichung 402, Taiwan b Institute of Food Science and Technology, National Taiwan University, 1, Roosevelt


Business Fewer drugs approved, more money spent WHERE’S THE BEEF? Three years ago, when biotech was at its Wall Street heights, personalisedmedicine and its promise were on everyone’s lips. Billions of dollars were beingput to work to make targeted medicine a reality. and genomics was thesolution. With the completion of sequencing of the This growth in expense, however, has not led

Evidence-based pharmacotherapy of panic disorder

International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology (2005), 8, 473–482. Copyright f 2005 CINPdoi:10.1017/S1461145705005201Abraham Bakker1, Anton J. L. M. van Balkom2 and Dan J. Stein31 National Centre for Eating Disorders, Robert Fleury Stichting, Leidschendam, The Netherlands2 Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Institute for Research in Extramural Medicine, Amsterdam, The Netherlands3 University

Digestive health clinic, llc - colonoscopy nulytely split dose preparation instructions

D I G E S T I V E H E A L T H C L I N I C, L L C Boise Gastroenterology Associates & Idaho Endoscopy Center, LLC SAMUEL S. GIBSON, M.D. IKE D. TANABE, M.D. ROBERT F. GIBSON, M.D. STEPHEN M. SCHUTZ, M.D. MARK A. MALLORY, M.D. CHRISTOPHER J. GOULET M.D. COLONOSCOPY PREPARATION INSTRUCTIONS Nulytely Split Dose Preparation Please visit our website at www.digestivehealthclini

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Säkerhetsdatablad Produktnamn : WHITE LITHIUM GREASE Utfärdande datum : Ref.Nr.: Bearbetning av : Produktnamn : WHITE LITHIUM GREASE VITT LITIUMFETT Aerosol Applikation : Företag : CRC Industries Europe bvba Touwslagerstraat 1 9240 ZELE Belgium Tel.: (+32)(0)52/456011 Fax: (+32)(0)52/450034 E-mail : [email protected] Telefon för nödsituationer


World J. Surg. 24, 1312–1318, 2000 DOI: 10.1007/s002680010217 Is the New Classification of Neuroendocrine Pancreatic Tumors of Clinical Help? Martin Schindl, M.D.,1 Klaus Kaczirek, M.D.,1 Klaus Kaserer, M.D.,2 Bruno Niederle, M.D.11Department of Surgery, Division of General Surgery, Section of Endocrine Surgery, University of Vienna Medical School, Wa¨hringer Gu¨rtel2Institute of Cli


Medizinisches Onlinemagazin Personalisiert und einzigartig auf der Welt. Jetzt ganz neu im Internet, auch auf ihrem Browser zu sehen! Gehen Sie einfach nur auf Das weltweit erste personalisierte Online-Magazin DAS WELTWEIT ERSTE PERSONALISIERTE ONLINE-MAGAZINMit Diabetes im Kindergarten - ein Problem?Im Kindergarten können die Jüngsten nach Herzens-gepackt werden. Um Probleme so w

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F, NUTR_DEF 2011.08.29 2011.07.25 FNUTRDEF.PRG #146 NUTR_NO,UNITS,TAGNAME, NUTRDESC, .num_dec , SR_ORDER You may select any of these nutrients for research purposes The values will be as per the USAD REL 24 TABLES 203 , g PROCNT PROTEIN .2 ,600 204 , g FAT TOTAL LIPID (FAT) .2 ,800 205 , g CHOCDF CARBOHYDRATE, BY DIFFERENCE .2 ,1100 207 , g ASH ASH .2 ,1000 208 , kcal ENERC_KCAL ENERGY .0 ,300 20

Or-280finale version.fm

Autorkorrektur! Der Patient mit arterieller Hypertonie in derkardiologischen Facharztpraxis: Ergebnisse des Snapshot-Hypertonie-RegistersEin Projekt des Bundesverbandes Niedergelassener Kardiologen (BNK e.V.)Care of hypertensive patients seen by cardiologists: results of the Snapshot Hypertension RegistryS. Silber 1 B. M. Richartz 1 F. Goss 2 W. Haerer 2 M. Glowatzki 3 R. E. Schmieder 41 Kard

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ADVICE ON USE OF OSELTAMIVIR Oseltamivir (Tamiflu®) is recommended for use for both treatment and prophylaxis of influenza. The currently recommended doses are: Adults: 75 milligrams (mg) two times a day for five days. Children 1 year of age or older: weight adjusted doses ƒ 30mg twice daily for ≤ 15 kg ƒ 45mg twice daily for >15 to 23 kg ƒ 60mg twice daily for >23 to 40kg ƒ 7

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Ben's notes

Ben’s Suggested load out Check List FOR YOUR VEHICLE (MINI-VAN RECOMMENDED): n Flashlight(s): regular and mini-mag light n Ice chests (2): and large fluid container (Igloo) n Folding chair(s) with cot (with pad) n Trash bags and/or trash barrel; broom for U-Haul n Zip-lock bags; chip clips n Cutting board and utensils, plates, cups, etc. n Bucket or basin (for feet, etc.) n Scale fo

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Lawrence M. Bodenstein D.M.D. Welcome To Our Office. Do You Want Novocaine (local anesthetic) For Dental Treatment? Yes No Have You Had any Previous Unfavorable Dental Experience? Yes No Date of your last visit to the Dentist & reason for the visit Previous Dentist and your reason for leaving Do you have or have you had any of the following? Y N Recent Illness >

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Support for the Rabat Process on Migration and Development “Meeting of Experts on the Social Rights of Migrants and their Portability under a Transnational Framework” Rabat, (Morocco) 31st March – 1st April 2011 Session 7. “The key elements for a transnational system of social rights benefits (Host country - Origin country)” Senior Social Security Specialist, Regional Of


PATTERN RECOGNITION AND APPLICATIONSGROUP AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CAGLIARIF. Roli, G. Giacinto, L. Didaci, G. Fumera, G.L. MarcialisDept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Univ. of CagliariPiazza d’Armi, 09123 Cagliari, Italy{roli, giacinto, luca.didaci, fumera, marcialis}@diee.unica.itIn this contribution the research activities carried out during the years 2008–2010by the Pattern Rec

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Do a pregnancy test before starting clomipheneMultiple births occur. Clomiphene has causedeven if your period seems normal. There is aone set of quadruplets, five triplets, andpossibility of birth defects if clomiphene is takenuncounted twins in 36 years in my practice. while you are pregnant and possibly if taken theSide effects such as mood swings, hot flashes,Take one prenat

Disease in an animal

Bacterial meningitis in a red fox Case history An adult, male red fox ( Vulpes vulpes ) was found dead in a wood mid August 2010 near Nijmegen. Photo 1 Vulpes vulpes (Photo, J. Nijendijk, Saxifraga) Macroscopic examination The examination was hampered by the extensive autolytic changes. The fox had minor damage to its skin. It was in poor nutritional condition:


FRAUDE E EVASÃO FISCAIS NO ARRENDAMENTO ESTUDANTIL Faro como cidade universitária que recebe todos os anos mi-lhares de estudantes de outras proveniências incitou em nós, alunos da UALG, a vontade de estudar a declaração ou não, dos rendimentos provenientes do arrendamento de quartos e casas a estes estudantes. Após uma intensa investigação teórica dos conceitos que supor-tam tod

No patents on life

Ulwazi Lwendabuko Amalungelo Okungokwengqondo, Nokuba Nelungelo Lokwenza Izidalwaezinye zibe ngezomuntu ULWAZI LWENDABUKO Ulwazi Lwendabuko (ngokwemvelo) luneqhaza elikhulu kwezomnotho, kwezomphakathi, kwezamasiko nasentuthukweni, hhayi kwezomphakathi wesimanje kuphela. Esikhathini esizayo kusazoqhubeka kube njalo, ikakhulukazi uma sicabanga ngeqhaza elibanjwa yisayensi

Bmj 1996;312:71-72 (13 january)

Editorials Evidence based medicine: what it is and what it isn't It's about integrating individual clinical expertise and the best external evidence Evidence based medicine, whose philosophical origins extend back to mid-19th century Paris and earlier, remains a hot topic for clinicians, public health practitioners, purchasers, planners, and the public. There are now frequent workshops in


Multifocal disseminated lipoatrophy secondary to intravenous corticosteroid administration in a patient with adrenal insufficiency Jürgen Bauerschmitz, MD, and Konrad Bork, MD Mainz, Germany Multifocal disseminated lesions of circumscribed lipoatrophy have not been described as an adverse reaction of intravenously applieddrugs. A unique patient with adrenal insufficiency is reported


Management of Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen Toxicoses in Dogs and Cats Jill A. Richardson, DVM ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center Urbana, IL Acetaminophen and ibuprofen are commonly used in humans for their analgesic, anti-pyretic, and anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen) effects. Between January 1998 and March 2000, veterinarians at the ASPCA National Animal Poison Control Center (NAPC


BEFORE THE DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY 4 --------------------------------------------------------- 5 PUBLIC HEARING TO DISCUSS CURRENT LAWS, REGULATIONS, PROCEDURES AND SCIENCE BEHIND BLASTING OPERATIONS AT COAL 7 --------------------------------------------------------- 11 Transcript of Hearing Proceedings in the above- 12 entitled matter before the Department of Environmental

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MBE Exercícios – NNT QUESTÕES: 1. Efeito inicial do carvedilol em pacientes com insuficiência cardíaca crônica: resultados do Estudo Copernicus . Krum H, Roecker EB, Mohacsi P, Rouleau JL, Tendera M, Coats AJ, Katus HÁ, Fowler MB, Packer M: Grupo de Estudo Randomizado Prospectivo de Sobrevida Cumulativa do Carvedilol ( COPERNICUS ). Departamento de Medicina, Epide

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MEDICATION GUIDE DEXILANT (decks-i-launt) (dexlansoprazole) delayed-release capsules Read this Medication Guide before you start taking DEXILANT and each time you get a refill. There may be new information. This information does not take the place of talking to your doctor about your medical condition or your treatment. What is the most important information that I should know ab

Curriculum vitae

CURRICULUM VITAE Dati personali: Ario Alberto RuprechtNato il 23/10/1936 a Muggia (Trieste)Residente a Bareggio (MI) – 20010 – Via S. Protaso, 20Stato civile: coniugatoTel.: +39-0290360250Fax.: +39-0290278234Cell.: +39-348 58 28 441 Studi Istituto Tecnico A. Volta, (Trieste) specializzazione elettrotecnica Corsi di aggiornamento Corsi di aggiornamento su sistemi di strumentazione, a

Idot central office letterhead

Subject: CONSTRUCTION MEMORANDUM 12-79 Contract Closeouts MATERIALS AND PHYSICAL RESEARCH MEMORANDUM 10-01 Effective: May 1, 2012 Expires: Indefinite This joint Construction/Materials memorandum supersedes joint Construction/Materials Memorandum No. 07-79/07-01 dated January 2, 2007. Contract Closeouts are an important part of the overall contract admini


Comment protéger mon enfant de la grippe A H1N1 ? Le virus A H1N1 est connu sous le nom de grippe porcine. C’est un nouveau virus qui se répand rapidement parce qu’il est très contagieux. Ce qui le rend différent des autres virus, c’est que les enfants et les adolescents n’ont encore jamais rencontré de virus comme celui-ci. Pour un enfant ou un adolescent, le risque d’être

Patient information

PATIENT INFORMATION Captain / Dr / Mr / Mrs / Ms / Miss / Master (please circle) First Name ……………………………………………………………………………………………. Surname ………………………………………………………………….DOB………………………. Address ……………………………………………………………

Duncan dentures

Duncan Dentures Partial Dentures - Detachable partial dentures are oral prosthetics that can be utilized by individuals who have a few teeth missingon either the upper or lower arch. These dental devices are different than bridges or implants in that they are capable of beingextricated from the oral cavity. Their purpose is to interchange multiple missing teeth with a single simple dental devic

1009 dss i&ap comments

Comments received from I&APs on the proposed Desert Star South Development (by 8 September 2010) ______________________________________________________________________________ From: Ranwedzi Mashudu [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: 08 September 2010 02:51 PM To: Lima Maartens Subject: RE: Re comment period for DSS Scoping Report Hi Lima Unfortunately there are still

Microsoft word - 2-19-13 msma continues to be on the market

Drexel Chemical Company MSMA CONTINUES TO BE ON THE MARKET The Organic Arsenical Products Task Force (OAPTF) would like to clarify to its users and distributors that under the terms of the 2009 agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the sale, distribution, and use of MSMA products labeled for golf course, sod farms, and highway rights of way will continue. With the re

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Revista Brasileira de História das Religiões – Ano I, n. 3, Jan. 2009 - ISSN 1983-2859 Dossiê Tolerância e Intolerância nas manifestações religiosas _______________________________________________________________________________ O CAMPO RELIGIOSO BRASILEIRO E SUAS TRANSFORMAÇÕES HISTÓRICAS. Artur Cesar Isaia* RESUMO: O objetivo deste artigo consiste em enfatizar


En Avdat – tu ¿ycie przegrywa sw¹ odwieczn¹ walkê z umiera-z listowia w powiewie ods³oni œwiat³o gwiazd. Poza s³oñcem iniem, tutaj ludzie tocz¹ nieustaj¹cy bój o przetrwanie, o kawa³ekgwiazd¹ porann¹ nie ma tu ¿adnego zegara. – Nie œpicie w namio-ziemi wyrwany pustyni. W tej walce Sede Bocer stanowi wa¿nycie – zmartwi³ siê – To niedobrze. Namiot jest najlepszym do-prz

Medical history:

STATE OF ALASKA Victim Sexual Assault Evidence Kit Medical History – Step 1B TO BE COMPLETED BY THE MEDICAL PROVIDER Time assessment started: _________________ pm Time assessment ended: ________________ MEDICAL HISTORY: If yes, list: ___________________________________________________________ If yes, list: _________________________________________________________________________

Isoxsuprine hydrochloride

Accessed from by nEwp0rt1 on Thu Nov 24 23:35:39 EST 20113600 Isotretinoin / Official Monographs sponses. Calculate the per centage of isotretinoin dissolved by Assay— [NOTE—Protect the System suitability solution, the Stan- dard preparation, the Assay stock preparation, and the Assay Diluent— Heat 0.1 N sodium hydroxide to about 60 ° to 70 °. Cool it to

Summary of research on 'party pills' containing bzp

Drug Foundation summary of recent research on ‘party pills’ containing BZP February 2007 This paper summarises recent research findings on BZP/party pills, and outlines the current legislative status of BZP. It is being made available to assist organisations or people wanting to make submissions on the proposal to reclassify BZP and its analogues. Please note that these are the Drug Foundati

Inhibitory effects of propiverine, atropine and oxybutynin on bladder instability in rats with infravesical outlet obstruction

British Journal of Urology (1998), 82, 272–277Inhibitory e V ects of propiverine, atropine and oxybutynin on bladder instability in rats with infravesical outlet obstruction T. I . K WA K and J . G . L E EDepartment of Urology, Korea University College of Medicine, Seoul, KoreaObjective To compare the inhibitory eCects of propiver-atropine increased the RV only in normal ratsine HCl (BUP-4)

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New sletter by Aki Kalliatakis, Managing Consultant of Customer Resources Centre “So this is hell. I'd never have believed it. You remember we were told about the torture chambers? The fire and the brimstone? Old wives tales! There's no need for red-hot pokers. Hell is other people!” ( Jean-Paul Sartre, a horribly pessimistic French existentialist philosopher) A great friend of

Member medical form.xls

For Wheelchair Sports Victoria programs involving participants aged 20 years of age or younger. PERSONAL INFORMATION DISABILITY INFORMATION MEDICATIONS Please list all medication taken regularly or currently being taken: Medication Times Taken Would you prefer that the medication is kept and administered by the appointed Program Nurse…? NOTE: If participant needs a reminder t

Microsoft word - art5_vol3_n3.doc

Revista Electrónica de Enseñanza de las Ciencias, Vol. 3, Nº 3, 320-338 (2004) O papel das metaciências na promoção da educação para o desenvolvimento sustentável Orlando Figueiredo1, Paulo Almeida2 e Margarida César3 1Escola Básica 2,3 António Bento Franco, Ericeira. E-mail: [email protected]. 2Escola Secundária Leal da Câmara, Rio de Mouro. 3Centro de Investigaçã

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Publications Abelin, T., D. Pfluger, et al. (1993). "Vorstudie zur Frage gesundheitlicher Folgen des Kurzwellensenders Schwarzenburg." Bericht zuhanden des Bundesamt für Abelin, T., T. Schick, et al. (1991). "Ergebnisse der Untersuchung über die Benützer von Atemhilfsgeräten der Zürcher Liga für Lungenkrankheiten." Bericht zur Ackermann, D. K., R. Fuhrimann, et al. (1

Bob’s bio

Biography Robert Bradley CLA, BA, MBA Robert Bradley has worked as a consultant and a free-agent manager for several years in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. He has worked with a variety of clients in larger and smaller businesses in many industries. Some of his larger clients include:  Alberta College of Medical Laboratory Technicians – Edmo


List of Growers/Beneficiaries under Technology Mission for the year 2012-13 Biodata of Beneficiaries District Constituency Particulars of activity Amount paid Remarks if any Activity Gh.Hassan Dar S/o Late Qasim Dar R/o Dub Ganderbal Master Gh.Mohd Bhat S/o Late Mohd Sultan Bhat R/o Masooda Yasmin S/o Late Ahmadullah Gillani R/o Kharbagh


Haojuan Tao#, Shuixia Guo#, Tian Ge#, Keith M. Kendrick#,Zhimin Xue, Zhening Liu∗, and Jianfeng Feng∗Network communities refer to groups of vertices within which the connecting links aredense but between which they are sparse. A community mining algorithm aims at findingall the communities from a given network. Distinct from the exiting studies in the literature,our former developed commu


MILPRIT : Mining Interval Logic Patterns with Regular Expression Constraints Sandra de Amo 1 , Arnaud Giacometti 2 , Magno Soares Santana 1 1Faculdade de Computac¸˜ao – Universidade Federal de Uberlˆandia (UFU)[email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Abstract. Most methods for temporal pattern mining assume that time is pon- tual, that is, represented by points in a stra

Medical research

SD Newsletter from Mel Dubovick, NSDA Regional Coordinator – Southeast US August 2006 Botox helps woman through vocal cord disorder By Erica C. Cline | Lifestyles Editor “Trish Wheeler has adductor SD, a vocal cord disorder that impedes her ability to speak. With the injections of Botox in her vocal cords, however, she has regained the use of her voice almost completely. A metaph


American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Position Paper on Bisphosphonate-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw—2009 Update Approved by the Board of Trustees January 2009 Task Force on Bisphosphonate-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaws : Salvatore L. Ruggiero, DMD, MD, Associate Professor, Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine, At

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The NSW Dairy Connection Report on the Roundtable debate with Michael Lambert and Yasmin King Michael Lambert is from the UK and has been Chairman of the National Farmers Union Dairy Committee. Yasmin King is the NSW Small Business Commissioner. Present were Dairy Connect representatives from Vendors, Farmers, Processors and Associate members. There were also representatives from bo

Specialty medication list

Specialty Drug List by Disease State Specialty Medications on This List Require Prior Authorization Please fax Specialty Medication Authorization Form and supporting medical records to Delaware Physicians Care at 1-877-861-2611 • This list applies only to medications administered in a physician’s office. • Self-administered injectable medications and home infusion medicati


Abilene Physicians Group Nicole Koske Bullock, D.O. Cervical ripening: Yes or No (circle one) Date/time of ripening: ________________________ Date/time of Induction: ________________________ Your induction of labor will be at Abilene Regional Medical Center. You should report to the nurse’s station on Labor and Delivery at the time above and tell the nurses you are scheduled for an indu

Car section-5 serise f part iii draft.pdf


International telecommunication union

"Construir sociedades de la información que atiendan a las necesidades humanas" Declaración de la sociedad civil en la Cumbre sobre la Sociedad de la Información Adoptada por unanimidad en Plenaria por la sociedad civil de la CMSI el 8 de diciembre de 20031 Traducción provisional. Versión corregida : 12-12-2003 18 :40 p.m. "Construir sociedades de la info

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TRANSCRIPT: Luise Custer/Charlie Tygiel Interview in 4 segments Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF) Ed Roberts Campus 3075 Adeline Street Berkeley, CA 94703 10.2012 Segment 1 Well, I'm Luise Custer and I was tremendously, happily married to a brilliant historian who was the consummate partner. We lost him to cancer, but before that happened, we had a whole life togethe


TABELA DE ACTOS MÉDICOS E CO-PAGAMENTOS 2012 1- CONSULTA 10109 Consulta de Urgência(com exclusão de tratamentos) 10110 Exame clínico/consulta 10111 Exame prevenção oral em grávidas 10112 Exame prevenção oral na menopausa 2-ODONTOLOGIA PREVENTIVA 20630 Destartarização, polimento (Limpeza) 20610 Aplicação tópica de flúor 20620 Selante de fissura (por quadrante)

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Il testo ufficiale della Lista è depositato presso la WADA ed è pub-blicato in Inglese e Francese. In caso di disparità tra la versione In-glese e quella Francese, farà fede la versione Inglese. (www.wada-ama.org, 2012 Prohibited List.pdf) Questa Lista è in vigore dal 1° Gennaio 2012 LA LISTA DELLE SOSTANZE E METODI PROIBITI In accordo con l’articolo 4.2.2 del Codice Mondiale Antid


History of NLEP Leprosy is a chronic infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium leprae. It usually affects the skin and peripheral nerves, but has a wide range of clinical manifestations. The disease is characterized by long incubation period generally 5-7 years and is classified as paucibacillary or mulitbacillary, depending on the bacillary load. Leprosy is a leading cause of permanent p


EL TRIBUNAL CONSTITUCIONAL ESPAÑOL Catedrático de Derecho Constitucional I.- CRONICA. 1.1.- Fecha y contexto de su establecimiento La primera creación de un modelo de justicia constitucional en España tiene lugar en la Constitución española de 1931. El Tribunal de Garantías Constitucionales de la II República española llegó a tener una notable infl uencia en otros modelos eu


4 Nummer 254 UNSERE GESUNDHEIT: DIE ARZNEIMITTEL Importarznei: Billiger, Unter Sparzwang aber genauso gut Arzneimittel sind aus der Medizin nichtwegzudenken. Aber sie sind auch ein enor-mer Kostenfaktor. Deshalb ist es nötig, Warum der europaweite Pillenhandel floriert über Einsparpotenziale nachzudenken. Zum Beispiel über preiswerte Importpillen Bad Homburg – Fast �


Brief reports 309 Allergic contact dermatitis to topical minoxidil solution: Etiology and treatment Edward S. Friedman, BS, Paul M. Friedman, MD, David E. Cohen, MD MPH, andKen Washenik, MD, PhD New York, New York After more than a decade of use, topical minoxidil solution has proven to be a safe and effective treatmentfor androgenetic alopecia. However, some patients present with c


Judgment and Decision Making, Vol. 1, No. 1, July 2006, pp. 48–63Gender Differences in Risk Assessment: Why do Women TakeChristine R. Harris ∗ , Michael JenkinsAcross many real-world domains, men engage in more risky behaviors than do women. To examine some of thebeliefs and preferences that underlie this difference, 657 participants assessed their likelihood of engaging in variousrisky ac

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CURRICULUM VITAE Dottor CARLO ALESSANDRIA DATI PERSONALI Cognome: ALESSANDRIA Data di nascita: 06 Gennaio 1974 Luogo di nascita: Nazionalità: Italiana Professione: MEDICO CHIRURGO Specialista in: GASTROENTEROLOGIA ED ENDOSCOPIA DIGESTIVA DATI ACCADEMICI e ATTIVITA' PROFESSIONALE Laurea in Medicina e Chirurgia Titolo della Tesi


Overall research theme: Cardiovascular disease and postmenopausal replacement therapy: Clinical, epidemiological and experimentalstudies Senior staff member(s): Position(s): Department/institution/address/telephone/fax: Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of CopenhagenH:S Hvidovre Hospital, Kettegaard Allé 30, DK 2650 HvidovreTel.: 3632 3632 Fax: 3632 3361 Characteristics o

Soq mo facility-17.11.11-fb.xlsx

Name of Work Construction of Compound Wall and Watch Tower for Fission Based 99 Mo Facility in ISOMED Complex near South Gate , BARC, Mumbai. NIT No. DCSEM/ Head(QS)/ BRIT/ CW-WT/ 76 / 11-2011 dt. 17.11.2011 IMPORTANT NOTES : 1 The site is located in ISOMED Complex out side BARC Campus near South Gate. 2 All the items of sub-structure include the cost of dewatering & shoring wh

Jop060142 231.238

Effect of Autogenous Cortical BoneParticulate in Conjunction With EnamelMatrix Derivative in the Treatment ofPeriodontal Intraosseous DefectsLuigi Guida,* Marco Annunziata,* Salvatore Belardo,* Roberto Farina,† Alessandro Scabbia,†and Leonardo Trombelli†Background: The aim of the present study was to assess theadditional clinical benefit of autogenous cortical bone particu-late (ACBP) when

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Nematicidal effect of freshwater fungal cultures against the pine-wood nematode, Bursaphelenchus xylophilus J.Y. Dong, Z.X. Zhao, L. Cai, S.Q. Liu, H.R. Zhang, M. Duan and K.Q. Zhang* Laboratory of Conservation and Utilization for Bio-Resources, Yunnan University, Kunming,Yunnan, PR China, 650091Dong, J.Y., Zhao, Z.X., Cai, L., Liu, S.Q., Zhang, H.R., Duan, M. and Zhang, K.Q. (2004). Nema


s m i l e . . . c h a n g e y o u r l i f eWhat is the dark colour I see in the at home trays after whitening my teeth?This is generally due to the whitening gel oxidising the surface stains of the old amalgam (silver-mercury) fillings. Why is there bubbling of the gel as I wear the at home trays?This bubbling is actually part of the whitening process as the surface stains are oxidising. Will

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Dallas ENT Group 7777 Forest Lane, Suite B-107 Dallas, TX 75230 Long Term Post-Op Considerations following Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Pre-operatively you should have been given instructions for post-op Nasal Surgery and Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. Hopefully, these instructions will be helpful in the immediate post-op care (first 2-3 weeks). Even though I discuss with patients the extent of reco

Steinmueller02_vortraegeundpublikationen_bis 082008

_________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Publikationen 1.1. Orginalarbeiten Steinmüller Th , Kianmanesh R, Falconi M, Scarpa A, Taal B, Kwekkeboom DJ, Lopes M, Perren A, Nikou G, Yao J, Delle Fave G, O’Toole D Consensus Guidelines for the Management of Patients with Liver Metastases from Digestive (Neuro)endocrine Tumors: Foregut, Mid


PHARMACEUTICAL RAW MATERIALSALPHABETICAL LISTINGA-Albendazole AllopurinolAluminum Hydroxide Dried Gel Ambroxol HCL AmoxicillinAmpicillinAmproliumAscorbic AcidAspirinAttapulgiteB-Bromhexine C-Cabosil M-5Calcium CarbonateCalcium ChlorideCalcium GluconateCalcium Lactate FCCCalcium Pantothenate (Vit. B5)Calcium Phosphate DibasicCalcium Stearate FCCCapsuleCarboxymethylcellulose, SodiumCastor Oil, hydro

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NPA 200817b 3 Jun 2008 (Compiled: Juergen Knueppel, for INFO from Orig.200608) Page 287 of 647 Aeroplane, Helicopter PPL 040 00 00 00 HUMAN PERFORMANCE 040 01 00 00 HUMAN FACTORS: BASIC CONCEPTS 040 01 01 00 Human Factors in aviation 040 01 01 02 Becoming a competent pilot 040 02 00 00 BASIC AVIATION PHYSIOLOGY AND HEALTH MAINTENANCE 040 02 01 01 The atmosphere – composition �


diisopropylphenol) is rare. We report a case of a 26-year-oldmale nurse in which autopsy showed unspecific signs of in-toxication. Criminological evidence pointed towards propofolabuse and/or overdose. Intravenously administered propofolis a fast as well as short acting narcotic agent. Therefore itseemed questionable whether the deceased was able to self-administer a lethal overdose before lo

Copy of dhs_drug formulary for the hwla initiative_july 2012_2.xls

DHS DRUG FORMULARY FOR THE HWLA INITIATIVE - BY DRUG NAME July 2012 Bolded and italicized denote Patient Assistance Program (PAP) availability Medication Therapeutic Class Additional Information $4 Program PAP Availability Allergies, Cold and Flu Guaifenesin/ Dextromethorphan 100mg-10mg/5mL Oral Solution Anticonvulsant Divalproex delayed release 125mg sprinkle ca


Journal of Medical Microbiology (2006), 55, 127–131Detection of mixed infections with Mycobacteriumlentiflavum and Mycobacterium avium by moleculargenotyping methodsPhilip Suffys,1 Adalgiza da Silva Rocha,1 Adeilton Branda˜o,2Bart Vanderborght,3 Wouter Mijs,4 Geert Jannes,4 Fernanda C. Q. Mello,3Heloisa da Silveira Paro Pedro,5 Leila de Souza Fonseca,6Rosaˆngela Siqueira de Oliveira,7 Sylvia

Gebrauchsinformation: information fÜr den anwender

Dismenol forte Ibuprofen 400 mg-Filmtabletten GEBRAUCHSINFORMATION: INFORMATION FÜR DEN ANWENDER Dismenol forte Ibuprofen 400 mg-Filmtabletten Lesen Sie die gesamte Packungsbeilage sorgfältig durch, denn sie enthält wichtige Informationen für Sie. Dieses Arzneimittel ist ohne Verschreibung erhältlich. Um einen bestmöglichen Behandlungserfolg zu erzielen, muss Dismenol forte I


CURSO PARA REPRESENTANTES DE UNIVERSIDADES ALEMANAS DEL ÁMBITO DE LAS RELACIONES INTERNACIONALES Barcelona, 1 - 5 de noviembre de 2010 [programa provisional: 23/09/2010] Lunes, 1 de noviembre Martes, 2 de noviembre Miércoles, 3 de noviembre Jueves, 4 de noviembre Viernes, 5 de noviembre 10:00 h - 14:00 h 10:00 h - 14:00 h 10:00 h - 14:00 h 10:00

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Influenza A (H1N1)/North America/Human (formerly “swine flu”) What is swine flu and this new strain of influenza? Swine flu is caused by influenza viruses that normally infect pigs. The virus causing the current influenza outbreak is not a swine flu virus, but a combination of human, swine and bird viruses. The flu virus causing the current outbreak, now called Influenza A (H1N1)/North Ameri


American Endurance Ride Conference Rule 13 Appendices Please see the AERC Rules and Regulations (revised December 1, 2011) for complete information about AERC drug rule policy. Appendix A. Prohibited Substances Acepromazine. Atrovet,.Notensil,.PromAce®. Benazeprilat,.Benazepril.and.MC-tab.Lotrel,. Acetaminophen.(Paracetamol).Tylenol,.Tempra,.etc. Carticaine.(see.articaine). Septocain


Raba said: One is obligated to drink on Purim until he doesn’t know between cursed is Haman and blessed is Mordechai. This well-known directive of Raba is not, as one might have thought, to provide the threshold of inebriation on the Purim holiday. Rather, through carefully chosen words and deeply symbolic terminology, Raba is teaching of the very essence that underlies the Purim experience. I


Quality Assurance Workgroup 2008-2009 This report is printed on recycled paper with at least 10 percent post-consumer waste. Table of Contents Quality Assurance Workgroup Members . 1 Introduction. 2 Current Policy . 3 Quality Assurance Workgroup . 4 Introduction/Overview. 4 Field Services Peer Driven Model . 5 Institutions Peer Driven Model. 5 Conclusions. 5 Introduction

Piloot & vliegtuig – uitgeverij luchtvaart bv

DUTCH AVIATION SUPPORT / Dutch Aviation MEDIA BV Chamber of Commerce: 08106154 P & V-AFM-Aranysas-Cockpit-TopguN-Interception-Aeronautica&Difesa-ATM-Fuerza-Aerea-LK-AFM-Ptisi-Letalo IAF - ISRAELIAN AIR FORCE STERK BEGIN IN EEN NIEUW MILLENNIUM Elke straat, plek of snelweg karakteriseert zichzelf met auto´s voorzien van aan beide zijden kleine Israëlische vlaggetjes

Gary m



Oktober 2013 Raum für Selbst Machen Programm Fr., 04.10: 19 Uhr Allegra wie (fast) jeden Freitag lädt Sandra zum Chor,es klingt in der Kehle, von Klassik bis Folklore. Mi., 09.10: 19 Uhr Voküisine Kulinarische Gaumenfreuden für jede Frau und Jedermann, Fr., 11.10: 19 Uhr Allegra

Why chloe sounds so pretty, and jack so butch

Why Chloe sounds so pretty, and Jack so butch Centre for Language and Communication Research If you heard that a friend had had a baby, and that they had named the baby ‘Manella’, we reckon that you and the vast majority of people in our British English-speaking culture would assume that the baby was a girl. If your friend told you that they had acquired a puppy with the name of ‘Dro

Prices 2010.xls

LATALCO BVBA GREEN FORCE Professional Backup > Green Force Diamond Plus GREEN FORCE Ceto > Green Force Ceto D GREEN FORCE Lighting-Systems Light Heads GF Lighthead Pro head (Solux) (35 W - 36°)GF Lighthead Pro head (IRC) (35 W - 24°)GF Lighthead Pro head (IRC) (35 W - 24°) Dimable > GF Lighthead TriStar P4 > GF Lighthead MonoStar P7 D > GF Lighthe

Dechra and belcher, a division of geopharma inc

Issued by Citigate Dewe Rogerson Limited, Birmingham Date: Thursday, 17 February 2005 Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC Dechra secures worldwide sales & marketing rights for new product range Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC (“Dechra” or “the Group”) has signed a worldwide marketing agreement with Belcher Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (“Belcher”), a wholly owned subsidiary of GeoPha


Delwis Healthcare Pvt Ltd. (An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Co.) 205, Milestone, Nr. Drive-In-Cinema, Drive-In road, Ahmedabad-54. Phone (O) : 079-40099239. Email : [email protected] Visit us at : www.delwishealthcare.com (W.E.F. 1st September 2013) ANTIBACTERIAL/ANTIMICROBIAL Sr. Brand Name Contents 1 Cefadel - 100 2 Cefadel - 200 3 Cefadel - O 4 Cefadel - OZ

Brassica crops including oilseed rape

Contains di- 1 -p-menthene and nonyl phenol ethylene oxide condensate. An oil-in-water emulsion adjuvant for improving the performance of many pesticide products and for use as an anti-transpirant. For use on a wide range of agricultural and Horticultural crops. Advantages Coating, Improved Uptake, Crop Safening, DIRECTIONS FOR USE SpraySeal is a combined weather protectant, controlled -


Side effects of the most "popular" anti-depressants "Patients taking Prozac may experience a host of side effects, including sexual dysfunction, dry mouth, nausea, headache, diarrhea, nervousness, restlessness, agitation, increased sweating, weight gain, insomnia and drowsiness. "Although antidepressants like Prozac are not technically considered to be addictive, at least in th

Programa derecho trabajo i



William E. Seidelman MD Science and Inhumanity: The Kaiser-Wilhelm/Max Planck Society First Published in: If Not Now an e-journal Volume 2, Winter 2000http://www.baycrest.org/journal/ifnot01w.htmlOne hundred years ago this past December a German scientist by the name of Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck gave a lecture in Berlin to the German Physical Society. Planck’s lecture would change


Beaumont forms hybrid research and device labBeaumont Health System plans to open one of the nation’s first hospital-based combination cardiovascular research and physician training centers at the Royal Oak campus this fall, as part of its mission as a center for medical education. The Beaumont Center for Innovation and Research in Cardiovascular Disease (CIRC) will conduct medical devic

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Writers on the Edge: 22 Writers Speak About Addiction and Dependency Use the word addiction and the first images that come to mind are ones of pills, powders, needles, crack pipes and bottles of booze. Most of us might picture a homeless man staggering down the street clutching a brown paper bag in one hand, or a bone-thin junkie with a syringe Minus the severe physical, potentially life thr


10.30 – 12.00 DGE-Vorstandssitzung 12.00 – 13.00 12.00 – 13.00 12.00 – 13.00 BErufspolitischEs forum mEEt thE ExpErt prEssEkonfErEnz mEEt thE ExpErt 13.00 – 14.15 13.00 – 14.15 13.00 – 14.15 13.00 – 14.15 schilddrüsenkarzinome nebennieren-inzidentalome frEiE VorträGE 1 mEEt thE ExpErt hypophyse Blick in die Zukunft – Wie k�

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Matthew Leaper MBChB, (Otago), FRACS (Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery) Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery Head, Neck and Thyroid Surgery Facial Plastic Surgery Snoring surgery www.drleaper.co.nz Post-operative instructions for children’s tonsillectomy or adenoidectomy General information: Tonsillectomy is the removal of the tonsils. Tonsils are a collection of ly

After the shots.what to do if your child has discomfort

After the What to do if your child has discomfort I think my child has a fever. What should I do? Check your child’s temperature to find out if there is a fever. An easy way Your child may need extra love and care to do this is by taking a temperature in the armpit using an electronic ther- after getting vaccinated. Some vaccinations mometer (or by using the method of temperatur

04-incremental prognostic value of (25-31):01- gender association.qxd.qxd


Drug name

EMERGENCY PSYCHIATRIC MEDICATIONS – PO MEDS Drug Name Dosing (per FDA) Tmax/Bioavailability Half-life (T1/2) Comments Aripiprazole (Abilify®) can cause akathisia Chlorpromazine (Thorazine®) Poor bioavailability; useful if patient also with nausea (IM preferred) Haloperidol (Haldol®) Olanzapine (Zyprexa®) Olanzapine (Zyprexa Zydis®) Sa

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CANNABIDIOL IS A NEGATIVE ALLOSTERIC MODULATOR AT THE µ OPIOID (MOP) RECEPTOR M. Kathmann, K. Flau, E. Schlicker Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Bonn, Reuterstr. 2b, 53113 Bonn, [email protected] Introduction ∆9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main source of the pharmacological effects caused by the consumption of cannabis, both the mariju

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Bayer Environmental Science SAFETY DATA SHEET according to EC Directive 2001/58/EC PERMETHRIN DP 0,5 W U-EU 1. IDENTIFICATION OF THE SUBSTANCE/PREPARATION AND OF THE COMPANY/UNDERTAKING Product information 230 Cambridge Science Park Milton Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB4 0WB Great Britain Emergency telephone number 0800-220876 (UK 24 hr) 2. COMPOSITION/INFORMATION ON INGRE


Using synergies – How active agents and cream published in Kosmetische Praxis 2010 (3), 10-12 No doubt – the grey area between pharmaceutical and cosmetic skin care products is expanding. Dermaceuticals and dermocosmetics are keywords which demonstrate that the cosmetic product market is gaining grounds in the pharmaceutical field, not least because of legal claims for a proof of efficiency.


The Discursive Construction of Risk and Trust in Patient Information Leafl ets Abstract There is wide recognition that the communication of risk in Patient Information Leafl ets (PILs) – the instructions that accompany medications in Europe – problematises the reception of these texts. There is at the same time growing understanding of the mediating role of trust in risk communication.

Health and wealth rpa feb00.pdf

The Health and Wealth of Nations David Bloom is professor of economics and demography at Harvard University’s School of Public Health. David Canning is professor of economics at Queen's University of Belfast. The authors appreciate comments provided by an anonymous reviewer and by participants at a May 1999 workshop co-sponsored by the U.K. Department for International Development and t

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Patient’s Name _____________________________________ Date of Birth_____________ Age __________________ Must be present to complete this form Responsible Party’s Name ___________________________________________ Date of Birth ____________________ Adult Patient or Parent/Legal Guardian for minor patient or dependent adult Social Security # _____________________________________________


DERMaTOlOGIa piante e sole: un mix E SE FOSSE allERGIa? In alcuni casi, meno frequenti, le stesse piante che provocano (a volte) pericoloso reazioni fototossiche possono indurre anche una reazione al- lergica. Ma che differenza c'è? a cura di Grazia Manfredi • La reazione fototossica dipen- de esclusivamente dal contatto con la sostanz



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Nutritional Information for Key Brands and Flavors - United States Serving size is 8 fl. oz. unless otherwise noted Hawaiian Punch Mango Passionfruit Squeeze oz) Hawaiian Punch Green Berry Rush (10 oz) Hawaiian Punch Mazin Melon Splash (20 oz) Hawaiian Punch Wild Purple Smash (20 oz) Nutritional Information for Key Brands and Flavors - United States Serving size is 8 fl. oz. unl


Navaratri - Day 4 - Meenakshi Devi - 1/Oct/2011 refrain: s¡mahit¡ ¿ivatanug¡ s¡ ka¸aka¸ag¡ stanzas: 1) k°mala r£p¡ sumadhura c¡p¡ calan® 3) r¡gasr°ta svinyanu g¢t¡ saccid¡nand° Meaning: Refrain: She has a worshipful stature and so everyone worships her. She is pleased with Sama Veda music. She is the better half of Shiva. She resides in every atom. She resides in all th

Patient registration form

Patient Registration Form PLEASE PRINT Title: Mr Mrs Miss Ms Ps Dr (Med) Dr (PhD) Other: ___________________________ Surname: ________________________ Given Names: _______________________________ Date of Birth: / / Occupation: ________________________________________ Home Address: __________________________________ __________________________________ ________

Vragenlijst duikmedische keuring

Duik medische keuring. Wie gaat er een duikcursus volgen en moet er nog gekeurd worden? Wie is er al gekeurd, maar de keuring is verlopen? Ik ben gecertificeerd duikkeuringsarts volgens de richtlijnen van de Nederlandse Vereniging voor Duikgeneeskunde en de Scott Haldane Foundation. Op vooraf vastgestelde tijdstippen, meestal avonden verricht ik duikmedische keuringen volgens de richtlijnen van de

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A New Service Coming Soon From Pacific Law Center Pacific Law Center attorney Don Bokovoy has created a new Earlier last month, Pacific Law Center received a phone call service for PLC clients and non-clients: offering credit repair to from Pat Boyle, the father of 27 year-old Cameron Boyle. Cameron was six months through a one year sentence in a “She had been sick for a while, so i

Miralaxprepemailed by antonette

The Whitman Building, 8380 Riverwalk Park Blvd., Suite 200, Fort Myers, FL 33919 Telephone (239) 561-7337 Fax (239) 561-0244 Evelyn


 Date and time of your procedure:_______________________ Arrive at:_____________________ Location: ⃞ Riverwalk Endoscopy Center 8380 Riverwalk Park Blvd #220, Fort Mye


This test is most commonly used to assess for the presence of or extent of coronary artery disease (CAD). This test is usually more sensitive than a regular treadmill stress test. There are three parts to the test: acquisition of the rest images, the actual stress test, and acquisition of the stress images. Part one: The nuclear technologist will start a small saline lock (“IV”) in your arm o

1 stoff- / zubereitungs- und firmenbezeichnung

Safety Data Sheet according to the guideline (EC) 1907/2006 Page 1/8 Art. -No., product name: 03537 smartseal® cervi 1 Identification of the substance or preparation and of the company Identification of the substance/the preparation: Light curing protective lacquer for use in dentistry. +49 7243/510-0 Telefax: +49 7243/510-100 This number is only obtainable during office hours (Monday -

Medical disability advisor sample topics brought to you by reed group, ltd.

Workplace Guidelines for Disability Duration The Most Widely-Used Duration Guidelines in the IndustryAdopted in the US and in 38 other CountriesThe Comprehensive Evidence-Based Return-to-Work Reference Available in Four Formats (Internet, Book, CD-ROM, Data Integration)The foundation for a non-adversarial, standards-based approach to case management for occupational and non-occupational cla

Vermondans ec imp.pdf

VERMONDANS ETAT CIVIL 1793/1902 NAISSANCES 1353 Actes BIENVENUE DANS L'ETAT CIVIL DE VERMONDANS 1793/1902 Naissances : 1353 actes Mariages : 367 actes Décès : 933 actes Ce document a été établi en 2002 par Mr Pierre SCHUFT et mis en forme par Philippe PELLETIERd'après les registres d'Etat civil de la mairie pour la Période 1793/1862 et d’après les registr

Bula varicell

queratina + sene + enxofre sublimado + bitartarato de potássio Antivaricoso FORMA FARMACÊUTICA E APRESENTAÇÃO: Drágea, caixa contendo 48 drágeas. USO ADULTO. VIA ORAL. COMPOSIÇÃO : Cada drágea contém: queratina parcialmente hidrolisada . 200 mg pó de folha de sene (cassia acutifolia) . 20 mg enxofre sublimado lavado . 20mg bitartarato de potássio . 20mg Excipiente: ca

13-10 newsflash sept

DRONE RECORDS NEWSFLASH SEPTEMBER 2013 Dear Droners, here's the 6th update for this year, SEPTEMBER 2013 ! (a much better looking formatted version can be seen / downloaded from: ) www.dronerecords.de/download/Newsflash13-09.pdf OUT NOW on Substantia Innominata! * BRUME - Two Characters 10" (Substantia Innominata SUB-19, 2013) € 12.00 * the French "atmospheric musique co


Category Manual/osteopathic/chiropractic techniques MERCIÉR THERAPY HELPS INFERTILE WOMEN ACHIEVE PREGNANCY Merciér, J., Midwife, LMT, PhD; Mil er, K., LMT 1Merciér Therapy, Saint Charles, Il inois, USA; 2Sparks Women’s Center, Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA Introduction Among women ages 15–44, 6.7 mil ion have impaired ability to have children, 1.5 mil ion are infertile, and 7.4 mil io

Protokoll zur 52

BUNDESINSTITUT FÜR ARZNEIMITTEL UND MEDIZINPRODUKTE Ergebnisprotokoll der 62. Sitzung des gemäß § 48 und 53 AMG zu hörenden Sachverständigen- Ausschusses für Verschreibungspflicht Tagungsort: D-53175 Bonn, Kurt-Georg-Kiesinger-Allee 3 Tagungszeit: Anwesende: Der Vorsitzende Sachverständigen-Ausschuss für Verschreibungspflicht Herr Prof. Dr. D

Microsoft word - 7-18-12 msma continues to be on the market

Drexel Chemical Company MSMA CONTINUES TO BE ON THE MARKET The Organic Arsenical Products Task Force (Task Force) would like to clarify to its users and distributors that under the terms of the 2009 agreement with EPA the sale, distribution, and use of MSMA products labeled for golf course, sod farms, and highway rights of way will continue into and through 2013 and likely much longer.


Jason A Boch DMD LLC Jason A. Boch, DMD DMSc Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology Patient Name:__________________________________________________________________ Name of Parent (if patient is a minor):_______________________________________________ Home Address:_________________________________________________________________ Home phone #:_______________________ Work phone

Microsoft word - ziek_of_mystiek

Ziek of mystiek?*1 Samenvatting Veel psychiaters beschouwen mystiek nog ‘t zij als pathologisch, ‘t zij als pathogeen. De auteur bespreekt de ziektegeschiedenissen van twee psychotici, beiden geïnteresseerd in esoterische wijsbegeerte. Er wordt geargumenteerd dat hun psychotische doorbraak niet veroorzaakt werd door het bezig zijn met metafysica op zich, maar dat het gaat om een metaf

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TITLE PAGE TITLE: ELEVATING METABOLISM WITH TRIIODO-L-THYRONINE CAN SUCCESSFULLY TREAT DIFFICULT OTOLARYNGIC DISEASES AUTHOR: Donald T. Levine, MD, FACS 75 North Broadway Nyack, New York 10960 AFFILIATIONS: ENT Section Chief at Nyack Hospital, Nyack, New York Senior Attending, Manhattan Eye Ear & Throat Hospital, New York, New York ABSTRACT Low triiodo-L-thyronine

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Pharmacologic Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease • Recommended use of Cholinesterase Inhibitors (ChEIs) and • Research findings for these treatments agents Other treatment agents, including supplements When to discontinue pharmacologic treatment No pharmacologic treatments currently available for Alzheimer’s disease offer a “cure” for the disease. However, early diagnosi

Oxyuriasis (pinworms)

Oxyuriasis (Pinworms) medication regimens for eradicating pinworms from persistent problem of well-managed animal colonies. rodents: ivermectin or fenbendazole. Both methods Pinworms that commonly infect laboratory colonies have advantages and disadvantages for the include Syphacia muris, S. obvelata, and Aspiculuris researcher, animal and animal care staff. Ivermectin is either app

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Troubleshooting Guide December 2006 Version 3.0.doc TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE DRUGS OF ABUSE BY: Innovacon, Inc. 4106 Sorrento Valley Blvd. San Diego, CA 92121 Troubleshooting Guide December 2006 Version 3.0.doc INTRODUCTION: The purpose of this guide is to assist our partners in troubleshooting any foreseen or unforeseen events that may occur while running Innovacon drugs of Abu

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Michael J. Hughes, D.C. (517) 784-9101 Bone Strengthening Drugs Actually Cause Fractures Posted By Dr. Mercola | March 15 2011 Orthopedic surgeons and bone specialists have been seeing an increasing number of unusual fractures among long-term users of bisphosphonate bone-strengthening drugs such as Fosamax, Actonel, Boniva and Reclast. The latest and largest study suggests th

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Your TRUE TEST® indicates that you have a contact allergy to thiuram mix allergens. Thiuram mix allergens in contact with your skin may result in dermatitis. Brief or occasional contact may not pose a problem. Thiuram mix contains the following four allergens: These allergens are curing additives used as accelerators in the manufacture of both natural and synthetic rubber. Where are thiuram

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32nd Boston/New England Emmy® Nominations Newscast – Evening Larger Markets (1-49) Newscast – Evening Smaller Markets (50-100+) General Assignment Report Spot News Continuing Coverage Within 24 Hours Continuing Coverage No Time Limit Alisha McDevitt, Assistant News Director Investigative Report Hank Phillippi Ryan, Investigative Reporter Kristen M. Setera, Inve

Glucosamine sulfate in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis symptoms: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study using acetaminophen as a side comparator

Vol. 56, No. 2, February 2007, pp 555–567© 2007, American College of RheumatologyA Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study Using Acetaminophen as´n Ivorra,2 Marı´a del Carmen Trabado,3Francisco Javier Blanco,4 Pere Benito,5 Emilio Martı´n-Mola,6 Javier Paulino,7´ Luis Marenco,8 Armando Porto,9 Armando Laffon,10 Domingos Arau Objective. To assess the effects of the pre

Travel underwriters

Certificate of Insurance Issued to: Urban School Insurance Consortium Group Reference Number: FCM 1041455 Effective date: September 1, 2011 Table of contents Contact information Keep these numbers handy when you travel. You can contact us at the following numbers or visit us at www.oneworldassist.com Notice: In the event of a claim, please contact the school boa

Information about fine lines and wrinkles of the face

Information about fine lines and wrinkles of the face. There are three main causes of fine facial lines and wrinkles, all of which may be present in combination in one person. 1. Muscle contractions. Most facial lines and wrinkles are the result of excessive and repeated contractions of the muscles used for facial expression. Frequently this is a „habit‟ which the person is not aware of. The


CLINICAL STUDIES Clinical Utility of Monitoring Tacrolimus Blood Concentrations in Liver Transplant Patients Raman Venkataramanan, PhD, Leslie M. Shaw, PhD, Laszlo Sarkozi, PhD, Richard Mullins, PhD, John Pirsch, MD, Gordon MacFarlane, PhD, Dan Scheller, BS, Diana Ersfeld, BA, Mary Frick, MS, William E. Fitzsimmons, PharmD, Mohammed Virji, MD, Ashok Jain, MD, Kenneth L. Brayma

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LIBERTYVILLE SCHOOL DISTRICT 70 1381 West Lake Street Libertyville, IL 60048Adler Park School • Butterfield School • Copeland Manor School Rockland School • Highland Middle SchoolMany of you may have read or heard about the increasing number of reports of both outbreaksand sporadic cases of Community- Associated Methicillin Resistant Staphlococcus Aureus (CA-MRSA) infections. This incr


The Official Publication of the American Herbal Products Association © copyright 2012 The American Herbal Products Association Excerpted from the January 2012 issue of the AHPA ReportArticles may not be reproduced or reprinted without written Health Canada Allows for OTC Use of 10 Naturally Sourced Ingredients by Anne Wilkie, Senior Regulatory Strategy and Policy Advisor, dicentra


Product Profile • Bluetooth™ radio communication S R 6 1 H A N D H E L D eliminates cables and facilitates C O R D L E S S S C A N N E R complete mobility • Interfaces with Intermec terminals scanner incorporates the flexibility and and personal computers with the seamless functionality of wireless • Choice of Vista linear imager, area capture signatu


DIGITEK AUTOMATION SYSTEMS Industrial Networks Troy, MI 48098 - 248/642-6928 www.digitek-asi.com tech support email: ts @digitek-asi.com MAINTENANCE AND SUPPORT In Warranty Technical Support Scope of Service: It is Digitek's policy to offer on a no-charge basis Technical Support by telephone to customers that have either: 1) had a system installed by Digitek within the 12 mon


Battery Backup IC Battery Backup IC 1. Background of Development 3-1 Battery/Main Supply Changeover Circuit Around 1985 when began the sales of IC for1. 3.3V detect circuit ··· Main supply detection microcomputer peripheral equipment and system2. Transistor switch ····· Main supply ON/OFF switch reset IC, a set manufacture inquired of us about IC for3. Schottky diode ··�

Severe retrosternal chest pain: the oesophageal connection

The chest pain that wakes you: The oesophageal connection It is 2:00AM, after the office party. You awake with a discomfort in the chest. As your mind focuses you sit up and the pain becomes a tight pressure feeling behind the sternum. You swallow saliva, take a deep breath, hold it and stretch up. The pain seems to settle a bit but remains retrosternal. You breath out but the pain is sti

Saw palmetto available in:softgel capsules: 100 count (160 mg

Ultimate Nutrition Saw Palmetto Roughly one-half of the male population suffers from enlarged prostate, also referred to as benign prostate hyperplasia, or BPH. Its symptoms range from inflammation (prostatitis) to swelling of the prostate, and painful and frequent urination. The most common medical remedy for BPH is surgical removal of the prostate, which can lead to impotence, inco

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Principal Investigator/Program Director (Last, first, middle): BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH Provide the following information for the key personnel in the order listed for Form Page 2. Follow the sample format on preceding page for each person. DO NOT EXCEED FOUR PAGES. Medical Director, Portuguese Mental Health Clinic; Director, Depression and Anxiety Disorders Research Program, Cambridge Heal

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SECTION NINE DAHL-CHASE DIAGNOSTIC SERVICES NON-GYN CYTOLOGY Requisition Instructions for Non-Gyn Cytology Requisitions….………………………………….2 Requisitions Cytology and Surgical Pathology (physician offices)………………………………………….3 Surgical, Bone Marrow, Flow Cytometry, Non-gyn Cytology (hospitals)……………………4 Sp

Winterzeit – (vogel)grippezeit

Winterzeit – (Vogel)Grippezeit? Das Grippevirus legt jedes Winterhalbjahr viele Menschen flach. Wussten Sie, dass 1918 eine weltweite Grippeepidemie („Spanische Grippe“) ca. 20 Millionen Tote forderte? In den verschiedenen Ländern erkrankten 15-50% aller Menschen, und etwa 1% der Erkrankten fielen dieser aggressiven Grippe zum Opfer, vor allem Erwachsene zwischen 20 und 45 Jahren. Insges



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Services available at Roscommon County Hospital INTRODUCTION This paper has been prepared following a request from the Oireachtas members for a briefing regarding the on going service changes at Roscommon County Hospital due to the reconfiguration of the Emergency Department at the hospital on the 11th July 2011. CONTEXT OF RECENT CHANGES TO SERVICES: The changes to service delivery in

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Acquisition of Controlling Stake in Fem Care Acquisition of Fem Care Pharma Ltd- Investor Communication ™ Dabur India Limited has entered into definitive agreements to acquire majority stake of 72.15% in Fem Care Pharma Ltd (FCPL). ™ Dabur to make an open offer for additional 20% stake in FCPL. ™ The transaction values FCPL at an equity value of Rs 282.4 crores. ™ Fem has entrenched equi

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DEFINIZIONI Nel testo che segue si intende per: “Alienazione”: la vendita del veicolo da parte del concessionario; “Applicazione”: elemento del contratto atto a recepire i dati del veicolo garantito; documento che deve essere rilasciato al momento della consegna del veicolo debitamente sottoscritto dal Contraente e dal Proprietario; “Assicurato”: il soggetto il

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