The Lyme Disease Solution by
Kenneth Singleton
The Lyme Disease Solution is the most comprehensive physician-authored book available today on the topic of Lyme disease and related tick-borne illnesses. It is written by Kenneth B. Singleton, MD, a medical doctor who himself contracted, and eventually overcame, Lyme diseas e nearly 20 years ago. The Foreword is written by Dr. James A. Duke, noted botanical medicine authority and author of The Green Pharmacy. Lyme disease is occurring at alarming epidemic rates in the USA as well as other parts of the world. In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Singleton, a practicing LLMD, thoroughly covers all aspects of Lyme disease. He does an excel ent job of describing the clinical symptoms and diagnostic tests for the Lyme bacterium, as well as similar conditions due to common co-infections such as Bartonella spp. and Babesia spp. He details effective treatment protocols, including both natural and antibiotic forms of treatment. Novel therapies that he successfully uses in his practice, such as low dose naltrexone, are also explained in easy-to-understand terms. The book also provides helpful information regarding best methods to improve immune function and reduce unwanted Lyme inflammation. It is essential reading for anyone suffering from chronic low-grade inflammation (potentially the majority of all Americans due to the standard American diet and other factors), which is now known to be a primary risk factor for a wide variety of diseases, including arthritis, heart disease and cancer. The information Dr. Singleton provides on how to prevent and reverse chronic inflammation, including his proprietary Lyme Inflammation Diet program, is itself worth the price of the book. Common problems that occur in the setting of chronic Lyme disease are extensively covered. I mportant clinical topics and issues he deals with include: how to control chronic pain and inflammation, guidance for managing hormone issues, helpful sleep strategies, methods of improving energy and reducing fatigue, management approaches for anxiety and depression, how to get the Lyme brain working well again, getting rid of toxic Lyme debris through detoxification, and useful and practical concepts regarding mind-body healing principles and techniques. The Lyme Disease Solution should be in the library of all people who have Lyme disease or a related co-infection. Dr. Singletons companion book on The Lyme Inflammation Diet (including expanded food choices and many delicious recipes) is due to be released November, 2010. My Personal Review: I actually bought this book from Amazon after reading about 100 reviews for it right here - but I see none of those reviews here anymore for some reason. Anyway, earlier this year I had read ALL the reviews for this book and many other books on Lyme treatment on Amazon and I concluded that was the best one to get. So I ordered it, and it was delivered in just a couple of days. I started antibiotic treatment for neurological Lyme in December 2008 and this book has helped me tremendously. It turns out I have had Lyme since 1996, and I had not realized how it had insidiously stole my quality of life for a decade or so. This book explained the symptoms of Lyme as well as symptoms of all the other co-infections like Babesia, Erlichia, Bartonella, etc. Then it even explained which antibiotics fight each co-infection! I really appreciated that. From reading the book, I realized I also probably had Babesia as well because of the symptoms at onset. I am on a medication for that, too which has really helped. Also, crucial to the understanding of my present Lyme treatment, it explained which antibiotics attacked the three forms of Lyme: spirochete, L form, and cystic form. It was partially as a result of this knowledge that I decided to take on an additional regimen of Bicillin-LA IM injections which has accelerated my progress immensely. I may have been too scared to do the injections if I hadnt understood this important point about eventually attacking the three forms simultaneously. All the antibiotic explanations served to increase my confidence in my treatment because it also confirmed the use of other drugs to break up the cystic form, etc. Lastly, this book really explained the true importance of taking the probiotics, because gut health is extremely important to be able to get the full benefit from the antibiotics and the immune system. Dr. Singletons book outlined a Lyme Inflammation Diet which, while I didnt follow religiously, I have more or less adhered to, and it really mitigated my Herxheimer reactions. That diet is a bit similar to the famous Core Plan of the Weight Watchers diet, with special attention to certain beneficial spices often found in Indian food, which I love anyway. It explains other beneficial supplements and herbs, and while I have not got into many of them yet, its good to have that as a reference when I get to that point. If you think you have Lyme, and that you may have had it for a long time, I seriously counsel you to get this book, get a good Lyme Literate doctor, and check out the new film about Lyme at www.underourskin.com. I think that this book and that film are your best bet in making the decision to get your health and your life back. Theres a lot of resources in the back of the book too as wel as on the internet that you can find. I cant believe how many symptoms I had that I put down to normal aging. If you live in an area that has high populations of ticks, this book should probably be in your local library in the interests of public health. There appears to be a revolution about how Lyme is treated, and this book by Dr. Ken Singelton is at the very heart of it. If you can only afford one Lyme book right now, this would be the one to get. Very sincerely, Maryann Arrien a resident of Putnam Valley, NY For More 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price:

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