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Clinch Mountain Recovery House
Editor & Chief: Todd Noles
October—December 08
n: a period of low economic activity.
Being in this kind of a depressive state in your life can be a very dangerous time because you want to be alone and you do not want to do anything and most peo- ple in this state wants to harm themselves and don’t want to live anymore. They fill that they are all alone even when they are with or around other people and they also fill useless ,unloved ,unwanted ,like their no good for nothing and they also would think that it would be best if they were not on this earth anymore and they start thinking about suicide and ways to commit suicide. Some people go into a zombie state (means that they just sit and stare and don’t move at all). I know how some people are when they are in this depressive state because I have major depression it is one of my diagnosis for mental illness and I get just like that when I become depressed. By: Phillip S. Consumer Recovery Stories
When I was 16 (1979) years old I had my first nervous breakdown. It was after I had my first baby. I was sent to the state hospital for 3 months they put me on all kinds of medications like Depakote, I was on it for years and it didn’t help much. 2 years later I had my second nervous breakdown and I went back to the state hospital for another 3 months and they kept me on Depakote so I was not much better by this time I had my second child. I had my third nervous breakdown in (1988) and they put me on Risperdal, Lithium Carbonate and I am doing a lot better. I am also a diabetic so I take meds. for that like Metformin HCI , Zocor , Actos , Triliptal , Glyburide , Aspirin , Levothyoxine , Byetta (shot) , Risperdal Consta (shot). I have had a lot of hard times but I am doing well and enjoying life. I realized I was getting better when I could distinguish reality from fantasy. My family helped me and gave me a lot of support. I went to Cumberland Mountain Community Ser- vices and kept all my appointments. My plans for the future is to be with my grandbabies as much as possible. I have a suggestion for people with a mental illness “When you realize you have a mental illness seek help and stay with it”. By: Suzanne S. I just restarted back attending clubhouse. I really enjoy coming to clubhouse. Some members I already knew and others I’m getting to know. Then I would like to advance in my recovery process, I suffer from schizophrenia. A nervous like illness. Under my current curriculum I am doing fine and my doctors are pleased with my progress. My activities include playing music, singing, dating, dancing, and socializing with my friends. I want others to know how valuable attending clubhouse can be to get you on the right track toward a better recovery. When I’ve attended clubhouse for a more prolonged period of time I can probably let you know more about things at the clubhouse and how I’m doing in my progress. I hope this inspires others to write about their illnesses and their recovery. By Mickey W. When I was 16 years old I was in a bad motorcycle accident where I suffered severe head trauma which caused a lot of mental issues to surface. After many years of rehabilitation and hospitals, 211/2 yrs., I have come to the point in my recovery to start to live independently. This will be the first time that I will live on my own. All I need to do is work on my budgeting skills. I have learned how to deal with the symptoms I live with every day by using the coping skills that I have learned while attending clubhouse and hospitals/rehab facilities. An optimistic attitude has been a very helpful toll towards dealing with these symptoms. Also having a good sense of humor has helped me from becoming depressed so easily. It has been a long haul and I know that some of the symptoms will return. But I now know how to deal with them better! This is my story in a nutshell. I hope that if you read this it will help you to find ways to cope with the symptoms you have from the mental illness that are living with! By: Todd Noles I’ve been Bi- polar all my life. I was diagnosed with this illness in 1996. I tried different medications and it didn’t work. In 2004 I got my medication straightened out and now I do fine. I’m attending clubhouse and I’m doing fine. I talk through my problems with other members and staff. I plan to get off N G R I and find a trade I’d enjoy. I would like to work with leather, carpentry, equations or perhaps even attend meetings to talk about my successes should the opportunity arise. I still plan to attend this clubhouse should I leave Grey- stone Manor. I wanted to share my story with others as I feel the attendance at this clubhouse has advanced my recovery process. I also like to cook. My friends here are invaluable for their kindness and helpfulness. I am a single father of two and I am also expecting a grand-child. I play music, lift weights, and exercise in my spare time. I get to drive occasionally. I hope my story inspires others to attend clubhouse and do well in their own recovery process. It can be accomplished with a little effort. Sincerely, Buford Huffman

Poetry By Consumers
Christmas Time This is a merry time of year. With many a smiling Faces, and plenty of good-will cheer. People remember the less fortunate pay homage to Christ I find this so up-lifting that every-one is so extra-ordinarily nice. The staff at this clubhouse reminds me of Santa's little friends They never stop encouraging others with a pleasant greeting and sev-eral grins And the ladies and gentlemen who attend this comfortable Group home They seem to appreciate, it shows in their song We are really blessed to have such a nicety as this. Our special place is something others surely miss So if you are disappointed and you are feeling down Remember things could be a lot worse and rid yourself of that frown. I hope this small poem puts a smile on some-ones face. This is my way of showing gratitude for this wonderful place. The rain came down and cleansed the earth, The fish are jumping in the stream, The flowers are blooming, The birds are singing and building their nest, It is springtime in the city. The sun is shining and making the garden grow, The cows are munching on the green grass, The children wave from their school bus, Pumpkins are hanging from the vines, Cheers can be heard from the football field, Fall is in the air. Thinking Of You
The lights are shining brightly everywhere, When I laid down last night to feel better; it was then that I thought of you. I prayed to God and Jesus that I could dream of you until I would wake. The prayer was answered but I still miss you and wish what could have been. When I arose from bed I seriously got the best night sleep and I didn’t have to get up once. With you my dear in my arms time just flew by so soon. I remember the fun time that we shared and the way you would giggle at my jokes. I guess that I’ll always think of you, sometimes wondering Halloween Party
We all went to the Grundy Clubhouse on October 31st for our annual Halloween party. Thanksgiving Party
Tazewell House hosted our annual Thanksgiving party on November 25th at Knuckles Hall. The clubhouse enjoyed socializing with the other members from the different CMCS club- Christmas Party
The clubhouse members all gathered together for a delicious dinner prepared by the Clinch Mt. House kitchen unit. Everyone got their belly’s full and enjoyed each others company. Dollywood Trip
Our Dollywood trip was on November 11th-13th. We went to the Dixie Stampede also. It



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