Visual merchandising

Why Visual Merchandising training is essential for your store
Withyour ROI should be immediate and tangible as
visual merchandising is one of your cheapest and most effective sales tools in the
A combination of beauty, logic and goal orientation comes together to form a
platform that can either launch or lose your client.
It is obvious that a good window display will attract your client’s attention,
but do you know if they will enter the shop and if they do, where to from there? In addition to the simple attention-grabbing merchandising, are you optimising
your displays and shelves with logical use of goods to ensure that the client has
maximum exposure to all related items within a few square feet? I remember rushing into a local convenience store over Christmas to purchase a last roll of gift wrap only to find that there was no sellotape anywhere near the gift wrapping stand. The result is that I now avoid the store as in my mind they are
poorly laid out and it will always take me longer to shop there.
I know that sometimes this too can be a policy, but on the 24th December? is very much an art form and with various approaches one can create very effective pieces of art that not only please the client and soothe their
senses but that convenience them and entice them all at the same time. And
the new generation client also wants to be engaged by our merchandising
whether via social media or active display.
The fact is that as you have the ability to lead the client down It would definitely be in your interest to have your goals in mind when doing so.
For example, if your store has a high target on a special for the month, it would be
wise as far as logically possible to place this special near one of your highest
selling lines
to get maximum visual exposure.
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There is also sometimes the opportunity to merchandise weird and wonderful
products together. For example “dop en tjop” or for the risqué tampons, aspirin
and chocolate!
Our younger generations, who are often those with cash in hand, are also very into “bluntness and honesty” E.g. a window display I saw in Observatory had “WTF?” all over it. On closer inspection this turned out to be a travel agent and they were inviting people to come inside and ask the question What's The Fare? So ultimately if you are looking to boost sales in any form whatsoever come and spend a creative day with us learning not only the basics of but stimulating your creativity, both in the interest of showing immediate results. Find us…
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This document was compiled by Staff Training | +27 21 839 3021 | [email protected]


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