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43rd ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship 2013
13 - 20 July 2013, Limassol, Cyprus
Notice of Race
The Cyprus Sailing Federation will host the 43rd ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship and cordially invites all ISAF member national authorities to participate. The event will be held from 13 to 20 July 2013. The venue will be at the Cyprus Sports Organization Sailing Centre in Limassol, Cyprus. ORGANIZING AUTHORITY
The Championship will be organized by Cyprus Sailing Federation under the authority of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF). The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing. Class rules regarding membership will not apply. RRS Appendix P, Special Procedures for RRS 42 will apply. In accordance with the ISAF Advertising Code, advertising on the supplied equipment is only available to the organising authority. Competitors shall wear bibs supplied by the organizing committee. EVENTS, CLASSES, EQUIPMENT AND EQUIPMENT CHECK
A penalty may be given or the use of the equipment may be withdrawn if, in the opinion of the organizing authority, a competitor treats or handles the equipment without care or in a manner which causes or is likely to cause damage to the equipment. All equipment will, except items listed in 4.4 and 4.5, be supplied free of charge including rig, sail and gear for all classes (except items mentioned in 4.7, 4.8, 4.9 and 4.10). The organizing authority will not supply compasses or other tactical devices, wind indicators, buoyancy jackets, trapeze harnesses, hiking pants, wet or dry suits or other personal gear. No modification to the equipment shall be made unless authorized by the organizing authority. Competitors may bring and use the following items sponge, hand bailer, water bottles (only to be attached to the equipment with rope or tape), shockcords, compass, wind indicators, including yarn or thread (may be tied or taped anywhere on the equipment, provided their fitting does not mark, pierce or damage the hull, deck, sails or spars). Adhesive tape may be used anywhere above the waterline, but the tape needs to be removable after the event without leaving any permanent damage. There shall be no writing with permanent markers directly on the supplied equipment. No wax shall be applied. Hulls, centreboards and rudders may be cleaned, but only with water and ordinary soap. For 420 only: Competitors must bring their own tow-rope (in accordance with
specification of the class rules).
Competitors may bring and use a fitting made of
tape/wood/plastic and shockcord for retaining the spinnaker halyard. This fitting shall only be
attached using tape and not in a position above the gooseneck.
For RS:X only: Competitors must bring their own outhaul, downhaul systems (ropes,
cleats and pulleys) and the uphaul line. No permanent fixings will be used to attach these.
Harness lines will not be provided by the organisers.
For 29er only: The boat's sails, spars, rigging, control lines and fittings shall be used as supplied, unless alterations or additions are specifically authorized by the ISAF Technical Delegate. The boats will be fitted with foot straps. Competitors may install their own tiller extension, or twin extensions, but the attachment fitting must be left installed on the tiller at the end of the regatta. The equipment will not be required to be pre-measured. However, a boat or equipment may be inspected at any time for compliance with the rules. Boats may be required to carry cameras, sound devices or positioning devices as specified by the organising authority. Failure of supplied equipment will not be grounds for redress. This changes rule 62.1(a). A national authority in good standing with ISAF may enter one crew in all or any of the disciplines listed in 4.1. Such national authority may register an official team leader and one coach. If a national authority enters competitors in at least one event per race area, one additional coach is permitted. RACE AREA
Boy’s and Girl’s Two Person Dinghy, Open Multihull Boy’s & Girl’s Windsurfer, Open Skiff In all other cases only one team leader and one coach is permitted. Every competitor must be a national of the country which is entering him or her. The ISAF Executive Committee will resolve all applications or disputes relating to the determination of the national authority a competitor may represent. Each national authority is responsible to ensure that its competitors comply with this requirement. CONDITIONS OF ENTRY
All national authorities who are intending to enter a team will complete the Equipment
Reservation (Form A) on line at specifying the events and
intended number of coaches they want to enter and pay a non-refundable €100 Equipment
Reservation Fee
per equipment before 31 January 2013. Only forms submitted by national
authorities shall be accepted.
Equipment reservations submitted after 31 January 2013 may not be guaranteed a place in the regatta. If at the equipment reservation deadline the numbers of competitors in an event should exceed the maximum limit of equipment supplied, the Organizing Authority, in consultation with ISAF, may then implement an alternative racing format allowing equipment to be shared by two or more competitors/crews. Entry Registration (Form B) is available at and must be
received with the championship fee described below (minus the Equipment Reservation Fee
paid) by the organising authority before 30 April 2013. Accommodation and equipment is
guaranteed only to teams who have fulfilled the requirements in 6.1 and have submitted an
entry form and paid the championship fee before 30 April 2013. Entries received after 30 April
2013 will only be accepted at the discretion of ISAF and in consultation with the Organizing
Authority and with the payment of the Late Entry fee.
A national authority which has not yet chosen a team before 30 April 2013 deadline must provide the Organizing Authority with information about its schedule for selecting a team and the number of persons, genders if possible, and the events to be entered by this deadline. However, this does not exempt such national authority from paying the championship fee. No additions or changes to the list can be accepted after 30 April 2013 without written approval of ISAF and in consultation with the Organizing Authority. Competitors and team officials will receive an identification card at registration at the venue which must be displayed at all times. Access to competitor’s preparation and residential areas will be restricted. Spectators at the sailing venue may also be required to display a registration card which will give access to specific areas only. Each team is required to bring to the venue two of their national flags in approximate size 1.0 x 1.5m The Medical Treatment Permission Form C and Medical History Form D are available on and must be submitted for each competitor no later than
team registration. This form does not give dispensation for taking prescribed medication. For
medication declarations, please follow procedures as given in the ISAF Anti-Doping Code
(ISAF regulation 21).
All competitors shall be under the age of 19 years on 31 December 2013 (born after 31 December 1994) and be registered as an ‘ISAF Sailor’ on the ISAF website, Each national authority is responsible to ensure that its competitors comply with this requirement. At all times when afloat competitors are required to wear a personal buoyancy jacket. The organizing authority reserves the right to reject any buoyancy jacket which it considers unsuitable. Personal buoyancy shall comply with appropriate national standards. 6.9 Each team is required to bring a 250ml bottle containing water from their home seas or lakes CHAMPIONSHIP FEE AND DAMAGE DEPOSITS
7.1 Each competitor, team leader and coach will be charged a championship fee of EUR 900 per
team member (EUR 1200 for Late Entries) for the eight scheduled days of the event (minus any Equipment Reservation Fee paid), payable to the organizing authority as instructed on the entry form. The Late Entry fee will apply to all entries received after 30 April 2013. The championship fee will include airport shuttle from and to Larnaca Airport, accommodation and meals, starting from the midday meal on 13 July and ending with the breakfast meal on 20 July 2013. For accommodation etc. prior to 13 July or/and after 20 July, please contact Mrs. Vanessa Kyprianou, [email protected] There will be no refund if entered competitors withdraw their entry after the entry

A damage deposit of EUR 250 for One Person Dinghy and Windsurfer and EUR 350 for
Two Person Dinghy, Skiff and Multihull
(cash or credit card authorisation) per supplied
equipment will be required for registration at the venue. In case of damage to any equipment,
the competitor may be required to pay an additional amount in order to maintain the damage
deposit balance at EUR 250 for One Person Dinghy and Windsurfer and at EUR 350 for Two
Person Dinghy, Skiff and Multihull.
A damage deposit by way of credit card authorisation will be required by the hotel for possible
damage to the hotel premises or for services provided by the hotel such as (additional) food,
drink and the use of telephone(s), etc.
12 races are scheduled for each event. No more than 3 races will be sailed on any day. Equipment Allocation & On Water Training Equipment Supply The supplied equipment will be available on 13 July 2013. The venue is
not available for practice sailing before 13 July 2013.
The sailing instructions will be available for all competitors at registration at the venue and on the event website approximately one month before the championship. PENALTY SYSTEM
For the Open Multihull and Open Skiff events RRs 44.1 and RRS P2.1 will be so that the Two-Turns Penalty will be replaced by the One-Turn Penalty. INTERNATIONAL JURY
An international jury will be appointed in accordance with RRS 91(b). At least 3 races are required to be completed to constitute a regatta. When 5 or more races have been completed, a boat's series score will be the total of her race scores excluding her worst score. For RS:X changes to rule A8 (series ties) in Appendix B8 shall not apply. SUPPORT BOAT
(a) Private or team support boats are not permitted. (b) Team Leaders and coaches may go afloat only in craft supplied by the organizing authority, and clearly marked as such, from Saturday 13 July to Friday 19 July. BERTHING
Boats shall be kept in their assigned places in the boat parks. DRUG TESTING
Competitors are reminded of the ISAF rules and regulations concerning the use of banned methods and substances, which are contained in ISAF Anti-Doping Code. Drug testing may take place during this event. DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY
Competitors participate in the championship entirely at their own risk. See rule 4, Decision to Race. The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the championship. ISAF medals in gold, silver and bronze will be awarded to first, second and third overall finishers in each event. The ISAF World Youth Sailing Championship Trophy will be awarded to the winning crew in the Boy’s Two Person Dinghy event. The RYA Trophy will be awarded to the winning crew in the Girl’s Two Person Dinghy event. The ISAF St. Lawrence Trophy will be awarded to the winner in the Boy’s One Person Dinghy event. The ISAF Royal Netherlands Centennial Trophy will be awarded to the winner in the Girl’s One Person Dinghy event. The ISAF Paul Phelan Trophy will be awarded to the winner in the Boy’s Windsurfer event. The ISAF St. Moritz Board Sailing Championship Trophy will be awarded to the winner in the Girl’s Windsurfer event. The ISAF Paul Henderson Trophy will be awarded to the winner in the Open Multihull event. The ISAF Prince Henry the Navigator Trophy will be awarded to the winner in the Open Skiff event. 18.10 There will be a Trophy awarded to the top-scoring national authority team. 18.11 The ISAF Bengt Julin Trophy will be awarded to a competitor or a National Team that has in the competitors’ opinion done most to foster international understanding and has displayed the attributes that should be encouraged in international competition. 18.12 Other trophies may be awarded for sportsmanship, exemplary behaviour and rules compliance FURTHER INFORMATION
Entries will be acknowledged in writing. General information about travel to Limassol, Cyprus and its facilities is available through the


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