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Nucleo™ ingredient list and nutritional information as it appears on the packaging. Both these lists are approved by the South African Directorate Food control. This product is registered as a complimentary medicine with the Medicines Control Counsel of South Africa. (Registration number 421750) Ingredients Pre cooked full yellow maize, soya milk powder, fructose, nature identical apple flavour, nature identical vanilla flavour, Nucleo™ amino acid blend: (contains – L-Glutamine, L-Lysine, L-Methionine, L- Arganine), Raftilose synergy (prebiotics from chicory), omega-3 essential fatty acids (fish), spirulina, lecithin (soya), vitamins, salt, Nucleo™ digestive enzyme blend: (contains – Papain and Amilase), colostrum, non nutritive sweeteners: acesulfame-K & sucralose, citrus extract powder, alpha lipoic acid, Covi-Ox Vit E blend (natural preservative), minerals: potassium chloride, potassium amino acid chelate, calcium carbonate, calcium tri-phosphate, calcium amino acid chelate, sodium chloride, magnesium oxide, magnesium amino acid chelate, ferrous sulphate, iron ferrochel amino acid chelate, zinc gluconate, zinc amino acid chelate, manganese amino acid chelate, copper sulphate, selenium amino acid chelate, potassium iodate, chromium amino acid chelate.
Nutritional information:
Typical nutritional information Per 100g Per 50g serving %RDA/50g
(As per ready to drink product)
Energy 1590 kJ 795 kJ
Protein 18,9g 9,45g 17%
- Nucleo™ amino acid blend 3g 1,5g **
Carbohydrate 57g 28,5g
- Fructose 5,5g 2,75g
Total fat 8,1g 4,05g
- Omega-3 essential fatty acids 2.38g (2380mg) 1.19g (1190mg) **
- Of which EPA + DHA 200mg 100mg 154%
- Omega-6 essential fatty acids 5,93g 2,97g **
- Linoleic acid from soya & maize 5,9g (5900mg) 2,95g (2950mg) **
- GLA from Spirulina 0,03g (30mg) 0,015g (15mg) **
- Lecithin 2g 1g **
- Saturated fat 0 0
- Trans fatty acid 0 0
Total dietary fibre 4,8g 2,4g
-FOS (Prebiotics) 3g 1,5g
Sodium 366mg 183mg
Biotin 100mcg 50mcg 167%
Vitamin A 1000mcg 500mcg 56%
Vitamin B1 1,4mg 0,7mg 58%
Vitamin B2 1,6mg 0,8mg 62%
Nicotinamide 18mg 9mg 56%
Pantothenic acid 6mg 3mg 60%
Vitamin B6 2mg 1mg 59%
Folic acid 200mcg 100mcg 25%
Vitamin B12 1mcg 0,5mcg 21%
Vitamin C 360mg 180mg 200%
Vitamin D3 5mcg 2,5mcg 17%
Vitamin E 14,9IU 7,45IU 33%
Calcium AAC 500mg 250mg 19%
Chromium AAC 40mcg 20mcg **
Copper 1mg 0,5mg 56%
Iron AAC 9mg 4,5mg 25%
Iodine 75mcg 37,5mcg 25%
Magnesium AAC 210mg 105mg 25%
Manganese AAC 2,5mg 1,25mg 54%
Phosphorous 350mg 175mg 14%
Potassium AAC 500mg 250mg **
Selenium AAC 110mcg 55mcg 100%
Zinc AAC 5,5mg 2,75mg 25%
Alpha Lipoic Acid 50mg 25mg **
Colostrum 150mg 75mg **
Spirulina 2000mg 1000mg **
Nucleo™ digestive enzyme blend 0,4g 0,2g **
(% RDA for persons older than 4 years)
(** No RDA established)
AAC = Amino Acid Chelate


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