Electric Vehicle Incentive Guidelines, Dealerships, and Vehicles
Application Guidelines
1. Applicant must be an Austin Energy electric customer.
2. Applicant intends to live in the Austin Energy service area for a minimum of five years.
3. Five (5) qualifying electric vehicles, of any combination, per applicant are eligible.
4. Qualifying all-electric vehicle must be new and purchased from the approved dealership list.
5. Applicant may receive the following incentives: o $500 for Gasoline Engine Conversions to all-electric cars.
o $500 for all-electric Low-Speed Vehicles.
o Up to $250 for all-electric motorcycles.
o Up to $150 for all-electric scooters and bikes.
6. Funding is limited and offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
7. Final incentive level determined after Austin Energy verifies the electric vehicle is a qualifying model and sold by an approved dealership.
8. Incentive application must be submitted within sixty (60) days of vehicle purchase.
9. Approved participants will receive the incentive check six (6) to eight (8) weeks from the date the application is approved.
10. Austin Energy reserves the right to perform a one-time spot inspection to verify the purchase is a qualifying electric vehicle.
Approved Dealerships
Academy Sports & Outdoors Academy Sports & Outdoors Dealerships subject to change at any time, without notice. Vehicle models subject to change at any time, without notice. Last updated Jan 13, 2012. Alien Scooters Approved Vehicles
R Martin Limited Approved Vehicles
Electric Bikes/Scooters w/range under 25 miles/charge: $100
Electric Bikes/Scooters w/range under 20 miles: $100
Alien Custom Bike SLA, Alien Custom Folding Bike, eGO Classic Scooter, eGO LX Scooter, EZip Trailz Bike, EZip Izip Urban Cruiser, Izip i-400, Izip i-500, Izip i-750, Izip Fusion, Izip Scoot-e, LF8 Trailz Step-Thru Bike, Ezip 1000 watt Scooter, Ezip 900 watt Scooter, Ezip 750 watt Scooter, Ezip 500 watt Scooter, Ezip 400 watt Scooter, GoPed ESR EX 750 Scooter, GoPed ESR Lithium Scooter, GoPed Hoverboard Electric Bikes/Scooters w/range over 20 miles: $150
Scooter, GoPed Iped Lithium Scooter, IZip Via Lento SLA Bike, IZip Via Rapido Lithium Bike, IZip Via Urbano Fold- R10, R11, R12, R13, L1, L3, L8, G1, Izip Trekking Enlightened, Izip Mountain Trailz Enlightened, Izip Trailz Enlight- ing Lithium Bike, IZip Zuma Lithium Bike, E Bikeboard Lithium Scooter, GoPet 3-Wheel Scooter ened, Izip Street Enlightened, R Martin L780, R Martin L580, Izip Hg1000, R Martin E500, R Martin E300 Electric Bikes/Scooters w/range over 25 miles/charge: $150
Electric Motorcycle/Moped: $250
Alien Custom Bike Lithium, Izip Trekking Enlightened Lithium, Izip TrailZ Enlightened Lithium, Izip Urban Cruiser Enlightened Lithium, Izip Tri Cruiser SLA, Ultra Motor A2B Metro, Ultra Motor A2B Hybrid, Ohm Sport XS 750, E+ Elite Cruiser Bike 1000 watt NiMH, Hebb Electro Glide 500 Bike, Hebb Electro Glide 500 Step-Thru Bike Rocket Electrics Approved Vehicles
Electric Motorcycle: $250
Electric Bicycles/Scooters w/range over 20 miles: $150
Emoto Moped SLA/Lilon, EVT 168, EVT 168 Lithium, EVT 4000e, EVT 4000e Lithium, Vectrix VX1 NiMH, Vectrix Pedego Classic Cruiser, Pedego Step-Through Cruiser, Pedego Interceptor Special Edition, Pedego Interceptor Step-Through Edition, Pedego Electric Tandem folding frame, Prodeco G+ Mariner 7 folding frame, Prodeco Mariner S 250 folding frame, Prodeco Genesis 250 folding frame, Prodeco Genesis 500 folding frame, Prodeco Electric Avenue Scooters Approved Vehicles
Stride 250 folding frame, Prodeco Stride 500 rigid frame, Prodeco Phantom X Lite folding frame, Prodeco Phan- tom X2 folding frame, Bodhi Sport 250 watt w/ pedal assist & NuVinci Drivetrain, Bodhi Step-Through 250 watt Electric Bikes: $100-150
w/ pedal assist & NuVinci Drivetrain Pedego Classic Cruiser, Pedego Step-Through Cruiser, Pedego Interceptor Cruiser, Pedego Tandem Cruiser, Tommy Bahama Electric Cruiser, X-Treme X-360, X-Treme XB-300Li Electric Bicycle, X-Treme XB-305Li Electric Bicycle, X-Treme XB-310Li Folding Electric Bicycle, X-Treme XB-502 Electric Moped, X-Treme XB-562 Electric Kenfield Golf Carts Approved Vehicles
Moped, X-Treme XB-610 Electric Moped, Hebb ElectroGlide 500 Bike, Hebb ElectroGlide 500 Step-Through 48 Volt American Sportsworks ChuckWagon, Tomberlin E-2, Tomberlin E-4, Fairplay ZX4.0, Fairplay ZX5.5 Electric Scooters: $250
VeloCity E-Bikes & Scooters Approved Vehicles
E-max 120S, E-max 110S, E-max 90S, E-max City 80L 2-wheeler, EVT 168 Lithium The Electric XM-5000Li Luxury, XM-3500Li Motorcycle, XM-3000 Motorcycle, XB-700Li Scooter, XB-600 Scooter, XB-508 (SPORT) Scooter. XB-500 Scooter, XB-420M Three Wheeler, X-560 Scooter, X-360 Scooter, XB-300Li Elec- EV Auto Approved Vehicles
tric Bicycle , Ohm Urban UX700 38V Li-ion Electric Bicycle, Ohm Sport XS750 38V 12 Ah Li-ion Electric Bicycle
Electric Cars: $500
E-Ride EVX-2 Utility and Transporter, E-Ride EXV-4 4-Door, e2 GEM car, e6 GEM car, eS GEM, eL GEM car, eLXD
Note: E-Ride Industries models are both on state contracy, #tTXMAS-7-23V060, Miles EV are also on the Texas
Term Contract, series #342ALT for car series and #343ALT for trucks
Fairways Golf Carts Approved Vehicles
Electric Cars: $500
TRAN4-Club Car TransPorter 4, TRAN6-Club Car TransPorter 6, T1E-Club Car Carry All Turf 1, T2E-Club Car Carry
All Turf 2, T252E-Club Car Turf 252, T272E-Club Car Carry All Turf 272, T6E-Club Car Carry All Turf 6
Dealerships subject to change at any time, without notice. Vehicle models subject to change at any time, Dealerships subject to change at any time, without notice. Vehicle models subject to change at any time, without notice. Last updated Jan 13, 2012. without notice. Last updated Jan 13, 2012.


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