Encompass update: new forms, new features, revisions

Encompass Update: New Forms, New Features, Revisions

Tip of the Month: When this message pops up "Your session will time out at xxx. Click OK now to keep your session active", clicking
OK immediately will redisplay the page and start the timer over. If the pop-up message reads "Your session has been idle and will time out at xxx", click Save at the bottom of the page (or in a multi- page form, go to a different page) to save your work and restart the timer.
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A new Lab Module has been added to Encompass. It was originally designed to be used in PCE's Health Clinic systems. Lab results are stored in a way that data can be reported and trended. In the Medications menu, look for the Lab Results
links. Here are the steps in the process: 1. Lab results are faxed from an external Lab and are shown in the Incoming Lab Results list.
2. Support staff check this list regularly, and use Link to attach the results to
a consumer. After lab results are attached to a consumer’s file, staff enter scores for lab tests (for example, Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Glucose, etc.) A lab results record can be flagged as “normal” or “high” priority. 3. The Lab Results link can be used to view or change scores, or add
4. The Scan Lab Results link can be used to enter lab results received in
5. If a new lab results record is entered that is out of range (for example, a Cholesterol score over 200) the assigned Physician will receive an email “To-Do” notice to review and sign-off on the lab results. 6. If a new lab is entered and flagged as “high priority”, the assigned Physician will receive an email “To-Do” notice to review and sign-off on the lab results. 7. When a Physician adds a Medication Review Note, if a new unsigned lab was entered since the last Med Review, the assigned Physician will receive an email “To-Do” notice to review and sign-off on the lab results. 1. Consumers with 6 or More Prescriptions (1433, 1756): the first page shows attending psychiatrist, consumer name, ID and Case Manager. The second Reports 2. Specified Prescriptions w Possibility at 90% (1757, 1777): consumers currently prescribed Zyprexa, Abilify, Geodon, and Haldol Decanoate. 3. Case Load by CSM with Specified Dates (1758): historical case load data. 4. Consumers by Provider & Mailing Address (1570, 1762): Gives a summary of how many consumers were being served by the chosen provider(s) on the chosen date. 5. HSW Clients No T1016 Services (1760): HSW consumers that didn't receive T1016 services, including Medicaid #, HSW effective date, HSW amount, and whether their HSW was terminated or suspended. 6. Developmental Disabilities Symptom Report (1763): Active DD consumers during start date and end date with a 299.XX, 317.XX, 318.XX, and 319.XX diagnosis. Lists demographic info, SA diagnoses, ATO or not, and scores from all MIMA points value during the same date range. 7. Monroe Dashboard (1748, 1766): the following are shown on different sheets- - Dropout Rate, CMH recidivism, DD Outcome Implementation, CMH MIA Inpatient admissions and readmissions. 8. ABW Primary Care Physicians (1322 & 1769): CMH Consumers that have Adult Benefit Waiver in the month of Target date and their Primary Care Physicians as target date by County, by Primary Care Physicians. 9. Contract (Agreement) Review (1304, 1771): Lists Providers, agreement type, Effective date, Exp date, sent to Provider Date, received from Provider Date, and board Approval date. 10. Provider - CSM Contact Info (1773): designed to be used by Providers to list 11. Inpatient Hospitalization Study (1772, revised 715): Includes admit/discharge dates, auth days, CMH team (when admitted), insurance, diagnosis, last Hosp discharge date, and last contact by CMH staff. 12. Clients Admitted/Disc/Transferred w Insurance (1775): first sheet shows consumer information, second sheet shows all active insurance policies. 13. Self Pays w Addresses, ATP, CPT(1781): list of consumers with active Self Pay record, including address, guardian, team, CSM, income, and the date that the Self Pay policy was last reviewed. If you would like to request a change, enhancement, or report, contact the Encompass helpdesk or your Encompass Liaison: Encompass Helpdesk – [email protected] Lenawee – Wendy Cadieux, [email protected] Livingston – John Heinlein,or Kathy Dettling,Monroe – teRi DeRos

Source: http://about.ewcho.org/update%20pdfs/Encompass%20Update%202-10.pdf

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