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(film hydration method)
(reverse phase evaporation method)
(dehydration-rehydration method)
(proniosome method)
(ether injection method)
(ethanol injection method)
(hand shaking method)
(remote loading method)
Table 1 Advantages and disadvantages of different methods of determination of entrapment efficiency
Large volumes of dialysate required(may not be suitable for drugs requiring specialised disposal) May lead to the destruction of fragile systems Not suitable for highly viscous formulations Not suitable for formulations with a large particle Not suitable for highly viscous formulations Not suitable for formulations with a large particle Not suitable for formulations with a large particle [1] BEHROOZ N. Effect of cholesterol and temperature on the elastic properties of niosomal membranes [J]. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 2005, 300: 95 101. [2] HANDJANIVILA R M, RLBIER A, RONDOT B, et al. Dispersion of lamellar phases of non-ionic lipids in cosmetic products [J]. International journal of cosmetic Science, 1979, 1: 303 314. ISRAELACHVILI J N. Intermolecular and Surface Forces [M]. Sydney: Academic Press, 1985: 121. [5] UCHEGBU I F, VYAS S P. Non-ionic surfactant based vesicles (niosomes) in drug delivery [J]. International Journal [6] PILLAI G K, SALIM M L D. 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Preparation of submicron unilamellar liposomes by freeze-drying double emulsions [J]. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta , 2006, 1758: 222 231. Progress of study on niosomes
(School of Pharmacy , Shenyang Pharmaceutical University , Shenyang 110016, China) Abstract: Objective To introduce the research progress of niosomes. Methods Based on the recent
references, the concept, formation condition, composition, preparation, determination of entrapment efficiency and toxicity study was reviewed, with focus on the preparation methods. Results and
conclusions Niosome is a novel targeted drug delivery system, with a wide and promising future.
Key words: pharmaceutics; niosomes; Israelachvili theory; preparation; entrapment efficiency; toxicity

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