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Assemble at International Airport and your vacation start with a pleasant Day 2 Incheon/Taewangsasingi Filming Site/Nami Upon arrival at Seoul this morning, visit the famous Taewangsasingi filming site, featuring a blacksmith’s shop from the Goguryeo era (BC 37 ~ 668). The village also boasts a facility highlighting its superior skills in the practices of iron making. Both Korea’s largest water mill at 7m in diameter, and a 2 story high Kimchi Making School cooking stove (fire brazier) are very impressive. In addition to such displays, there are also a series of memorable historic houses and village roads that have been carefully assembled. Nami Island, covered with more than 300 species of trees, birch tree lined path is better known among drama lovers as the path where Bae Yong-joon and Choi Ji-woo rode a bicycle on their date. Thereafter, proceed to Yangpyeong for your night stay. Day 3 Yangpyeong/MungyeongSeaJae Provincial Park/Coal After breakfast, visit the Gyeongbuk Mungyeong area connecting the regions of Hangang and Nakdong, characterized by high, steep ridges. Visitors can not only take a look around the natural settings and watch rare wildlife animals and plants in their natural habitats, but the provincial park also presents the filming locations of the grand drama productions of ‘Daejoyeong’ and ‘Great King Sejong’. You will travel to the second largest coal mining site in Korea. The museum exhibiting the tools and equipment used during the early days and the ‘generator ‘the Korea industry, and the attempt to revive the dwindling economy of coal-mining area. You will also have a chance to hop onto the rail bike, experiencing the life of the miners. Opened in July 2003, Aqua World within suit the Daemyung Condo is an indoor water park supplying clean heated water. With numerous hot springs and amusement facilities which are open year round, it is the perfect vacation spot for families, couples and friends. Aqua World has a unique Mediterranean-style interior design. (Please bring along own swim & cap) Danyang/Dodamsambong/Yong In Everland (Passport Ticket) After breakfast, proceed to Dodamsambong. You will find the magnificent sight of three peaks, namely ‘Husband Peak’, ‘Mistress Peak’ and ‘Wife Peak’. Three Rocks create a large “S” figure as it stands tall in the middle of Namhangang River. This is the only place in the world where you can see such three longest rocks protrude in the middle of a river.Designated as a natural monument, Gosu Cave is a limestone cave situated in Danyang-gun. This extensive cave is 1,300 meters deep, and is well known for its beauty and being one of the eight most beautiful sights in the region, it provides a good spot for photo taking. Today you will proceed to the Yong-In Everland, the most fun and enjoyable place. Here you are able to explore the beautiful and splendid amusement park. For the adventurous , do not miss the suspended rides like the Hurricane , the Cork Screw , Double Loops and the Amazon Express. There is also Safari World where you have the chance to get very close to those endangered animals like tiger , lion , bear and etc. Do not forget to take some close up photo shots of these animals. Day 5 Seoul/City Tour/Korean Traditional Culture Experience Center/Myeongdong/ After breakfast, visit Kyongbok Palace, magnificent palace was built in 1394 by the first king of the Chosun Dynasty, which has about 600 years of history. Proceed to the magnificent National Folk Museum, which houses an impressive collection of artifacts illustrating Korean history and culture. Pass by the Presidential Blue House (Cheong Wa Dae), followed by a shopping trip where you can purchase Korean Ginseng, a must in you shopping list and stop by at the Amethyst Factory where you get to see a wide selection of jewelry. Visit Korean Traditional Culture Experience Center, to find out more about the making of kimchi and testing, know about Ginseng and try the ginseng juice as well as try the Korean Costume. We will have the opportunity to view a Korean traditional performances at Chongdong Theater tonight. Day 6 After breakfast, visit Dong Cong Xia Cao and last of all, the local products shop which sells ginseng sweets, dry or toasted seaweeds, dried cuttlefishes, ramen noodle, kimchi, etc. Bid farewell to Seoul as you are transfer to the airport for your flight back to Singapore. We hope you had an enjoyable vacation and looking forward to bring you with us to your next holiday destination.


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