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Characteristic features
Reference cells for capacitive humidity
High accuracy due to salt of Quality level
“Analytical reagent“
Different models with salt filling of 11% rH
High quality diaphragm for contact less
checking of measuring probes
Transparent housing for visual inspection of
saturation condition
Long life, refillable
Alternatively available with 1/2” or M20 x
1.5 mm connection threads
Typical areas of application
Calibration of hygrometers
Defined humidity storage of probes
Humidification cell for research and
experimental purposes
Technical data
Humidity reference cells
humidity probes as well as for use as humidity standards in scientific applications. In the test chamb er of the cell, a saturated salt solution is created with a defined level of relative humidity.
The accuracy of humidity value in the reference accuracy of +/-1% rH can be achieved.
The test chamber is separated from the solution by a diaphragm so that the sensor under test is protected against contamination by the solution.
irrespective of their placement and can be used in both laid down or overhead mounted positions.
The complete humidity range of 11 % to 97 % rH is covered through different models, which differ in salt content. For checking purposes, at least one cell is required. For adjustment of sensors, at least two different cells (e.g. 11% rH and 75 % rH) should be used. Complete sets are available for For simple adaptation of the probe, the reference cell is provided with a gland of 1/2" threads (e.g. forour pressure dew point probe) or M20 x 1.5 mm mounting ensures airtight connection with the Rights reserved for change in technical data due to HUMIDITY-REFERENCE CELLS
Salt tables (summary)
Useful Life
With proper usage, the reference cells can be used Lithium chloride
Potassium acetate
for over many years. If there is change in liquid Humidity
value Humidity
level, the cells can be returned to our customer service department for regeneration or re-filling.
For each service order, you can get a test report with record of accuracy. Further information on handling is enclosed with the cells.
The cells are available in two physical shapes with nine different salt fillings each. The salts used are Magnesium
of most pure laboratory grade. An overview of the chloride
delivery program is available on our homepage.
value Humidity
Besides the standard models, unfilled membrane containers as well as special designs are also available. For further information, please contact Product variants
REFZ-M20-xxRH: Reference cells with thread M20
x 1.5 mm, Scope of supply inclusive of mounting Magnesium nitrate Sodium chloride
REFZ-12Z-xxRH: Reference cells with threads
value Humidity
Complete sets
Potassium nitrate
value Humidity
For further information, please visit our
** Note: The value for 23 °C can be linearlyinterpolated from value of 20 °C and 25 °C.



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