Dear ian,

Soul Survivor – Week B – 11th-16th August 2010
I’m really looking forward to this great time away together, and I hope this letter will
give you a bit more of an idea of what sort of things to expect!
The cost of Soul Survivor is £89.00 if paid before the end of April – TO TAKE
NUMBER: B2K10-20027002
, This will mean that you are definitely booked in with
Purley Baptist Church and for a cheaper price.
The cost of Soul Survivor after April will be £97.00 and again this could be paid online
or else you could fill out the delegate booking form attached and give it back, with a
cheque for the right amount, made out to ‘Soul Survivor’ to one of the members of the
youth department.
We are also hoping to book a coach to take us and bring us back. There may be limited
places for this; depending on how many book in. (Booking a coach will incur an
additional cost. ) A letter confirming all the details, with departure time etc… will be
sent out nearer the time.
N.B. The Soul Survivor programme finishes at midnight on the 15th August,
but we will not be leaving until 9am (ish) the following morning (August

Enclosed is a Medical Form, in case of emergencies. Please fill this out - this is optional
for over 18 yr olds - If you are UNDER 18 years old then you must have your medical
form signed by your parent/guardian, if this is not received before leaving then you will
not be able to go.
As you know we spend the week camping, so it would be useful to know who is
planning to bring and share tents so we can make sure everyone has somewhere to
You will be responsible for providing your own food, although we may join together for
the odd meal (we will confirm this nearer the time). There is a food court on site which
sells a variety of takeaway food and if you plan to eat just from here you’ll need a
budget of around £10 a day. However, a lot is junk food, so we would recommend that
you tie this in with bringing some of your own food and a camping gas stove if you have
one (we can share these.)
KIT LIST (some basic suggestions of what to take…)
Tent Cooking equipment and food. Plate, mug, knife, fork, spoon. Torch Towel Bible, Pen, Paper Toiletries (girls there is nowhere to plug in hairdryers/straighteners!) Warm Clothes (it can get cold at night) Wellies/shoes you can get muddy Any medication you need Sleeping Bag, Air bed/mat Spending Money All of the details about Soul Survivor can be found on The booking form, Medical form and kit list is also available on the new youth website: If you do have anymore questions please feel free to phone me on: 020 8668 7776 or 07931 376820 OR email me at: [email protected] I’m really looking forward to living in a field with you all for 5 days! God Bless Mark Humm MEDICAL INFORMATION FOR
Soul Survivor - 2010
Current inoculations and expiry dates: (e.g. tetanus) Any medical conditions/disabilities: (e.g. epilepsy, asthma) Any medication currently being used: (e.g. Ventolin inhaler) Any special needs: Next of kin – Full Name: Address: Contact number(s): (Day, Evening, Mobile, and validity dates) Only to be filled out by Parent/Guardian I ______________________________ give permission for the above named young person to attend Soul Survivor. In the event of an emergency I authorise the leaders to arrange the best and most appropriate treatment available, giving permission to undertake treatment if considered necessary, including anesthesia or surgery. Signed: _________________________________


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