CSUEB—Communicative Sciences & Disorders
Aging & Cognition Research Clinic
January 2008 Newsletter
Nidhi Mahendra, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Graduate Research Assistants
Allegra Apple, Danielle Reed,
Nisha Engineer, Susan Carroll

Ongoing Projects
Studying the efficacy of computerized
cognitive interventions for older adults
with memory impairments
Documenting effects of presentation modality
on episodic recall in young and old adults, as
well as those with dementia

Screening sensory and cognitive functions in
community-dwelling older adults

Investigating cultural and linguistic
barriers to accessing SLP services
Alzheimer’s Association (2006-2009)
American Speech Language Hearing Association

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs—
CSUEB (2006-2007)

Currently Participating Sites
Masonic Home for Adults—Union City
Email us at [email protected] OR
call us at (510) 885-3858
Some Recent Publications
(highlighted names-student authors)
Mahendra, N., Apple, A. (2007). Human memory systems: A
framework for understanding dementia. The ASHA Leader, 12
(16), 8-11

Mahendra, N., Arkin, S., Kim, E. (2007). Individuals with
Alzheimer’s disease achieve implicit and explicit learning:
Previous success replicated with different stimuli.

Aphasiology, 21(2), 187-207.
Zientz, J., Rackley, A., Chapman, S. B., Hopper, T.,
Mahendra, N., Kim, E., Cleary, S. (2007). Evidence-based
practice recommendations for dementia: Educating caregivers

on Alzheimer’s disease and training communication strate-
gies. Journal of Medical Speech Language Pathology, 15(1),

Some Recent Presentations
(highlighted names-student authors)
Mahendra, N., Apple, A., Reed, D. (February 2008).
Computer-assisted training of face-name associations in
persons with dementia. Poster presentation, 2008

International Neuropsychological Society Meeting, Hawaii.
Battle, D. E., Payne, J. C., & Mahendra, N. (April 2007).
Using evidence to support cultural competence in adult

neurogenics. 2007 Annual Convention of the National Black
Association for Speech Language and Hearing (NBASLH),

Charlotte, North Carolina.
Rate of learning information in persons with mild and
moderate dementia
Reading speed and reading comprehension in persons with

Source: http://www20.csueastbay.edu/class/departments/commsci/files/docs/acrc/ACRC-January-2008-newsletter.pdf

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