50 - Aladdin Knowledge Systems Ltd
consumer markets. The pharmaceuticals division is engaged in oral contraceptives (desogen, mercilon), Subsidiaries: AEB Investments, Inc., Alabama Exchange Bank, Alabama National Statutory
psychiatric drugs (remeron, risperdal) and non-prescription products such as pregnancy tests, analgesic Trust I, Alabama National Statutory Trust II, Alabama National Statutory Trust III, ANB Insurance creams, hay fever preparations and vitamins. The group acquired the specialty coatings business of Services, Inc., Ashland Insurance, Inc., Bank of Dadeville, Bill Eyerly Insurance, Inc., CBN techni-coat international n.v. Of Belgium and the remaining 50% of interpon powder coatings (Korea) Investments, Inc., Clay County Finance Company, Inc., Community Bank of Naples, National Association, Corporate Billing, Inc., CypressCoquina Bank, FAB Investments, Inc. 30 Subsidiaries Primary SIC and add’l.: 2823 2812 2819 2822 2851 2834 2821
CIK No: 0000003124
Officers: John H. Holcomb/55/Chmn., CEO/$1,061,434.00, Richard Murray/44/Dir., COO,
Subsidiaries: A.B.S. Italia S.r.l., A.O. Ankorit, Aacifar - Produtos Quimicos e Farmaceuticos,
Pres./$649,408.00, Kimberly Moore/Corp. Sec., William R. Ireland/49/Exec. VP, Chief Risk Lda, Acordis B.V., AgVax Developments Limited, Akcros Chemicals B.V., Akcros Chemicals Ltd, Management Officer, Lucian F. Bloodworth/Dir. - First American Bank, Guy S. Clifton/Dir. - First Akzo Nobel (C) Holdings B.V., Akzo Nobel (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Akzo Nobel (Netherlands Antilles) American Bank, R. W. Orr/Dir. - First American Bank, William Jackson Fite/Dir. - First American NV, Akzo Nobel (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., Akzo Nobel A/S (Denmark), Akzo Nobel AB, Akzo Nobel Bank, Alan J. Swindall/Dir. - Bank, Dadeville, Jimmy R. McIntosh/Dir. - Bank, Dadeville, Phillip Aerospace Coatings B.V., Akzo Nobel Aerospace Coatings Ltd 599 Subsidiaries included in the Index Earnest/Contact, Stacey Dunn/Contact, Stephen P. Thompson/Dir. - Georgia State Bank, Jayson Officers: Hans G.J. Wijers/57/CEO, Rob R. Frohn/57/CFO, Toon Wilderbeek/GM, Th. J.A.
Stringfellow/Dir. - Florida Choice Bank, William E. Matthews/42/CFO, Exec. VP/$614,716.00 (100 Luijckx/Investor Relations Officer, Andre Veneman/Dir. - Corporate Social Responsibility, John De Directors: John H. Holcomb/55/Chmn., CEO, Dan M. David/61/Vice Chmn., Stancil W.
Directors: Maarten Van Den Bergh/66/Chmn., Karel Vuursteen/67/Dep. Chmn., Peggy
Starnes/Dir., Richard Murray/44/Dir., COO, Pres., Phillip C. McWane/Dir., Douglas W.
Bruzelius/59/Member - Supervisory Board, Antony Burgmans/61/Member - Supervisory Board, Montgomery/Dir., Ruffner G. Page/Dir., John D. Johns/Dir., Edgar W. Welden/Dir., John M.
Abraham Cohen/72/Member - Supervisory Board, American, Virginia Bottomley/60/Member - Plunk/Dir., Ray W. Barnes/Dir., John V. Denson/Dir., Bobby Bradley/Dir., William D.
Supervisory Board, Leif L. Darner/56/Dir., Dolf Van Den Brink/60/Member - Supervisory Board, Montgomery/59/Dir., Griffin A. Greene/Dir. (17 Directors included in Index ) Uwe-Ernst Bufe/64/Member - Supervisory Board, Cees Van Lede/66/Member - Supervisory Board, Owners: Insiders/17.30%, Dan M. David, William E. Matthews, Drayton Nabers, W. Edgar
Alain Merieux/70/Member - Supervisory Board, French, Louis Hughes/59/Member - Supervisory Welden, W. Stancil Starnes, John J. McMahon/3.30%, Ray W. Barnes, Phillip C. McWane/6.20%, Richard Murray, William Britt Sexton/1.00%, William D. Montgomery, James R. Thompson, Ruffner Owners: Leif Darner, Hans Wijers, Virginia Bottomley, Karel Vuursteen, Rob Frohn
G. Page/3.40%, John D. Johns (19 Owners included in Index ) Financial Data: Fiscal Year End:12/31 Latest Annual Data: 12/31/2006
Financial Data: Fiscal Year End:12/31 Latest Annual Data: 12/31/2006
Net Income
Net Income
Curr. Assets:
Curr. Liab.:
P/E Ratio:
Curr. Assets:
Curr. Liab.:
P/E Ratio:
Plant, Equip.:
Total Liab.:
$11,316,291,000 Indic. Yr. Divd.:
Plant, Equip.:
Total Liab.:
$6,817,651,000 Indic. Yr. Divd.: $1.640
Total Assets:
Net Worth:
Debt/ Equity:
Total Assets:
Net Worth:
Debt/ Equity: 0.4602
Alabama Gas Corp
Alabama Power Co
605 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. N, Birmingham, AL, 35203; PH: 1-205-326-8100;
600 N 18th St., Birmingham, AL, 35291; PH: 1-205-257-1000; http:// www.alapower.com
Fax: 1-205-326-2590; http:// www.alagasco.com
General - Incorporation . AL
Stock- Price on:12/24/2007 .NA
General - Incorporation . AL
Stock- Price on:12/24/2007 .NA
Business: The group’s principle activity is to provide electric services in the state of Alabama. The
Business: The group’s principle activities include distributing and transporting natural gas in the
company generates, purchases and distributes electricity at retail in over 1000 communities and at state of Alabama. The company purchases natural gas through interstate suppliers and marketers and wholesale to 15 municipally-owned electric distribution systems. Electricity is supplied for residential, distributes it to residential, commercial, industrial and other end-users. There are two main service commercial, industrial and other purposes. The company also provides steam service in downtown categories under which gas is supplied to customers namely, interruptible and firm. The company serves birmingham and cooperates with dealers in selling and promoting the sale of electric appliances. The approximately 188 cities and communities in 27 counties in central and north Alabama. The company company has entered into cogeneration contracts with twelve industrial customers. Under the terms of served an average of 427,413 residential customers and 35,463 commercial, industrial and transportation these contracts, it purchases the excess generation of such companies. The company is a wholly owned customers in 2003. The distribution system of the company includes 9,810 miles of main and more than subsidiary of the southern company. The group operates from United States.
11,494 miles of service lines, odorization and regulation facilities and customer meters. The company Primary SIC and add’l.: 4911
also operates two liquified natural gas facilities. The group operates from United States.
CIK No: 0000003153
Primary SIC and add’l.: 4924 4922
Subsidiaries: Alabama Power Capital Trust IV, Alabama Power Capital Trust V, Alabama
CIK No: 0000003146
Power Capital Trust VI, Alabama Power Capital Trust VII, Alabama Power Capital Trust VIII, Subsidiaries: Alabama Gas Corporation, Energen Resources Corporation, Energen Resources
Alabama Power Company, Alabama Property Company, Georgia Power Capital Trust IV, Georgia Power Capital Trust IX, Georgia Power Capital Trust V, Georgia Power Capital Trust VI, Georgia Officers:
Power Capital Trust VII, Georgia Power Capital Trust VIII, Georgia Power Capital Trust X, Georgia James T. McManus/CEO - Energen, Michael Wm. Warren/Chmn., CEO, Joseph G.
Power Capital Trust XI 38 Subsidiaries included in the Index Wheeler/VP - State Operations, Kenneth A. Smith/VP - Birmingham Operations, Amy WatsonStewart/VP - Rates, Regulations, Steve Murphy/Dir. - Commercial, Industrial Marketing, Judy Officers: Charles D. McCrary/Dir., CEO, Pres./$2,181,010.00, Alan C. Martin/59/Exec.
Tramble/Mgr. - Business Development, Dan Javorka/Contact - Anniston, Birmingham Metro, Warren VP/$1,089,856.00, Steven R. Spencer/Exec. VP/$859,547.00, Arthur P. Beattie/53/Exec. VP, CFO, McCullars/Contact - Birmingham Metro, Gadsden, Jasper, Tuscaloosa, Steven R. Chapman/VP - Treasurer/$746,373.00, Jerry L. Stewart/Sr. VP/$1,084,968.00 Administration, External Affairs, Grace B. Carr/52/VP, Controller, David J. Woodruff/General Directors: Charles D. McCrary/Dir., CEO, Pres., John Cox Webb/Dir., David J. Cooper/Dir.,
Counsel, Sec. - Energen, Roger A. Putnam/VP - Technical Services, Sidney W. Quick/VP - Gas James W. Wright/Dir., Whit Armstrong/Dir., David M. Ratcliffe/Dir., Patricia M. King/Dir., Malcolm Supply, Dudley C. Reynolds/COO, Pres. (32 Officers included in Index ) Portera/Dir., Dowd C. Ritter/Dir., James K. Lowder/Dir., Robert D. Powers/Dir., James H.
Directors: Michael Wm. Warren/Chmn., CEO, James S.M. French/Dir., Michael T.
Goodrich/Dir., David W. Wilson/Dir., Judy M. Merritt/Dir., Julian W. Banton/Dir.
Owners: Malcolm Portera, Alan C. Martin, Patricia M. King, David M. Ratcliffe, John D. Johns,
Curr. Assets:
Curr. Liab.:
Charles D. McCrary, Steve R. Spencer, Art P. Beattie, Dowd C. Ritter, James K. Lowder, David J.
Plant, Equip.:
Total Liab.:
$1,634,818,000 Indic. Yr. Divd.:
Cooper, James W. Wright, Insiders, John C. Webb, Whit Armstrong (18 Owners included in Index ) Total Assets:
Net Worth:
Debt/ Equity: 0.4845
Aladdin Knowledge Systems Ltd
Alabama National Bancorp
601 Campus Dr., Ste. C1, Arlington Heights, IL, 60004; PH: 1-847-818-3800; Fax: 1-847-818-3810;
1927 1st Ave. N, Birmingham, AL, 35203; PH: 1-205-583-3600; Fax: 1-205-421-2255;
http:// www.aks.com
http:// www.alabamanational.com
General - Incorporation .Israel
Stock- Price on:12/24/2007 .$20.58
General - Incorporation . DE
Stock- Price on:12/24/2007 .$62.5
Stk Agt . American Stock Transfer & Trust Co.
Stk Agt. Computershare Investor Services LLC Counsel Berkman, Wechsler, Sahar, Bloom & Co Business: The group’s principle activities include designing, developing, manufacturing and
Business: The group’s principal activity is to provide banking and bank-related services to individual
marketing family of proprietary software security products which combine hardware and software to and corporate customers. The group offers consumer, residential mortgage, commercial and real estate prevent unauthorized use of computer programs; and offers smart card application development tools, construction lending and accepts deposits from individuals, small businesses and other organizations.
systems and products which designed to facilitate the integration of smart cards and personal computers.
Other services provided by the group include trust services, investment services, securities brokerage The group operates from United States.
services, insurance services, safe deposit and night depository facilities, sale of traveler’s checks, money Primary SIC and add’l.: 7372
orders and cashier’s checks. The group operates through 78 banking offices and four insurance offices CIK No: 0000911364
in the states of Alabama, Georgia and Florida. On 19-Jun-2003, the group acquired millennium bank and Subsidiaries: Aladdin Asia Limited, Aladdin ITALY SRL, Aladdin Japan & Co. Inc., Aladdin
on 27-Feb-2004, cypress bankshares, inc. And Indian river banking company.
Knowledge Espana S.L., Aladdin Knowledge Systems Deutschland GmbH, Aladdin Knowledge Primary SIC and add’l.: 6712 6331 6021 6311
Systems Inc., Aladdin Western Europe BV, Aladdin Western Europe Ltd., Aladdin Western Europe CIK No: 0000926966

Source: http://www.walkersresearch.com/pdf/2008/A/Corporate%20Directory%202008%20Page50.pdf


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