Most researchers accept that the signals which human clinical trial, the group receiving the active regulate food intake, primarily hunger and satiety, are compound taken twice daily for 15 days was claimed also responsible for energy balance and regulation. to achieve a statistically significant reduction in caloric Many hormones constitute a complex feedback loop between the body, the senses, and the brain to create, suppress, and regulate appetite. Although the satiety signals from key peptide hormones pressure the brain In Siberia, a remote region of Russia, the natives to stop eating, scientists say that psychological cues used pine nut oil as an appetite suppressant and rather than physiological drives can override these metabolism enhancer. People who ate a handful of pine nuts or pine nut oil with a meal experienced a feeling of Understanding some of the factors involved in fullness and suppressed their hunger for many hours.
regulating food intake is important in designing a Various compounds of pine nut oil have been successful weight management program. Diet regimens analyzed by scientists to determine how these foods that encompass a decrease in energy intake (through work to control appetite and promote weight loss. One sensible, healthy eating) while preserving the highest specific fatty acid in was isolated as being responsible level of satiety as possible tend to be most favorable. for its effect on satiety--pinolenic acid.
Dietary supplements can also be incorporated into an Pinolenic acid is a triple-unsaturated fatty acid energy balance plan, to assist with weight loss goals. found exclusively in pine nuts and pine nut oil, One such supplement is Hoodia Suppress. It contains Researchers studying the effects of pine nut oil have two natural plant-based ingredients, Hoodia gordonii hypothesized that it may control the appetite and help and PinnoThin™ pine nut oil, which may be helpful with weight loss by stimulating the hunger-suppressing in curbing one's appetite. These compounds send the hormone cholecystokinin (CCK), possibly because of feeding centers of the brain certain satiety signals, its unique fatty acid profile. CCK not only helps the which convey a sense of fullness even though the body digest fats better but also sends a "full" feeling to person may not have eaten. Reducing the urge to eat the brain, decreasing the desire to eat. By reducing the without feeling deprived is the key to controlling the desire to eat, it helps to lower the intake of calories.
The leading Dutch research agency, TNO Health and Food, conducted an independent, randomized crossover, double blind study on the usage of Even though the Hoodia plant has a spiny PinnoThin™, to prove that it significantly induces the appearance similar to cacti, it is not a cactus. Found release of CCK and decreases the desire to eat. The throughout southern Africa, the San Bushmen of the subjects receiving 3 grams of PinnoThin™ showed an Kalahari, one of the world's oldest and most primitive increased amount of CCK and glucagon-like peptide-1 tribes, have been eating Hoodia for thousands of (GLP-1) in the bloodstream within 30-60 minutes, years to stave off hunger during long hunting trips. which resulted in a decreased desire to eat and Hoodia contains naturally-occurring phytochemicals prospective food intake after 30 minutes of receiving the that appear to impact the ghrelin-leptin signals to the hypothalamus by inducing a feeling of satiety, even It was discovered that Hoodia decreased the Eating less helps fight weight gain and the appetites of laboratory rats (animals that will eat problems associated with obesity. Suppress your anything) by means other than a direct toxic effect. appetite with Hoodia Suppress today.
In an unpublished, double-blind, placebo-controlled, 2006 Health Smart, All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Source: http://www.vimnvigor.com/notes/hoodia.pdf


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