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Teas and Infusions
English Breakfast
Xian Ming China Green
Broken orange pekoe loose tea blend from Assam & Ceylon. Based This is a fantastic looking Chinese Green Tea. In Chinese it means on the traditional recipe and is composed of 50% select high “Fragrant”. The leaf is long and twisted, dark green in colour en- grown Ceylonese tea with a balance of our highly aromatic Assam twined with young downy buds. The liquor is light and bright with a teas. A fine spicy full of flavour morning tea. (Also available caf-
feine free)
Camomile flowers (caffeine free)
selection of British cheeses from the trolley ( £3 supplement) Darjeeling
Finest Italian camomile flowers. A member of the daisy family Hi grown flowery orange pekoe from the "Lingia" Estate in the camomile is a soothing tea for the end of the day as it has active £ 9 as an extra course
foothills of the Himalayas, the champagne of tea. Darjeeling . The name Lingia is derived from the word Lin-ge which in the lan- Rooibos (
guage of the Lepcha means "triangle of eight mountain tops". caffeine free)
Rooibos is Afrikaans for Red Bush! The national beverage of South Earl Grey
Africa. Rooibos Tea contains only a small amount of tranic acid. It A Keemun, Assam and Darjeeling blended tea named after Lord has a natural sweet flavour with a fruity note. Grey—British Prime minister in the 1830’s. Its distinctive flavour and aroma are derived from the addition of oil extracted from the Moroccan mint / Peppermint (
rind of the bergamot orange which was originally added to pre- caffeine free)
Peppermint Green Tea -High quality gunpowder teas are used here and blended with finest mint to give an intense natural crisp mint Hopdaemon Ale cake
note to the flavour. Fresh mint is also available in season. Orange tekoe large leaf from ‘the island of tea’, Black with an aro- mature Ashmore ice cream, Granny Smith apples matic liquor & full, rich flavour. Dimbula is One of Ceylons finest Sikkim Loose Leaf Tea (Gurkha Tea)
tea areas grown at about 5,000 feet above sea level. Dimbula's are 1.00 supp
noted for their full bodied and strong flavours. Sikkim 2011 1st Flush "Temi" FTGFOP1- A fascinating tea from the Brogdale plum varieties
This Single Estate loose leaf black tea has a rich and bright Himalayas near Darjeeling. A well made Leaf with ample tip, pro- ducing an excellent quality, bright liquor with a beautifully rounded floral 1st flush character. This tea is from Sikkim's only tea estate Lapsang Souchong
which is situated between Gangtok and Rabangla in Sikkim at original bean chocolate ganache, Douglas fir A blend of the finest quality loose black tea, from the ‘Fukien’ province. After fermentation the leaves are put on hot iron pans Assam Harmutty Second Flush
and roasted for a short time, and then the tea is smoked over 2.00 supp
Strawberry & Earl Grey souffle
During the Opium wars (around 1839) which stopped Britain and China trading in tea, the British became worried about the supply of Rosehip & hibiscus (caffeine free)
their beloved beverage and searched for new regions to grow it Strong aroma & taste, striking reddish colour in cup Hibiscus fine themselves. . It was later discovered that a variant of Camellia cut herbal tea is an infusion made from the Hibiscus Sabdariffa sinensis (tea), was growing wild in Assam already and today both Poached baby pears
flower . Good for lowering cholesterol and generally helping with
variants are manufactured side by side and carefully cross polli- losing weight and boosting the immune system. nated to get the very best leaf for strength, flavour and character. sweet cream cheese, hogweed, granola, espresso Possibly the finest 2nd Flush Assam produced this season is from White—Pai Mu Tan
the Harmutty Tea Estate! The leaf is large and black with plenty of A tea plant by the name of Chaicha or Narcissus lets this unusual golden tip; the liquor is traditionally brisk, tea grow in the province of Fujian and is also known as White Pe- but with a fantastic malty Assam character. ony. Its large long leaves appear as many shades of green with different structures and tips of silvery white. In the cup Pai Mu Gopaldara Oolong Wonder Tea 2.00 supp
Tan Tea gives a shimmering amber tone with an elegant spicy 1st Flush Darjeeling Tea. A beautiful tea, delicately made with a large twisted leaf with a lot of silver tips. Bright liquor with wonder- ful floral notes. A rare oolong style tea . remarkable ! Espresso Martini £ 8.50
Please ask to see our full after dinner drinks & cigar list 3.00 supp
Fantastic Display Flower Tea. Hand Crafted and stitched tea flower. Green and white tea leaves are sewn together with a beautiful red Chrysanthemum As nuts are used in the preparation of a number of our recipes, there will flower in the middle which unfurls when brewed, the liquor is light and bright with a delicate jasmine aroma and flavour. In China the resulting display is always be a possibility that traces of nuts may be found in other dishes. often used as an ornament. Can brewed for up to seven times Coffee or tea
& petit fours
3.00 unless stated
Irish - Irish whisky / Gaelic - Scotch whisky Speciality Coffee 25ml of liqueur 7.50
Calypso - Coffee liqueur / Caribbean - Dark Rum Orange - Triple Sec / Mint - Crème de Menthe Bottle Glass
Digestif (25ml)
501 Elysium black Muscat, Quady Winery, California, USA 2010
Blended Whisky
502 Madame de Rayne, Sauternes, France 2005
29.00 10.00
3.25 Glinne Parras- Scotch 5years
4.50 Kilbeggan– Irish
507 Moscatel de Alexandria “Kabir”, Donnafugata, Sicily, Italy 2010 (750ml)
62.00 10.50
Cognac Leyrat XO Vieille Reserve Fins Bois 8.50 Johnnie Walker Blue Label
499 Riesling “Ringbark”, Plantagenet, Australia 2009
13.00 Blended Malt Whisky
498 Tokaji 5 Puttonyos Aszu, Royal Tokaji Company, Tokaj, Hungary 2007 (500ml)
48.00 12.00
513 Vin de Constance, Constantia, South Africa 2005(500ml)
70.00 17.50
3.25 Hibiki 17 years, Suntory, Japan
4.75 Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Bottle Glass
750ml 100ml
6.50 The Macallan 10 years, Speyside
517 D’Oliveiras, 5 year old, Madiera, Portugal NV
6.00 Glenmorangie The Quinta Ruban 12 years, 5.50
519 Barros LBV, Douro, Portugal 2006
506 Maury, Mas Amiel, Languedoc- Roussillon, France 2009
497 Starboard, Quady winery, California, USA 1996
3.50 Highland Park 18 years, Island
525 Pedro Ximenez, Cisneros, Jerez, Spain NV
504 Rutherglen Muscat, Campbells, Rutherglen, Victoria, Australia NV
Cider Brandy
Single Malt from around the World
520 Fonseca Guimaraens Vintage Port, Douro, Portugal 1996
4.50 Tyrconnell, Ireland
522 Ramos Pinto 20 year “Quinta do Bom Retiro”, Douro, Portugal 2006 (500ml)
524 Warres Vintage Port, Douro, Portugal 2000
120.00 17.50
Other Digestif
531 Colheita Malmsey, Blandy’s, Madiera, Portugal 1992(500ml)
3.00 Bourbon
3.50 Maker’s Mark, Kentucky, USA
5.00 Elijah Craig 12 years, Kentucky, USA

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