Through-beam, Relay Output, Battery Powered
Type PD180CBT30Q/MU

• Industrial doors and gates
• Range 15 m or 30 m
• Modulated, infrared light
• Supply voltage: 12 to 24 VAC/DC (receiver)
• Supply voltage: 2 x 3.6 VDC Lithium batteries (emitter)
• SPDT relay output
• SPDT relay low battery
• LED for output indication
• Protection: reverse polarity, transients
• Connection, terminal block
• Emitter mute

Product Description
Ordering Key
Housing style
Housing size
Housing material
Battery operated
Detection principle
Sensing distance
Output type
Output configuration
Mute function
Type Selection
Ordering no.
Ordering no.
180 x 51 x 49 mm
Specifications Emitter
Rated operatibg dist (Sn)
Mute input
Rated operational volt. (Ue)
Light source
Battery lifetime
Light type
Optical angle
Supply current
* Without aperture the distance is increased by 30 % Specifications are subject to change without notice (27.07.2009) Specifications Receiver
Rated operating dist. (Sn)
Ambient light
Optical angle
Blind zone
Temperature drift
Operating frequency (f)
Hysteresis (H)
Response time
Rated operational volt. (Ue)
Power ON delay (tv )
Ripple (Urrp)
Indication function
Output current (both outputs)
No load supply current (Io)
*** With aperture removed the distance and angle will be increased, and the General Specifications
Rated insulation voltage
Housing material
Lens adjustment
Operation Description
• The sensor shall be mounted with the draining hole facing down.
• The cable must be mounted pointing downwards to avoid water entering the sensor (See Dimensions).
• This product can only be used to detect direct interruption between Tx and Rx; it must not be reflected• The sensors must be mounted on a hard vibration-free surface• In order to obtain an “ESPE type 2” safety device, the sensors must be connected to a control system fittet with “Photo test” or similar sensor verification function.
Operation Diagram
Specifications are subject to change without notice (27.07.2009) Dimensions
Detection Diagram
Sensing range (m)
Excess Gain

Distance (m)
Wiring Diagram
Delivery Contents
PD180 emitter or receiver (separate box)
Installation instruction in emitter box
• Packaging: Cardboard box
2 x 3 screws for raw plugs ø2.9 x 25 DIN 7981C
12 to 24 VAC/DC
2 x 3 raw plugs for 8 mm hole
2 x 1 Strain releif
2 x 2 Screws for strain releif M3 x 12 mm
Mute input
2 x 1 Cable gland
Installation Hints
To avoid interference from inductive voltage/ current peaks, separate the prox. switch pow-er cables from any other power cables, e.g.
motor, contactor or solenoid cables
Specifications are subject to change without notice (27.07.2009)

Source: http://www.support-carlogavazzi.se/downloads/-Datablad/PD180CBT30QMU_270709_eng.pdf

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