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Our exclusive line of Physician-Strength Glycolic Acid skin rejuvenation products. These products offer the most advanced skin care line available through a licensed physician. Physician-strength glycolic acid products for skin rejuvenation. Our aesthetic line of skin care products allows clients to purchase products used in our facial treatments for home care regimens. Kinerase® offers a skin care regimen with the highest strength of kinetin® & zeatin to improve the appearance of aging skin with An advanced line offering a variety of serum and eye products. Break-through skin care products that contain Human Growth Welcome to Skin & Cosmetic Solutions, the cosmetic Factors to help dramatically improve the appearance of aging and division of Raleigh Dermatology Associates. Skin & Cosmetic Solutions is a medically-oriented skin care center directed and supervised by Dr. Fernando Puente. Recommended through our dermatology office. We offer skin care services that help restore youthfulness and healthiness to the skin. Our program also includes A retinoid cream which improves wrinkles & dark spots on face & hands. treatments to enhance your self image. Dr. Puente has carefully selected a line of skin care products that can be An FDA approved treatment for lengthening, darkening & thickening eyelashes. purchased exclusively through a licensed physician. He chose this line because of the safe and effective results he FDA approved medication to treat hair loss in men. has witnessed and experienced with the higher percentages of Glycolic Acids and Antioxidants within Treatment for melasma (brown pigmentation); contains hydroquinone. these products. Through improving the appearance of your skin and body with our aesthetic and medical Hyaluronic acid treatment cream to manage wounds including cuts, treatments, we hope to improve your overall self image We always welcome referrals and offer a “thank you gift” to you when you recommend Skin Solutions to a friend. In addition, we offer many special promotions throughout the year to say…Thank You! Cold induced mild exfoliation. Highly recommended for acne, skin Increases circulation to deeply nourish and moisturize skin. Calming facial, great for redness and rosacea Special facials designed for every season Eliminates outer layer of dead skin. Helps achieve softer, smoother, Extras include hand treatment & special aromatherapy serums A combination of 5 exfoliating acids to brighten skin. An exfoliating peel that combines a resurfacing or “fire” masque & This rejuvenating, 4-layer European seaweed-based facial provides superior hydration & nourishment for the skin. For glycolic peel clients who desire a stronger, more aggressive peel. The “Sensible Skin Resurfacing” treatment is a controlled exfoliating treatment to soften fine lines and wrinkles and improve Great introduction to proper skin care! skin texture. No recovery time is involved. Technique that uses deep soothing motions to reduce the appearance of cellulite, enhance body contour, and smooth and tighten skin. Recommended before and after liposuction or alone. A revolutionary, non-invasive, no-downtime treatment that helps (at least 14 weekly sessions recommended) 35-45 minutes improve many skin imperfections such as redness or flushing from rosacea, age-spots & uneven pigmentation due to photo-aging, as well as improving fine lines and enlarged pores. *Cal Laser Hair Removal treatment for all skin types approved by the FDA for permanent hair reduction that requires less time and offers mini- *Reduced fees for our liposuction Surgery patients (please call for prices) Starting January 1, 2010 on selected Cosmetic Services, after every 5 treatments of the same service, receive 50% off your 6th treatment and a Gift Card for 20% off one product of your choice! Great rewards for jump starting or maintaining your skin care regimen.


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