Sunlight on the sand. Only a hundred feet away from the most expensive homes inCalifornia; drop outs, drifters, surfers, and beach bums partyand drink beer.
SANDI FULLER, a beautiful beach bunny in her early twenties,laughs and throws a Frisbee across the sand. Dressed in amicroscopic bikini, she's the 21st Century version of Gidget:no job, no serious relationship, nothing to tie her down. She lives for the sand and the surf.
The Frisbee skims over the sand, rising at the last minute topop into the hand of TEDDY LEWIS. A stringy-haired drifterinto drugs and petty theft, Teddy is Sandi's current lover. A cigarette dangles from his mouth, and there's a beer can inhis left hand.
He fires the Frisbee to Sandi, but a gust of wind blows itover her head.
The Frisbee sails onto the redwood deck of a BEACH HOUSE.
Could of got it. Just gotta learn toreach.
Sandi shakes her head and crosses the sand to the Beach House.
A SIGN READS: No Trespassing. And warns that violators willbe greeted by an armed response.
Sandi passes the sign and climbs onto the deck. She searchesfor the Frisbee, finally finding it under a chaise longue.
Standing in the shadows near the sliding glass doors is ROBERTGOODIS, an attractive gentleman in his late thirties.
In his right hand is a Colt Python 357 Magnum, casually aimedtowards Sandi. With his Armani suit and gold jewelry, Robertis a noir version of Cary Grant.
Robert steps out of the shadows, pocketing his gun.
Sorry. We've had some burglaries inthe neighborhood.
Sandi smiles and brushes some sand from her shoulder. palmmoving close to her breast.
Robert looks from her hand up to her eyes and smiles. She's the sexiest thing he's ever seen. Sparks of attraction fly between them.
LAURA DASHIELL-GOODIS steps through the sliding glass doors.
An attractive woman in her forties, Laura was born wealthyand is used to getting her way.
Robert is her trophy husband. Even after three years ofmarriage, she is still trying to house train him.
Laura and Sandi lock eyes - will a cat fight erupt over Robert?A moment of uncomfortable tension.
Broken when Sandi lifts the Frisbee.
Sandi jogs down the steps and across the sand. Robert tries not to watch her. Laura touches him beforeentering the house. Claiming ownership.
Robert closes the sliding glass door behind them.
When he replaces the Colt Python behind the wet bar, he grabshis martini.
I'm not sure. I didn't know I'd bequizzed on it.
Laura turns so that Robert can zip up her gown.
Hate to have you throw a fit, I mean,seizure, during this "important"dinner.
Laura controls her anger as she re-enters the bedroom andgrabs her vial of medication.
THE VIAL READS: Dialantin. For treatment of Epilepsy. Dosage: One pill, every eight hours.
Laura takes her pill, leaves, dragging Robert behind her.
As the sun sets, the BEACH KIDS roast hot dogs in a bonfireand listen to a trio of MUSICIANS play a rock ballad.
When the music ends, BRIAN, the world oldest Beach Bum, looksout at the crashing surf. A ragged hard-bound copy of "TheAnarchist's Convention" is clutched in his right hand.
Sandi, wearing her Top Cat backpack, listens.
This is. The beach. I come out fromWisconsin, over twenty years ago. Sixteen years old. Hitch-hiken. Wantedto see the world. Find something tobelieve in. Got all the way here andthe water stopped me. I couldn't walkacross the water, no way to hitchhike. Trapped.
So I learned to surf. At first I waswiping out every time. Couldn't stayon the board. People kept telling me Ihad balance issues. "You're unbalanced,dude," they were saying. But I knewit was the water knocking me off theboard. Keeping me trapped here on thebeach.
I wasn't going to let the waves win.
Every day I was on that longboard.
Trying to stay up. Find my balance.
Standing up for all of us that arelooking for something to believe in.
Something more than this fast foodlife the man tries to cram down ourthroats. More than that minimum wagejob with the name badge.
Took me almost a year, but I wasstanding proud on that board. I paddledout to find the big waves, somethingthat would take me all the way toHawaii. But no matter how big thewave was, it always took me back toshore. All the waves lead right here.
That's when I realized this was theend of the world. Hawaii doesn't exist.
I went there on vacation with my parentswhen I was fifteen.
You THINK you went there, but how canyou be sure? The only way to get thereis by plane or by boat. You get on theplane, it flies for a while, then landssomeplace and they tell you it's Hawaii.
That could all be a lie! The Man'ssaying you're in Hawaii - it's probablyjust someplace in Mexico. You believethat Hawaii exists because they tellyou. You get on that plane, that boat,you don't know where they're reallytaking you! Can you see Hawaii fromhere? No. Can you walk to Hawaii? Driveto Hawaii? No. Some airline or cruiseline owned by The Man SAYS they aretaking you to Hawaii. It's a scam totake your money. There is no Hawaii.
Nothing beyond those waves. This isthe end of the world. Can't go nofarther. We're all trapped here. There's nothing to find, and no placeelse to go.
Teddy rolls his eyes at the story and pulls on Sandi's elbow.
Sandi follows without asking "where?".
Robert and Laura return from dinner. Robert heads straight to the bar.
Laura pulls back a painting of her first husband to expose awall safe. She puts some documents from her briefcase insidethe safe, then closes it. The painting of her first husbandmakes him look a little like 1940s movie star Dana Andrews.
Add another million to the Laura Goodisfortune. How much is it now? I'm sorry. I keep forgetting. I'monly your husband, your money is noneof my business.
Sometimes I wish I could just walkaway from all of it. Hit the roadlike Jack Keroack. No responsibilities.
Laura grabs the end of his neck tie.
Robert grabs his drink as he is pulled into the bedroom.
Robert removes the last of his clothes and glides into bedbehind Laura. He kisses her neck, hand moving to her breast.
Laura removes the hand from her breast.
I'll be leaving for Denver tomorrow,to set up the Chandler deal.
This is the ultimate deal. Once thisone closes I'll never have to do anotherdeal for the rest of my life.
Three days. I'll be home Friday night.
Fine. I'll make sure dinner's waitingon the table for you.
Robert snubs out his cigarette in the ash tray.
Teddy snubs out his cigarette in the sand. Sandy lays next tohim, Top Cat backpack as a pillow, looks up at the stars.
Nowhere, babe. It's like Brian said,we're at the end of the world. Nowhereelse to go.
What? Hitchhike to Hawaii? .Ifit even exists.
She props herself up on an elbow, looking at him.
No. I want to have my own place. Things that are MINE.
Babe, you don't own things. Thingsown you. Talk like that, you end uptrapped in Consumer World on the rideto nowhere.
She lays back down, looking up at the stars again.
Laura pulls out of the garage in her Mercedes, pausing nextto where Robert stands, window down.
You'll be thinking of me while I'mgone, I hope? She puts the car into gear and drives away.
Robert watches the car disappear, smiles.
Robert smiles as he watches the party in progress.
MUSIC blasts from the CD player, and BEACH KIDS dance in thecenter of the living room. A few joints are being passedaround, and EVERYONE has a drink in hand.
There's a knock at the front door, and Robert answers it.
It's MARK, the bachelor who owns the place next door.
Throwing a party for the kids from thebeach. You could hear it from nextdoor? Robert closes the door behind Mark, who looks from onebeautiful beach girl to another.
Oh, I get it: When the wife's away,the mice will play.
You're lucky. You can do this everyday, if you want.
A BUXOM girl walks by. Mark's eyes almost pop out of his head.
Did you see what she had tattooed onher boobs? "Not To Be Used As AFloatation Device".
The sliding glass door opens, Teddy and Sandi join the party.
Robert leaves Mark to the Buxom girl, crosses to Sandi.
Sandi and Robert smile at each other. Sparks of attraction between them.
Mark and the Buxom Girl begin dancing. Mark has troublekeeping his eyes off her chest as his wiggles to the music.
Teddy sits on the sofa, sharing a joint with Brian and someof the kids.
.those TV shows like Hawaii 5-0 andMagnum P.I.? Shot on a soundstage inBurbank, just like the moon landings.
Robert and Sandi move out to the center of the room and dancewith the other kids.
Mark dances with the Buxom Girl, clowning around and having agood time.
One of the beach girls takes off her top as she dances,receiving cheers from the group.
Robert touches Sandi's waist as they dance. It's like a chargeof electricity passes between them. Both getting hot.
Teddy watches them dance from behind the bar. Sure that no one is watching him, he opens the bedroom doorand disappears inside.
Teddy wanders around, opening drawers. Looking for something to steal.
Sandi and Robert continue dancing as a slow number comes on.
Teddy hits pay dirt. He opens a dresser drawer and finds a box filled with goldcuff links, diamond studded tie tacks, and a gold Rolex. There's also a pair of hundred dollar bills in the box.
SOMEONE turns the bedroom doorknob, opening it a crack. Teddy freezes.
Just a minute while I take a winky-tink.
The door clicks shut, and Teddy relaxes. Then he pockets thejewelry and money, replaces the box and closes the drawer.
The slow dance is over, and Robert leads Sandi over to thebar. He makes a pair of drinks and gives her one.
The party is winding down, a few couples have already left.
Mark and the Buxom Girl stop by the bar to talk with Robert.
Hey, Robby, I got to leave. Thanksfor inviting me.
Sure. Hope the noise doesn't keep youup all night.
Mark allows the Buxom Girl to pull him towards the door.
Robert waves goodbye, then turns back to Sandi.
It's my wife's. But living on thebeach is a dream come true for me.
Being able to swim whenever you want.
Sandi gives him a sexy smile. Neither is really talking about swimming.
I love getting wet. Tides moving inand out around you, waves crashing onthe shore.
My wife hates swimming. Probablybecause she's not very good at it.
Laura doesn't even like to get wet.
She's afraid she'll go out too far,get caught in a riptide and drown.
Swimming's my favorite thing in life.
I could swim all day long.
It takes a lot to tire me out. NothingI like better than to wake up early,do a couple of laps before breakfast.
Teddy closes the bedroom door behind him, re-joins the party.
Notices Sandi and Robert talking to each other and frowns.
Robert touches her hand. Sandi feels the sexual electricity pass between them.
SandI looks at him, weighing it. It takes her a long time todecide, and she's disappointed by her own decision.
It's too soon. Maybe some other night.
That's when Teddy moves up to the bar, smiling at Sandi.
Sandi looks at Robert for a moment, then back to Teddy.
Robert watches as Sandi grabs her backpack and leaves thebeach house with Teddy.
ALMOST EVERYONE IS GONE. Robert puts a couple of jazz disks in the CD player.
Then he turns to a Beach BUNNY in a tube top and smiles.
Is it true what they say about girlsin tube tops? You get best results when you squeezefrom the bottom? Robert kisses the Beach Bunny.
Robert and the Beach Bunny cross to the bedroom.
Sandi stands on the beach, watching the silhouettes of Robertand Beach Bunny as they ripple across the bedroom curtains.
She looks down at the sand, wishes SHE had stayed the nightwith Robert.
A Frisbee sails across the sand, landing on the deck ofRobert's beach house.
Sandi, dressed in cut-offs and a shirt, climbs onto the deckto retrieve it. When she raises up, Frisbee in hand, Robertstands over her.
He looks out over the beach, it's empty.
When Robert goes inside the house, Sandi has no choice but tograb her backpack and follow.
The moment Robert closes the sliding glass door, the Frisbeedrops to the floor and Sandi sweeps into his arms. Their kiss is deep and passionate.
Robert kisses her again, hands move over each other's bodies.
Sandi reaches between his legs, caressing over his trousers. Robert's hands glides over her shirt, caressing her breasts.
Robert pulls on her shirt, tearing fabric and sending buttonszinging all over the living room.
PING! a shirt button lands inside a wine glass on the bar.
Robert tears the shirt to shreds, exposing Sandi's lacey whitebra.
Robert snakes his hand up the leg of her cut-offs and RIPSthem off of her, exposing white cotton panties.
Robert unhooks her bra, kissing and suckling her breasts ashe presses her against the wall.
Sandi unbuckles his pants, reaching inside his fly.
Robert kisses down her body to her panties, tearing them offwith his teeth.
Robert raises up, panties still between his teeth. Sandi bites into them, too.
Joined at the mouth by torn cotton, she presses his butt,forcing him into her.
They make love against the wall, rattling the painting ofLaura's first husband.
Sandi looks even more naked next to Robert's clothed body.
The sex is incredible. The best either has ever had.
It's dark outside. Sandi and Robert lay in bed, a sheet draped across them. Their hands massage each other under the sheet.
Robert rolls over, kisses her, hand still between her legs.
Sandi giggles and they begin making love again.
Sandi lays spooned in Robert on the sofa, licking his fingers.
Cherry Hill, Michigan. Land of therich. Private schools, summer camp.
Usual way. Mom and dad split when Iwas ten. Mom dated every rich guy inWayne County.
Too many of her boyfriends hit on me,so I split.
Hitch hiked all the way. Had a coupleof shitty jobs waiting tables, butthey fired me.
Teddy's a loser. He's all messed up,with no place to go. Let's not talkabout him.
Sandi gives Robert's fingers a final lick, then guides hishand down her body. Over her breast, down her flat stomach,and between her legs.
Sandi moans with pleasure. She is on her hands and knees,with Robert behind her, on the bed.
Robert hears a car pulling into the driveway. He stops moving, listening.
Laura parks her Mercedes in the driveway and gets out.
Robert and Sandi continue making love.
Laura pops open the trunk, pulls out her luggage.
Robert and Sandi's breathing is ragged and loud in the quietbedroom.
Laura slides the key into the front door lock.
Robert stops, listening to the sounds of the keys.
Laura opens the door and enters the house, setting down herluggage in the entrance hall.
Sandi bites down on a pillow to muffle her cries of passion.
Laura flicks on a light and moves deeper into the house.
Sandi finds it harder and harder to muffle her cries of orgasmwith the pillow. Robert bites his lip, trying to stay quiet.
Laura hears a sound, crosses to the bedroom. The door is closed. She listens for a moment at the door.
She twists the bedroom door knob. Slowly opening the door. Entering the bedroom.
Shadows fill the corners of the room. The bed is empty, butunmade. Curtains ruffle in the breeze from the open window.
Light from the bathroom. The shower suddenly goes on.
Laura is startled, then advances into the bathroom.
Laura sees Robert in the shower through the glass door. Alone.
The shower door opens, Robert sticks his head out.
You're home. Need help with your bags? I'll be out in a minute.
Robert nods and goes back to his shower, closing the door.
Laura studies the shower for a moment.
Laura looks at the blowing curtain and open window with aconfused look. Crossing the room, she closes the window. Then notices the smell. The smell of passion is in the air.
Sandi comes out of the ocean, shaking out her hair. Teddy, dressed in black jeans and a black T shirt, tosses hera towel.
Sandi reaches into her backpack, pulls out Teddy's Frisbee.
Teddy. I don't know. I think it'stime for me to move on, you know? Hey, no problem. I was thinking ofgetting something going with Debby,you know? Sandi gives him a kiss on the cheek.
Teddy takes his Frisbee and runs down the beach.
A FIGURE, dressed entirely in black, runs from the beach tothe beach house.
The Figure in black stops at the sliding glass doors.
A black gloved hand uses a strip of tin to unlock the door.
The gloved hand opens the sliding glass door, and the Figureenters the beach house.
The black clad Figure almost merges with the shadows, as itcreeps across the room.
Robert and Laura are asleep next to each other in bed.
The doorknob begins turning, glittering in the moon light. Slowly and quietly, the door opens. The black-clad figure is silhouetted in the door frame.
The black-clad Figure moves deeper into the room. Not making a sound as it creeps.
A GLOVED HAND clamps over Robert's mouth, muffling his screamsas he suddenly wakes up.
Robert's hand reaches up, grabbing the wrist of his assailant,trying to pull the hand from his mouth.
The black-clad Figure puts a gloved finger up to her lips.
Robert recognizes the figure as Sandi.
Robert stop struggling, allows Sandi to pull him out of bed. Careful not to wake Laura, Robert slips from under the covers.
Sandi pulls Robert out of the bedroom, careful not to make asound.
Robert looks at the bedroom door, still open.
Sandi places his hand between her legs, gets his attention.
Robert kisses her, peeling the tight black clothes off her.
Soon both are naked on the sofa, illuminated only by themoonlight filtering through the sliding glass doors.
As they make love on the sofa, Robert keeps looking at theopen bedroom door. Entwined with his passion is a trickle offear that Laura will wake up and catch them together.
Robert accidentally knocks over a nick-nack on the end table.
They stop. Waiting for Laura to wake up and catch them. Nothing happens, so they continue making love.
Sandi's climax is frighteningly vocal.
Robert looks at the door to the bedroom. Waiting for the light to come on.
Kids on the beach. A group plays tackle football in the sand using a Frisbee.
Robert hears Laura talking to someone outside, opens thesliding glass door.
Laura and Sandi talking. Tension in the air.
You have to make a decision - sleepwith him or deal with me.
Sandi snatches a sheet of blue paper from Laura, storms off.
When Laura turns and walks back to the house, Robert movesaway from the door - wouldn't want to be caught spying.
Laura enters, closes the door behind her.
Robert pulls out the chair for Laura. Dinner by candle light.
Do you really think I'm sleeping withsome white trash kid from the beach? Robert freezes, looks across the table at his wife.
I really don't know what you're talkingabout.
I'm TALKING about divorce, Robert. I'm TALKING about seeing a lawyer nextweek and having you thrown out on thestreet.
Why? Remember the prenuptial we signed? You don't get a penny.
Robert lowers his fork, looks across the table at his wife.
I'm sorry you feel this way, Laura. Ihaven't done anything to hurt you. Ilove you, I've always been faithful.
He gets up from the table and walks into the bedroom.
Laura watches the bedroom door close, confused. Was she just imagining things? Robert watches his wife sleep, then slips out of bed. He dresses in the darkness, before leaving the bedroom.
FROM OVER ROBERT'S SHOULDER we see the beach at midnight. Full moon glowing overhead and waves crashing the shore.
Robert moves closer to the surf, coming upon Sandi's beachtowel, handbag, and wrap. He squats for a moment, studyingher things, then looks out at the water.
Sandi explodes from the water's surface, body glistening inthe moonlight, dressed in a sexy one-piece bathing suit.
Robert strips off his shirt and jeans, leaving them at Sandi'stowel, as he runs towards the water in his briefs.
Sandi's laughter echoes across the dunes as Robert splashesinto the water next to her.
The two frolic in the water, splashing each other, laughing,wrestling, swimming.
Can't go too far out. The riptides. They'll pull us right under.
Sandi and Robert swim back towards the shore.
Sandi takes Robert's hand, and they run along the edge of thesurf, waves crashing into their legs. A big wave knocks themto the sand, and their bodies melt together in passion.
Lips and legs entwined, as the surf breaks over them.
Robert pulls the bathing suit from her shoulders, exposingher breasts to the moonlight. He fondles, licks, and kissesthem. His fingers travel down her body, moving under the legband of Sandi's bathing suit, pressing and caressing.
Sandi reaches inside his wet briefs, taking hold of him.
Robert gently slides the bathing suit off Sandi, kissing downher body as he does so. Naked in the moonlight, Sandi's bodyis the kind men kill for.
Sandi kisses down Robert's chest, biting his left nipple, asshe removes his wet briefs.
They make love on the wet sand, waves crashing over them,bodies entwined.
Robert and Sandi lay on a sand dune, still wrapped in eachother, looking up at the stars.
If she gets proof, it's over. Everything's in her name. The house,the cars, the bank accounts. If shedivorces me, I've got nothing.
Isn't California a community propertystate? We signed a pre-nup. She wants todestroy me. Leave me penniless.
That's not fair. You spent time withher, that ought to be worth SOMETHING,right? I mean, she can't just DUMPyou.
I wish Laura would just go away. Wecould live together in the beach house.
Just you and me.
Sometimes I wish she'd forget to takeher medication. Have a seizure, gointo a coma, and just die.
Sandi holds Robert's head against her chest maternally.
After a moment, she kisses him gently, and he responds.
Sandi, you're the best thing that everhappened to me. I want to spend therest of my life with you.
Sandi nods, and kisses him again. The passion increases, and they begin making love.
A FIGURE watches Robert and Sandi make love. Giggles and cries of passion echo through the night,underscored by the crashing surf.
When he takes a drag on his cigarette, light from the emberilluminates the figure's face for the first time.
It's Teddy Lewis. Frisbee is clenched in his left hand.
When he has seen enough, Teddy turns, and walks over the dunesto the Beach Kid's camp.
Waves crash against the shore and sea gulls swoop as we time-laps from day to night.
We can hear Sandi and Robert making love on the deck.
Robert and Sandi lay entwined after making love.
I wish we could do this every night.
She'll go into a seizure without hermedication, right? And she can't swimvery well.
But make it look like an accident. Like she skipped her medication andgot caught in the riptides.
But the police will suspect me. I'llneed an alibi.
I can't be anywhere near here when ithappens.
Maybe one of your beach bum friendscan fly to San Francisco, pretendingthey're me. Wear my clothes, use mycredit card, and check into a hotelunder my name.
A week from now, my wife will be dead,and we can be together. Forever.
As Robert and Sandi make love again, we raise up until thebeach house looks like something from a Monopoly game.
Robert creeps into the bedroom. Sliding on a pair of rubbergloves, he takes Laura's pill vial from her night stand.
Uncapping the vial, Robert pours the pills out into a zip-lock baggie. He places the baggie in his left pocket.
Robert pulls an over-the-counter sleep aid from his pocket. Opening the bottle, he pours the pills into Laura's vial.
The sleep aid pills are the same size, shape, and color asLaura's medication.
Replacing the vial, Robert sets the vial back on the nightstand and strips off his rubber gloves.
Robert picks up the phone and dials a number.
The phone rings at the travel agency, an AGENT grabs it.
Casablanca Travel, Richard speaking,do you need a vacation? Yes, Mr. Goodis, how are you? Readyfor eight days - seven nights inbeautiful and exotic Bangkok? AncientBuddhist temples, famed palaces,manicured parks and stunning modernhigh-rises plus gourmet restaurantsand exotic night life? Love to, but I need to fly to SanFrancisco tomorrow on business. Couldyou book me an afternoon flight to SFOwith a Thursday return to LAX? The Agent turns to his computer and keys in some information.
How about a one thirty American Air,arrives at two twenty five.
Great. Can I pay by credit card andpick up my tickets at the gate? No problem. Where will you be staying?The Hotel Atherton? I have a suitepackage starting at only -- Not this time. What's the AirportHoliday Inn like? Well, reserve a room there anyway.
I've got to be in Daly City bright andearly for a meeting and I don't wantto fight traffic.
With my credit card, when I get there.
Okay, Mr. Goodis. Tickets will bewaiting for you at the American counterand the Airport Holiday Inn will beexpecting you tomorrow for six days.
Sure I can't book you for Bangkok whileI'm at it? Robert spots Mark watering his lawn and approaches him.
Nothing like that. I've got to go toSan Francisco for a week on business -Just got off the phone with the travelagent - I'm kind of worried about Laura.
She's been having trouble sleepinglately. So she's been doing thesemidnight swims in order to relax.
Well, she read one of those self-helpbooks, and decided to "confront herfears". She still hates it, but she'sdoing it anyway.
You and me both. Anyway, if you couldjust look in on her every couple ofdays, I'd really appreciate it.
Robert gives Mark a wave, heads back inside the beach house.
Sandi approaches Teddy, who has an arm around DEBBY.
They have a brief conversation, Teddy nodding a few times,then Sandi leaves.
Sandi and Teddy approach the beach house, knocking on thesliding glass door.
Robert opens the door and beckons them inside.
Teddy sits on the sofa, beer in hand, listening to Robert'sproposal.
Sandi said something about some money.
Yes. I have a little job I want done.
Work is a four letter word. I don'tbelieve in it.
Oh, there's no work involved, here.
More of a vacation.
Of course. You see, I wish to go onvacation with a young lady, withouthaving my wife find out about it.
But she might still check airlinetickets, hotel reservations, and findwitnesses who would ruin me in divorcecourt.
So I need a ringer. Someone to pretendthey're me. Go to San Francisco for aweek.
Check into a hotel, go out to dinner. But do it alone. In case my wife checksup on me, later.
What if she decides to call this hotelof yours? Robert pulls an electronic device from behind the bar.
This is an electronic call re-router. When you arrive at the hotel, plug itinto the phone jack in the room. It'spre-set for our condo in Maui.
Teddy examines the re-router, checking the phone jack.
If my wife calls San Francisco, thecall will automatically be reroutedand the phone will ring in Maui.
That way, I can talk to her as if Iwere in San Francisco. Alone, in myhotel room.
Robert pulls a bundle of money from behind the bar and tossesit to Teddy.
Even though it's high and outside, Teddy catches the bundlewith one hand. He admires the money. More than he's ever seen before.
Today. The plane leaves at one thirty. You'll pick up the tickets at theterminal.
Robert pulls out his billfold and extracts a credit card.
There's a seven hundred dollar line ofcredit on this card. Use it to payfor the hotel room and meals.
You're booked into the Holiday Inn atthe airport under my name.
Don't get any ideas about using thecard for anything else. Once the sevenhundred is used up, that's the end ofit. I plan to pay off the card andcancel it at the same time. It'll beworthless.
Now. You'll need to dress in myclothes, and cut your hair like mine,to confuse any witnesses.
Teddy brushes his hair with a hand, frowning.
Shit. For five grand, it'll grow back.
Sandi drops a newspaper to the floor and picks up a pair ofscissors.
Teddy, with hair styled like Robert's, dressed in one ofRobert's suits and wearing dark glasses; looks enough likeRobert to pass in a crowd.
Robert closes a suitcase on the re-router box and some extrasuits and clothing.
Sandi dumps the hair clippings and newspaper in the trash.
Teddy looks at himself in the mirror. He looks just like Robert.
This is my old driver's license - you'llneed it to get past security at theairport. It's a domestic flight -they'll only glance at it.
He hands Teddy his car keys, on a Jaguar emblem key ring.
Leave it in long term lot C at LAX.
I'll pick it up on my way home fromHawaii.
Don't fuck with me. I'll check tomake sure my car's in the airport lotthis evening. If it's not, I'll callthe police and report it stolen atgunpoint.
I'll also call the hotel before flyingto Hawaii to make sure you've pluggedin the re-router. If you haven't,I'll phone the police and report mycredit card and drivers license stolen.
I'm sure you don't wish to deal withthe police. I'll bet you're a realrip-off artist, with a record and everything.
Teddy studies Robert for a minute, then nods slowly.
Good. Now you'd better hurry, or you'llmiss my flight.
Teddy nods, tosses the keys up in the air and catches them,then leaves the beach house.
Sandi and Robert watch the door close, and listens as theJaguar starts up and pulls out of the driveway.
Sandi nods, and lifts her drink in toast. Robert clinks glasses with her.
They finish their drinks, setting their empty glasses down onthe coffee table.
Laura parks her Mercedes, heads to the front door.
Robert sets a wine glass down on the dining room table, asLaura enters the house.
Then notices the shirt button in the glass.
Robert replaces the wine glass with an empty one from thebar, just as Laura enters the room.
When she sees Robert, she's startled.
Repair shop. Wouldn't start. Markdrove me back.
Laura notices the elegantly set table, candles, food.
Robert notices that Laura's wine glass is empty, fills it.
I thought we could discuss our marriage.
Laura takes a sip of her wine, watching Robert squirm.
That gives us time to talk this over.
She takes a sip of her wine. The moment she sets her glass down, Robert tops it off.
Laura, I wish you'd reconsider. Iknow I haven't been a model husband.
But I think you unfairly compare me toyour first husband.
Robert gestures to the painting of Laura's first husband.
It's hard to compete with a dead man.
What you mean is: It's hard to loseto a dead man. But I think you'vedone splendidly.
She takes another sip of wine, and Robert tops off her glass.
I really shouldn't be drinking so much.
Then there's nothing to worry about.
Robert clinks glasses with her, and both drink.
I don't want it to end, Laura. I loveyou. I want to try again. Please,give me another chance.
She takes another sip of wine studying him; obviously tipsy.
Another chance to do what? Spend mymoney? Flirt with my friends? Ruinmy business reputation? Laura's eyes flutter spasmodically, she rubs them.
Maybe we should discuss this some othertime? She takes another sip of wine. Robert tops off her glass.
I was thinking about our prenuptialyesterday.
A decision regarding your settlement.
She takes another sip of her wine, eyes twitching slightly.
The contract stands, Robert. You don'tget a cent.
Laura takes another sip of wine, studying him.
Laura takes another sip of wine, twitching slightly.
She finishes her glass, her eyes begin twitching violently.
Her eyes roll up and her left arm goes stiff, knocking herempty glass off the table.
Laura's eyes close as she passes out, going into a mildrigidity seizure.
Robert finishes his glass of wine, blots his mouth with hisnapkin, then moves around the table to check her pulse.
A LOUD KNOCK at the sliding glass door.
Robert let's go of his wife's rigid arm and goes to the door. He opens it. Sandi enters.
Sandi looks at Laura, rigid and unconscious in her chair.
Mild seizure. Rigidity. And she's alittle drunk, too.
Sandi nods, then heads into the bedroom.
Third drawer down. It's a red onepiece with a monogram.
We hear drawers opening in the bedroom, as Robert carefullylowers Laura to the dining room floor.
We hear the drawer close. Sandi comes in with the red swimsuit - monogrammed LDG.
Robert and Sandi carefully peel Laura's clothes off of herbody. It isn't easy. Her arms and legs are rigid.
Robert has to muscle her arm into position to remove her blouseand bra.
Sandi and Robert work to squeeze her into the swimsuit.
Darling, I think you've gained a littleweight.
Laura lays there without response. Eyes fluttering behind their lids.
Sandi pulls the straps over her shoulder, examines their work.
Sandi's face is next to Robert's, and they kiss.
Passion consumes them. He presses Sandi back against the table.
But she doesn't mean it. Her hands are all over him. She unbuttons his shirt, moving her hands over his chest.
Robert reaches up under her skirt and pulls off her panties.
THE PANTIES drop onto the floor next to Laura. whose eyesflutter open.
Sandi unzips Robert's fly, as he presses her sweater up toexpose her breasts.
Robert kisses her breasts and pushes her back onto the table.
Robert and Sandi make love on the table, dishes and silverrattling around them. Passion exploding.
Laura's glazed eyes watch her husband make love with Sandi. Her arm begins twitching out of control. Laura makes a low, breathy, moaning sound. Almost non-human.
Robert and Sandi make love on the table, plates rattling.
When they finish, they hear the moaning sound.
Nothing to worry about. Just part ofher seizure.
She's not going to bite her tongue orsomething, is she? No. This is just low-grade rigidity. If she goes into a panic, she may gogrand-mal and completely lose control.
Laura's eyes close again, and she stops moaning.
Robert goes into the bathroom and comes out with a pair ofbig beach towels.
Sandi and Robert roll one towel long-ways around Laura's upperbody, "tying" her arms to her sides.
They roll Laura onto the second towel, which they wrap aroundher entire body.
Completely wrapped, the only thing which shows is the top ofLaura's head.
Sandi scoops all of the clothes (including her panties) intoher Top Cat backpack and carries it to the bedroom.
Sandi sets the Top Cat backpack down next to the dresser,counts down to drawer number four and opens it.
Sandi returns from the bedroom, wearing the backpack.
Robert bends down next to the wrapped body.
She and Robert pick up Laura's wrapped body and head towardsthe sliding glass door.
Robert fumbles as he tries to open the sliding glass doorwhile maintaining his grip on Laura.
He almost drops Laura a couple of times as he opens the door.
Robert and Sandi carry Laura's wrapped body out of the house.
They set her down on a chaise longue, while Robert closes andlocks the sliding glass door.
Robert nods, and they lift Laura's wrapped body again.
Sandi leads as they negotiate the stairs down to the sand,balancing the body.
The beach is empty, lights off in many of the beach houses.
Robert scans the beach, then they carry the rolled up bodyacross the sand towards the ocean.
The extra weight is hard on Sandi's back. She tries not to stumble as her feet sink into the sand.
Terror builds. Any minute, someone might open a door or look out a windowand see Robert and Sandi with the rolled up body.
A light goes on in Mark's beach house.
Illumination falling over Sandi and Robert's faces. They stop cold.
There is a sound, echoed in the stillness of the night. Robertand Sandi freeze.
Waiting for someone to wake up. Waiting to be discovered. Nothing happens.
Robert and Sandi continue carrying Laura down to the ocean.
Sandi hears something drop out of the roll onto the beachbehind her.
Behind Sandi on the beach is a Laura's wedding band, glitteringin the moonlight.
Robert looks around the beach for signs of life, then theyset Laura down an the beach. He picks up the wedding ringand shoves it in a pocket.
A door slams somewhere. Robert and Sandi freeze.
All of the doors from the beach houses are still closed.
After a moment, Robert and Sandi hoist Laura's rolled up bodyback up and continues to the beach.
There's a JOGGER on the beach. Coming towards them. Maybe two hundred feet away.
Sandi sees the row boat, beached about twenty feet away.
Robert and Sandi carry Laura down to the boat. Lay her on the sand.
The boat is a small row boat, made of aluminum.
Robert starts to drag the boat down to the water. Sandi stops him.
Sandi gestures to Robert to move quickly.
They take the aluminum boat and flip it over Laura, keel up.
Covering her. but her arm sticks out.
Sandi pulls Robert down to the sand and kisses him, leaningback against the upside-down boat. It's a pretty good kiss. But the pressure on the boat presses against Laura's arm.
Laura begins MOANING under the boat. The aluminum gives it a mechanical sound.
The Jogger is only a few feet away. Closer. Closer. Closer! Laura's moaning gets louder. Vibrating the aluminum boat. Neither Sandi nor Robert know what to do.
The Jogger runs right at them! Closer. Closer! CLOSER! THE JOGGER gives them a nod of hello. Then continues jogging down the beach. He doesn't hear a thing. He's wearing a Walkman.
Robert and Sandi turn and watch him jog away.
The Jogger is just a silhouette on the horizon.
I took them off in the house. ShouldI go back and get them? Robert and Sandi flip the boat back over, uncovering Laura.
They lift Laura and place her inside, next to the paddles. Then they drag the boat down to the crashing surf.
Robert and Sandi row the boat out to sea, with Laura's wrappedbody between them.
Moonlight glitters over the water, as they row further andfurther out to sea.
All the way out to the buoy. Makesure she gets caught in the riptides.
They continue rowing in the moonlight.
Finally, they reach a point far out at sea.
A buoy bell can be heard ringing nearby.
Robert lays down his paddle and unrolls Laura from the firstbeach towel.
Laura's eyes flutter under their lids. She's still unconscious.
Robert pulls the wedding band from his pocket and slides itover Laura's finger.
Sandi lays down her paddle, looking at Laura.
It's a little late to get cold feet .
I can't do it, Robert. I just can't.
Robert puts an arm around her, comforting her.
Robert puts Sandi's hands under Laura's shoulders.
He untucks the second towel, loosening Laura's arms. Then his hands go under Laura's knees.
Robert lifts, and Sandi follows suit; their eyes lockedtogether.
Laura Is lifted gently over the edge of the row boat.
BUT LAURA'S BODY gets away from them, making a loud SPLASH asit hits the ocean and sinks from view.
Robert looks around the rowboat, wondering if anyone heardthe noise.
Behind him, the Laura POPS back to the surface.
Sandi sinks down in the row boat, trying to hide, as Laurafights her way through the cold waters to the boat.
LAURA'S FINGERS clamp onto the side of the boat.
Robert puts a hand on her face, pushes her away from the boat.
Her fingers hold tight.
Holding her with one hand, Robert begins prying her fingersoff the boat one by one.
Sandi cowers on the floor of the boat, scared. Wondering how she got into this.
Robert removes one entire hand from the boat. The hand begins thrashing in the air. He pulls the second hand's fingers from the boat, one by one.
He gets down to the last finger. Plucking it from the boat. He shoves Laura's head away.
Laura begins thrashing back to the row boat.
Robert picks up a paddle - ready to hit Laura in the head.
Robert places the blade against Laura's chest. Gently pushingher away from the boat.
Laura continues thrashing, clawing, screaming, and yelling inthe water.
Robert takes his seat in the row boat, grabs the other paddle. He calmly begins rowing the boat back to the shore.
Sandi looks on in terror as Robert rows the boat to shore,while Laura screams and thrashes in the water behind them.
Robert rows, whistling "Michael Row The Boat To Shore".
AS LAURA THRASHES in the water behind them.
Finally, Laura gurgles, taking in a lung full of water. She goes into a grand-mal seizure, wheezing and twitching outof control. Taking in more water.
LAURA FINALLY SINKS below the water level. Drowning. Caught in a riptide.
Robert calmly rows the boat, whistling in the moonlight.
Sandi sits up in the boat, eyes full of fear.
Robert beaches the boat. Sandi gets out of the boat slowly,still haunted by images of Laura's murder.
It's just a hell of a thing, you know? Just dumping her out there.
Robert pulls her close, hugging her.
Sandi nods, getting back some strength.
You've got to take back the boat andmake the phone call.
Look. We can't see each other for awhile. A couple of months, maybe more. We can't let the police suspect eitherof us, okay? Sandi takes a long time before answering.
Robert lets go of her, and starts to move away; but Sandigrabs him and gives him a final, passionate, kiss.
Robert smiles, then walks across the beach to the Beach House.
Sandi watches him walk away, feeling very alone.
She adjusts her Top Cat backpack and pushes the row boat backinto the water, begins rowing to the pier.
Sandi ties up the boat. No longer wearing the backpack.
Sandi steps into the phone booth and dials 911.
Nine One One, operator twenty three.
Can I help you? I was night surfing out at Cain's Pointand heard some woman screaming in thewater.
But she was too far out. Too close tothe rip tides.
Sandi looks down at the ocean, under the pier, and seessomething the thrashing in the water. Just like Laura thrashed. But this is just a sea gull.
Afraid I'd get caught in the riptides.
She hangs up the phone. Turnsaway from the water. Walks down the pier to town.
KIDS in swimsuits walk across the sand in the morning sun.
Looking completely out of place, Lt. JACK WOOLRICH is dressedin a blue suit and tie. Woolrich is a smart, good looking ex-big city cop. A no-nonsense homicide detective who nevergoes anywhere without his Fred Flintstone Pez dispenser.
A pair of uniform policeman hold a crowd of sunbathers backfrom a crime scene.
Woolrich pops a Pez into his mouth as he tries to squeezethrough the crowd.
DETECTIVE NEBEL takes photographs of something on the beach. He lowers his camera when he sees Woolrich.
Hey, Woolrich. What's the flavor ofthe day? Nine one one got a call last night -woman drowning, caught in the riptides.
Coast Guard did a search, found zip.
Then this washed up this afternoon.
Woolrich squats down to examine the crime scene. No body, just a ripped and bloody red one piece bathing suitwith a monogram - LDG.
Got a drunk who saw two women makingout on the pier last night.
Find out what he's drinking and get mea bottle.
Laura Goodis. She and her husbandlive in the beach house over there.
Dt. Nebel points down the beach to the Goodis beach house.
Woolrich nods and pops a Pez in his mouth.
Woolrich heads down the beach to the Beach House.
Robert creeps into the bedroom, and puts on his rubber gloves.
Suddenly, there is a LOUD KNOCKING at the sliding glass door.
Robert freezes, not wanting to make a sound.
THEN A SHADOW falls over the bedroom window. A silhouette of Woolrich as he tries looking in the window.
Even though the curtains are closed, Robert stands absolutelystill.
WOOLRICH'S SILHOUETTE moves away from the window.
Robert waits a moment, then pulls the empty Sominex containerfrom his left pocket.
Moving to the night stand, he pours the contents of Laura'smedication vial into the Sominex container.
Pocketing the sleep-aid bottle, he pulls the baggie containingthe actual medication from his right pocket and pours it intothe empty vial.
Carefully re-capping the vial, he returns it to the nightstand.
Robert quietly crosses to the bathroom.
Robert opens the medicine cabinet and takes the bottle ofSominex from his left pocket and returns it to the cabinet.
He moves a container of vitamins in front of it, and slowlycloses the medicine cabinet.
SUDDENLY, there's a loud knocking at the front door.
Robert freezes, trying not to make a sound.
Woolrich turns around, spotting Mark.
He flips his ID for Mark to look at.
Her car's in the driveway. But Ihaven't seen her.
A woman got caught in the riptides anddrowned last night.
Laura had been taking these midnightswims. Robert asked me to keep an eyeon her while he was away.
San Francisco. He's there for a weekon business.
No. But you could call his travelagent. Casablanca. Here in town.
Woolrich writes this down in his notebook, flips it closed.
Dt. Nebel puts the swimsuit in a plastic evidence bag whenWoolrich walks up.
Tell me if this sounds familiar: Wealthywife is missing, husband has a perfectalibi - away on business.
Wins the prize. Let's get a divecrew out there to search for her body.
or whatever's left of it.
Check out the husband's alibi beforehe dies his hair and heads to Mexico.
Woolrich talks to Richard, the travel AGENT.
Yes, he made his arrangements throughme. He left at one thirty yesterday.
Can you give me his flight number andhotel reservations? Richard punches information into his computer and prints outRobert's travel plans.
You look like you could use a vacation.
Eight days - seven nights in beautifuland exotic Bangkok? Ancient Buddhisttemples, famed palaces, manicured parks,plus gourmet restaurants and exoticnight life? Woolrich grabs the print-out and leaves.
Woolrich, at his desk on the phone, looks at the print-out.
Did you check the time on his ticket?Yeah.
One 0'clock, huh? Okay. Did he makethe flight? Woolrich hangs up the phone and picks up the hotel information. He dials the number of the SFO Holiday Inn.
Hello. Holiday Inn? Do you have aRobert Goodis staying there? Three 0'clock yesterday, huh? Well,could you patch me through to his room? Woolrich holds as they ring Robert's room.
In the non-descript hotel room, Teddy hears the phone ring. He turns to look at the call re-router box.
THE RE-ROUTER clicks on, light going from red to green anddial spinning.
The phone rings. Robert picks it up before it rings again.
Woolrich tosses the computer print-out in his trash can andpops a Pez.
Mr. Goodis? This is Detective JackWoolrich, with the Cain's Point PoliceDepartment.
Yes, sir. Are you the husband of aMrs. Laura Goodis? When was the last time you spoke withyour wife? Sir, I'm sorry, but I have some verybad news for you.
Robert's voice sounds shocked, but his body is relaxed.
Robert hangs up the phone. It's working.
Woolrich pops a Pez as he questions the BEACH KIDS.
So, none of you were surfing out herelast night.
He turns to BRIAN, the old beach bum.
What's the point in surfing, man? Thewaves just bring you back to the beach.
You don't know anybody that made aphone call to 911? Back in Wisconsin my friend Elmo oncemade some prank calls -- Brian shakes his head. Woolrich turns to Sandi.
Woolrich nods, and walks away from the beach kids.
Woolrich pops a Pez and looks across his desk at Robert.
When was the last time you spoke withyour wife? Before I left for the airport. I calledlast night, she must have been out.
Should I file a missing person report? Woolrich drops the plastic evidence bag on his desk.
Forensics found traces of blood - OBpositive, your wife's blood type. Anyidea how it got there? You found my wife's bathing suit, butyou can't find my wife? I want to file a missing persons report.
Whatever it takes for you to find her.
We don't know if this is a missing person,accidental drowning, or something else.
You have any recent problems with yourwife? No. Well, we had a disagreement lastweek. Just a spat.
My wife is missing - probably drowned. I want you to find her. I don't wantto bury an empty coffin.
Woolrich pops a Pez, decides to call Robert's bluff.
We have dive teams searching out bythe old buoy. but usually a bodywill wash ashore by now. Unless it'sweighted down by something.
Sure, but do me a favor - don't take anysudden trips out of town.
Don't dye your hair blond, don't grow agoatee.
Robert enters, dropping his luggage in the entry hall.
He grabs the evening paper from his porch, closes the frontdoor, and crosses to the bar.
Robert mixes himself a drink, opening the paper.
THE HEADLINE READS: "Society Woman Missing" A sub-headlinereads: "Victim of Riptides?" Robert raises his drink in toast to the painting of Laura'sdead husband.
He finishes the drink in one swallow, crosses to the slidingglass doors and looks out at.
A DIVE TEAM big steps off a Search & Rescue boat - lookingfor Laura's body at the bottom of the ocean.
Saturday, and the pier is crowded with CHILDREN, FAMILIES,and COUPLES in shorts and T shirts. A uniformed POLICEMANstrolls through the crowd.
Robert stands nervously at the pier railing, throwing breadscraps to the sea gulls.
A WOMAN in shorts, a tank top, and sunglasses moves to therailing next to him, looking out at the water. The Woman pretends not to know Robert.
When she speaks quietly, we realize it's Sandi They can't close the case until theyfind a body. They've been searchingfor days.
They were supposed to find the body, doan autopsy, no evidence of foul play.
because we didn't give her any drugs,we just took away her medication. Youcan't see what isn't there. They'd callit an accident, case closed. But theycan't find the body.
Robert fights the urge to turn towards her.
Robert is almost in a panic from the last bit of information,tries to remain calm.
They questioned everyone on the beach.
I miss you, Robert. I want to feelyou inside me again.
Her hand touches his on the railing.
Robert extracts his hand from under hers.
If the police EVER connect you and me,we could end up in jail. Understand? Jail.
So we can never see each other. Never.
Sandi tries to maintain her anger. fails.
You can't just dump me. Throw me awaylike garbage? After what we didtogether? What are you going to do? Go to thepolice? Before Sandi can smile at the possibility, Robert dashes it.
I'm the one with the alibi, remember?You don't have any alibi for the timeof Laura's murder.
Sandi's expression turns to fear, but Robert continues.
What's more, it's YOUR voice on thepolice department's 911 tape.
The Policeman wanders past them again. Stopping for a moment.
Robert and Sandi pretend not to know each other, but eventheir silence is charged with tension.
When the Policeman moves on, Sandi pleads with Robert. Tears edge from under her sunglasses.
Everything you did to help our"relationship" helped put an end toit. It's over, Sandi. Over.
She turns towards him, voice louder than it should be.
If you don't leave me alone, I'll beforced to call the police.
Robert walks away, leaving Sandi alone at the railing.
Sandi looks at the water, a sea gull THRASHES and caws.
Laura screams and thrashes in the water.
Sandi slams her hands over her ears, trying to block out thenoise of the sea gulls.
The Dive Team splashes out of the water, back onto the boat.
The Search & Rescue boat starts up and heads to the shore.
Robert watches the boat head back to the pier.
Robert lets the curtains fall closed and turns to the BeachBunny, smiling.
The most beautiful girl in the world.
He takes her in his arms and starts dancing with her.
Robert whispers in the Beach Bunny's ear, she giggles.
Robert dances towards the sliding glass door with the BeachBunny, and they move outside.
Robert and the Bunny end up on the chaise longue.
Robert and the beach Bunny make love on the chaise longue.
Robert and the beach Bunny's naked bodies move rhythmically.
Sweaty sounds echo across the dunes. Slap. Slap. Slap.
Sandi watches Robert and the beach Bunny make love. Somethingslaps against her left hand rhythmically.
We move down slowly to see that it's a big kitchen knife. Slap. Slap. Slap.
The knife glitters in the moonlight.
Sandi puts the knife in her tote-bag, turns, and walks away.
Sandi becomes is a silhouette on the beach in the moonlight.
Robert jogs along the beach, dressed in shorts and a hoodedsweat shirt.
Tries not to look at the Dive Team as they continue to searchfor his wife's body. Splash! Splash! They enter the water.
Sandi watches Robert jog, a distant silhouette.
Robert carries groceries from the Jaguar. He balances them as he unlocks the front door.
Robert looks out the sliding glass door at the ocean.
Sees Sandi, just a silhouette, watching his house from a dune.
Robert frowns and moves away from the door.
He mixes himself a drink at the bar, thinking about this.
He returns to the sliding glass door with his drink, wonderingif she's gone.
SANDI IS STILL THERE. Standing on the stand dune, watching the beach house.
Robert downs his entire drink in one gulp.
Sandi watches the house from a dune.
Robert on the phone, lets the curtains fall - hiding Sandifrom his view.
You can't file a life insurance claimuntil it's classified as an accidentaldeath. For that they need a body.
Seven years? What about our otherassets? The checking account is almosttapped and I'm running out of room onthe credit cards.
There ARE no other assets. Laura haseverything tied up in this Fuller deal.
Eighteen point three million dollars.
She even borrowed against the house.
What am I supposed to do when the moneyruns out? Robert moves to the sliding glass doors, looks out at the beach.
Sandi still stands on the sand dune.
Robert turns away from the glass and heads towards the bar.
Robert steps out onto the porch to get the newspaper.
When he looks up, paper in hand, Sandi is standing behind hisparked Jaguar.
She places the tip of her keys against the side of the Jag.
Robert hears the keys SCREECHING against the car as she walksits length.
Sandi gives Robert a final smile, then puts her keys in hertote-bag and continues down the street.
Robert races in, tossing his paper on the sofa, and scoops upthe phone.
Robert dials the police number from an 'In Case Of Emergency'sticker.
Robert slowly hangs up the phone, frowning.
WHEN HE OPENS HIS PAPER, the headline reads: Someone has written "Murdered" over "Missing" in red ink.
A TRUCK pulls over to the side of the road and stops. The passenger door opens, and Teddy hops out.
Teddy grabs his duffle bag from the truck and shuts the door.
As the truck speeds away, Teddy slings the duffle bag overhis shoulder and heads towards the beach.
Teddy finds a bench to sleep on. He uses the duffle bag as a pillow, and grabs an old newspaperto put over his face.
The newspaper's headline jumps out at him: He pulls the newspaper from his face and tries to read it.
There's a little spill light from a street light, and byholding the paper at the correct angle, he can read.
"Heiress presumed dead. Victim of riptides." Killed his fucking wife, and I was hisalibi.
Teddy drops the newspaper to the sand.
Robert buckles his seat belt and starts the car, notices thenewspaper under his wiper blade.
"Murdered" has been written over "Missing" in red ink again.
Robert gets out of the car, ripping the newspaper from underthe wiper and destroying it.
He gets back into the car and drives away.
As the Jaguar drives away, Sandi reaches down and picks upthe newspaper, smiling.
Establishing shot of the public library.
At a microfilm machine Sandi flips through the Dallas Tribune.
She looks at a sheet of light blue paper with DashiellIndustries letterhead with a hand written list of Newspapers,Dates, and Page Numbers. under the heading Robert Goodis.
The page number next to Dallas Tribune is "3".
The newspaper page - Headline reads: "Society Woman Killed InAuto Accident". A photo of Robert - identified as "Robert Hammett.
Sandi flips through pages from the Boston Globe, stopping atan article on page twelve.
Headline reads: "Woman Mugged/Murdered".
Sandi puts her finger on the victim's name: "Mrs. RobertGardner". but the photo of the husband is Robert Goodis.
Sandi flips through pages of the San Francisco Examiner,stopping at an article on page three.
The newspaper headline: "Society Woman Killed By BART train".
The victim's name: Helen Daly, wife of Robert Daly.
A PHOTO shows Robert Goodis. and his dead wife.
She inserts a roll of microfilm from the New York Times, andflips through it.
A photo of Robert with another last name & another dead wife.
Robert flips through a copy of Forbes, sipping a cocktail,when the phone rings.
A shame she had to die like that.
leave you all that money.
Teddy leans against the phone booth wall, smiling.
You don't even recognize your partner'svoice? I'm shocked.
This is Teddy Lewis. I'm back in town,and I thought I might return your chargecard.
Well, if you'd rather I turned it overto the police. Along with this callre-router.
I read in the newspaper that your wifewas worth millions.
I wouldn't ask for that much. But ninety thousand would probablykeep me quiet.
Robert hangs up the phone and collapses onto the sofa. It's all coming apart.
If you don't pay me, I'll telleverything I know to the police andyou'll end up doing life in prison.
Teddy hangs up before Robert can answer. Leaves the phone booth and closing the door behind him.
Robert steps out to grab his newspaper.
When he opens the paper, a dozen Xeroxes fall onto the porch.
Robert bends down to pick up the copies.
COPIES OF NEWSPAPER STORIES about his late wives. One Xerox for each wife. Six in all.
Bundling up the copies before a nosey neighbor can see them,he bolts into the house.
Robert drops the Xerox copies on the floor, locks and boltsthe door. Trying the keep the world out.
Robert ignores it, sliding down the door to sit on the floor.
It's all falling apart.
Robert comes out of the house dressed in a summer suit andwhite shirt, car keys in hand, and stops suddenly.
THE JAGUAR is covered with graffiti. Red letters spell out the word "MURDERER" all over the car.
Robert drops his keys and runs to the car.
He runs his hand over the car, and when he pulls it away,there's red paint on his palm.
Robert races across the yard, grabs the garden hose and turnson the faucet.
Robert spins, sees Mark standing on the property line.
Spray from the garden hose barely misses Mark as Robert spins.
Robert keeps Mark focused on him, so that he doesn't noticegraffitied car.
Watering your lawn. Thought you had agardening service for that? Mark looks at Robert's hands, covered with red paint.
Well, I hope it comes off. Some ofthat stuff's permanent.
Robert tries not to look down at his hands, can't help it.
Anything on Laura? I see they've gotdivers out there every day.
Thought about posting a reward forinformation? Maybe putting togethersearch parties? If the Police and Coast Guard can'tfind her. and there are money issues.
Get volunteers. Some of these beach kids -- I asked you to keep an eye on her. Didyou see her go out to swim? The police may call off their searchunless they can find someone whoactually saw her swimming that night.
I need closure, Mark. If you couldtell them that you saw her -- If we get jammed up in a lie it's notgoing to help either one of us. Look,I've got to go.
Before Robert can stop himself, he waves a red hand at Mark.
Mark gets into his car and drives off.
Robert watches the car drive off, turns to his graffitied Jag.
Robert sprays the hose at his car. Red paint begins running down the vehicle like dripping blood.
Some parts won't spray clean, and Robert rubs the paint offwith his hands.
RED WATER runs down the gutter and into the storm drain.
Spinning into the drain. Twisting.
Soon the Jaguar is clean, but Robert is covered with red paint. His shirt, his suit, his hands; all are stained red. He turnsoff the faucet, notices his clothes and hands.
Robert keeps scrubbing his hands in the sink, but can't getall of the red paint off.
He scrubs until his hands are raw and bleeding.
He breaks everything in the bathroom of Laura's he can find, crashing it all into the bathtub. Crash! Smash! Then Robert slides down the wall to the cool floor, coveringhis face with his red hands. Covering his confusion.
Variegated colors from shampoos, medicines, and perfumes twisttogether in a confusion of strange patterns.
Sandi watches the beach house, dressed in a TIE-DIED SHIRT.
The cause of Robert's confusion.
AROUND HER kids play, laughing, throwing Frisbees. It's a typical bright sunny day at the beach.
Sandi smiles as she watches the beach house. Humming "Michael Rows The Boat To shore".
SUDDENLY, a hand grabs her shoulder. Pulling her back.
Sandi spins around in shock. Sees the man who has captured her.
Teddy, dressed in his usual beach bum attire, grinning.
Like Marco Polo said: Long time nosea.
Hey, no reason to freak. So did I,remember. I was his alibi.
A trace of fear on Sandi's face, but she stops backing away.
So you're trying to fuck the man over,right? Give him a head trip? Do alittle "Gidget Goes Psychotic" numberon him? Why not get him where it hurts? Belowthe belt. You know? Sandi looks back at the beach house. Teddy knows he's hooked her.
Look, with what you know, and what Iknow, we could send the man to the gaschamber. He knows that.
I'm sure he'd rather pay us a few measlyhundred thousand dollars then be aguest of the state, huh? Robert piles all of the newspapers and Xerox copies in thebathroom sink and lights them on fire.
Watches them burn down to ash, then washes away the residue.
Robert mixes himself a drink at the bar, trying to relax.
Takes a sip, smiles, then crosses to the sofa and sits down.
WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Someone knocks on the door.
Robert grabs his Colt Python 357 Magnum, cautiously opens thefront door.
Dt. WOOLRICH stands on the other side of the threshold.
Robert slides the gun into his belt under his coat.
Mind if I come in? Got a couple ofquestions - might help us find your wife.
He allows Woolrich to enter, careful to keep the gun hidden.
We've decided to call off the diveteams. They've gone over every inchout there - haven't found anything.
Woolrich pokes around the house as he talks - doing a casualsearch. Robert tries to pull Woolrich's focus away frompotential evidence back to him. while keeping the gun hidden.
Two predators - circling each other - ready to pounce.
We're beginning to believe she wasnever in the water.
I've questioned everyone on the beach,no one admits to making that call.
A Boing 737 - I don't remember which seat.
Airlines have no record of your return.
I traded tickets at the gate. I don'tknow how their system works, so I haveno idea why there's no record of myreturn. Obviously I'm here, right? My wife drowned while I was in SanFrancisco. You found her bathing suit.
What does that have to do with anything?No.
Usually it's the wife who changes hername. How is this bullshit helping tofind my wife? Woolrich starts poking around at the bar.
We'd like permission to search the house.
What do you expect to find? Her car'sin the garage, her clothes are in thecloset, the only thing missing is herbathing suit - and you have that.
Woolrich find the wine glass with the popped button. Pours the button into his hand, studies it. pockets it.
We'd still like to look around - whathave you got to hide? My wife drowned while swimming. Herbody is out there. Not here.
Woolrich nods, heads to the front door.
Might try a little lotion on thosehands. They look pretty rough.
Robert closes the door behind Woolrich, pours a fresh drink.
SUDDENLY, the phone rings, startling him.
Robert spills his drink on his pants, picks up the phone.
Teddy stands in the phone booth, smiling.
Is that anyway to answer your phone?Where are your manners? You'd never guess who I bumped in totoday on the beach? Old friend ofyours. Used to go rowing with youlate at night.
Sounds like you could use a few pointerson how to handle women, Mr. Goodis.
Thought I'd sell you a used phone re-router. Keep the phone from ringingoff the hook at your place.
I'm sure you'd rather hear the soundof silence than the sound of sirens.
Am I right? I mean, you don't want the police tocall you and ask where you REALLY werethe night of your wife's death.
Alone I can't. But add a littletestimony from Sandi, here, and you'resitting on death row up in San Quentinwaiting for the gas chamber.
What does five hundred thousand soundlike to you? Both of you, you and Sandi, show up atmy place tonight at three A.M.
Bring the re-router. I'll have themoney for you.
Done. Two hundred and fifty Gs foryou, two hundred and fifty Gs for me.
We meet him at his house, tonight afterthree.
Teddy grabs his duffle bag and hoists it over his shoulder.
Teddy, duffle bag hoisted over his shoulder, walks down thebeach to the Beach House with Sandi.
Waves crash against the shore in the moonlight.
Teddy and Sandi stop on the crest of a dune overlooking thebeach house.
Then they continue down to the beach house.
Dark. Teddy slides open the glass door, allowing Sandi to precedehim into the house.
She ventures deeper into the room, finding the light switch. Click. Light illuminates the room.
Furniture is in disarray, the TV and stereo are gone, and thewall safe has been torched open. The place looks like it'sbeen hit by a team of dangerous, violent burglars.
Sandi and Teddy are shocked by the destruction.
A CHAIR SWIVELS AROUND, exposing Robert; smiling, with hisColt Python 357 Magnum in his right hand.
Oh this? Just a cover story to explainthe missing half million dollars I'mabout to give you.
Teddy looks around, not sure he believes the story.
Robert sets his car keys down, reaches into his coat pocket,pulls out a bundle of money and tosses it to Teddy.
Teddy catches the money in one hand, then examines it.
Hey, we're not on the installment plan,here.
You'll get the rest as soon as I checkout to re-router.
Teddy pockets the money, and reaches down to his duffle bag. He pulls out the call re-router, handing it towards Robert.
Teddy places the re-router on the coffee table.
Robert smiles broadly, moving to his feet, but keeping the357 Magnum aimed in Teddy's direction.
Two days after my first little party,I noticed some of my diamond cuff-links,and of course, my gold Rolex, at apawn shop. You know who pawned them? Whose name was on the slip? That's what gave me the idea. Thesolution to all of my problems.
You see, I came home late tonight andfound you two burglarizing my home. There was a struggle, you were armedwith this gun.
Robert pulls a cheap 22 Automatic pistol from his pocket andtosses it to Teddy.
Teddy catches the gun, aiming it at Robert.
I had to protect my home and property,so I was forced to shoot both of you.
A homeowner's right. It's an unwrittenlaw.
When the police investigate, they'llfind that you've stolen some thingsbefore.
Teddy points the gun at Robert's face and pulls the trigger ahalf dozen times. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click.
Robert pulls a clip with one live round, and four shell casingsfrom his pocket, tossing them on the floor.
Teddy drops the gun and runs towards the glass doors.
Blood sprays from Teddy's chest, staining the wall.
Sandi screams and bolts into the Dining Room.
Robert twists around and aims at Sandi. But she's gone.
Sandi runs in panic, knocking over a pair of chairs. She bumps the table, sending a crystal vase shattering to thefloor.
Ahead of her: a closed door to the right, an archway straightahead. which way to the garage? Sandi runs through the archway, and immediately regrets it.
Sandi stops just inside the archway. The kitchen is a dead end. No exit. No where to hide.
We can still work this together Sandi.
Sandi hears Robert yell, still in the living room. She turns, bolting back into the dining room.
Sandi bolts to the closed door, fumbling with the knob.
Robert slowly enters, 357 Magnum in hand.
Sandi gets the door open and squeezes out of the Dining Room.
As Robert approaches.
Sandi has a choice of three doors, chooses the middle one.
Opening it and disappearing inside.
JUST AS ROBERT opens the hall door. He looks down the hall, wondering which door Sandi picked.
Well? Door number one? Door numbertwo? Or door number three? Robert makes a choice and begins moving towards a door.
Sandi cowers against the wall, watching the door knob.
We could be a team. You take the richhusbands, I take the wealthy wives.
Footsteps get closer in the hallway.
The door to the room next door is kicked in, and Sandi hearsfurniture knocked over.
Sandi bolts to the closet, loosing a shoe along the way. No time to go back for it.
She quietly slides the closet door open and crawls inside.
Sandi closes the closet door just as Robert kicks down thedoor to the room.
Wood splinters through the room as the door smashes in.
Robert aims the Colt Python into the room, eyes searching.
THE LIBRARY has a desk with Laura's PC, several shelves ofbooks, a pair of wing-backed chairs, and a connecting door tothe master bathroom.
Robert looks from desk to chair, wondering where she's hiding.
Sandi cowers against the wall, listening to the foot steps.
Robert almost backs out of the dark room. But something on the floor glitters. He flips on the lights.
On the floor is Sandi's sequined left shoe.
Cinderella, you seem to have lost yourglass slipper.
Sandi hears Robert kicking over furniture searching for her. She scrunches up in the corner, hoping not to be found.
Robert aims the 357 Magnum under the desk, no one hiding there. He kicks over one of the wing-back chairs.
I know you're in here, Cinderella. Sowhy don't you just come out? We canfind a way to make this work. Blame itall on Teddy. You an I can still betogether.
Sandi cowers in the corner. Listening as Robert's FOOTSTEPS go RIGHT PAST HER. She holds her breath. The footsteps move away.
Robert passes the closet door, looking. Gun ready.
Robert walks to the bathroom door and opens it.
Robert springs into the room, gun ready. Nobody here.
He looks at the closed shower door and advances slowly.
One hand on the shower door, one hand on the Magnum, he slidesopen the shower door and fires a shot that ricochets throughthe shower, but hits nothing.
He opens the connecting door to the Master Bedroom.
Robert sees nothing in the bedroom, backs into the Bathroom.
Sandi hears no footsteps. She reaches up and begins slowly opening the closet door.
THEN SHE HEARS the footsteps approaching.
As Robert enters from the bathroom, the closet door silentlysqueezes shut on the other side of the room.
Robert bends down to examine the shoe on the floor.
How far can you run without your shoe,Cinderella? Sandi looks down at her bare foot, remembers the broken vase.
Robert spots the sliding closet door and smiles.
Robert pulls back his foot to kick open the door.
Suddenly, the door jerks open and Sandi attacks. She swings her tote bag at Robert, connects with his gun arm.
Robert's Colt Python goes skittering across the floor.
Robert jumps back, and the bag breezes right under his nose.
Sandi pulls back the tote-bag to swing again.
Robert grabs a chair, pulling it up for protection.
The bag slams against it, make-up flying through the room.
Robert pokes the chair at Sandi, like a lion tamer.
Sandi takes a step back, trying to avoid the chair.
Sandi grabs the front chair legs in he hands and tries topull the chair away from Robert.
Robert spins the chair left, then right, slapping Sandi'shands from the legs.
Then he pokes the chair at Sandi once more, forcing her upagainst the wall.
Robert swings the chair at Sandi. It shatters over her, knocking her onto the floor. Chair legs bounce against the floor behind her.
Robert scoops up his revolver, standing over Sandi.
Sandi kicks up with both legs, aiming for his groin.
Sandi scrambles across the carpet towards the bathroom door,torn tote-bag slung over her shoulder - spilling make-up.
Sandi tries to slam the door behind her.
BUT IT'S TOO LATE. Robert is halfway through the door when she closes it.
The door hits him in the face, but he doesn't go down. He keeps pushing on the door. Trying to muscle it open.
Sandi pushes the door with all of her strength. Can't get it closed.
Robert reaches a hand through, grabbing blindly at her face.
Sandi SCREAMS as the hand clutches at her throat.
She fights the hand off. .taking a little pressure from the door.
Robert pushes the door open four more inches, gaining control.
Sandi slams against the door, crushing his arm.
Robert SCREAMS, pulls back his arm and steps up pressure onthe door.
THEY PUSH BACK AND FORTH WITH THE DOOR. Robert trying to get in, Sandi trying to keep him out.
SEVERAL TIMES Robert gets a hand through to terrorize her.
Gouging at her face or ripping at her clothes.
AT ONE POINT, Robert has enough space to squeeze inside.
Sandi SLAMS against the door, pinning his shoulder. When Robert screams, and withdraws his arm, Sandi SLAMS thedoor closed and flips the lock.
Sandi takes a step back, bumping into the counter.
Sandi panics as Robert pounds harder on the door.
Then she spots the knife handle in her tote bag.
Sandi pulls the knife from her torn tote-bag. It glitters in the light.
BLAM! A bullet blasts through the door. Sending a spray of splinters through the bathroom.
BLAM! BLAM! More bullets punch holes in the door. Splinters spray.
Sandi bolts through the connecting door, into the MasterBedroom.
CRASH! Robert breaks through the door, sending wood flying throughthe bathroom.
Silhouetted in the door frame, he is a picture of evil.
Please, Sandi, don't make me do anythingwe'll both regret.
Robert advances to the swinging connecting door.
Sandi dives under the bed, trying to hide.
Robert sees her feet disappear in the shadows.
Robert crosses the bedroom and grabs Sandi's ankle.
Yanks on Sandi's leg, tries to pull her from under the bed.
Sandi grabs hold of the bed frame, holding on. Fingers trying to dig into the metal.
Sandi holds the frame with all of her strength. She feels her fingers slipping.
Then lets go, and JUMPS onto the bed, aiming his gun down.
When Robert lets go of her ankle, Sandi scurries away.
Robert smiles down his gun sights. As Sandi crawls from under the bed. Right into his cross-hairs! Sandi grabs the bed sheets tightly as she looks up at thecrazy leer of Robert towering over her.
Robert points the 357 Magnum at her face.
Sandi pulls as hard as she can on the sheets.
THE SHEETS move out from under Robert. He loses his balance, falling down on top of the bed. Thegun falls from his hand.
Robert bounces on his butt, laughing like a kid on a trampoline.
Sandi crawls from under the bed, knife in hand.
Bingo! Robert SCREAMS as the blade sinks into his thigh.
Sandi begins crawling away at top speed.
Robert pulls the knife from his thigh and springs for Sandi.
Sandi turns to see: The knife blade slicing towards her face.
Sandi rolls to the left and the knife whizzes an inch fromher face, plunging into the carpet.
Robert swings the knife at her again.
Sandi rolls to the right, and the knife severs her earlobe.
Fear shows in her eyes as the glittering knife blade flashesup into the air to plunge again.
As the knife shrieks down at her, she rolls her head out ofthe way, losing a handful of hair.
Robert flips onto his knees, straddling her, jabbing the knifedown towards her face.
Sandi feels the knife cut her hair, moves her head aside.
Robert swings the knife down towards her face again.
Sandi swings out at the knife with her hands, knocking it offaim. It plunges into the carpet next to her head.
When Robert pulls it out, Sandi grabs his wrists and twiststhem. She pulls the knife around, aiming it at Robert, thenuses all of her strength to push it up to his face.
Robert tries pulling his face away from the knife. He struggles.
Finally, he just lets go of the knife, allowing it to fallonto the carpet next to her face.
Sandi tries crawling away, but doesn't get far.
Robert grabs the knife. Brings it high over his head for maximum impact.
Sandi sees the blade FLYING towards her left eye.
Sandi grabs the dresser leg in both hands and pulls with allof her strength.
HER BODY pulls out from under Robert.
THE KNIFE slams into the carpet between her legs, missingflesh by an eighth of an inch.
Sandi begins crawling away, into the living room.
Robert sees her getting away. Tries to pull the knife from the floor. It's in too deep.
Then he stops, and turns towards the bed.
Where the gun glitters in the light.
Forgetting the knife, Robert picks up the revolver.
Sandi scrambles over Teddy's corpse to the fallen 22 Auto.
She grabs the clip, with its single shell, and SLAMS it intothe butt of the gun.
That's when Robert pounces on her. Knocking the gun out of her hand. THE 22 AUTOMATIC goes skittering across the floor.
Robert and Sandi roll across the floor, punching and scratchingat each other. The tote-bag rips all the way open. A bluesheet of paper flutters from the tote-bag.
Sandi tries to keep a grip on the Robert, but lets go whenthey plow into a chair.
Robert rolls onto his feet, revolver in his right hand.
Robert aims the 357 Magnum at Sandi's face.
Sandi grabs the barrel, pushing it up into the air.
Ceiling plaster rains over them, dust diffusing the light.
Robert tries to twist the barrel down at Sandi's face.
Sandi tries to keep the damned thing away from her.
BLAM! Another shot blasts through the ceiling.
Robert pulls the gun back out of her grip. Then lets her have it: Right across the face.
Sandi sprawls to the floor from the pistol whipping. Her fingers touch something metal.
Robert grabs a handful of Sandi's hair. Pulls her face into shooting range. Something catches his eye - the blue sheet of paper.
Dashiell Industries letterhead - a list of newspaper stories.
Robert is confused.
Sandi looks down the barrel of the revolver.
Robert is shot in the face and blown off Sandi.
Sandi staggers to her feet and aims the 22 Automatic down atRobert's corpse.
She pulls the trigger again, but all she gets is a click. Outof bullets. She throws the empty 22 down at Robert's corpse.
She bends over Teddy's corpse, pulls the bundle of money fromhis pocket, flips through it.
Sandi picks up the phone and dials 911.
I'd like to talk to a DetectiveWoolrich.
Sandi sits across from Woolrich, telling her story.
Teddy and I were surfing late at night,and saw them. He took his wife out ona boat and threw her over the side.
She was pulled under by the riptides.
It was horrible.
I called the police as soon as we gotto shore.
He hits the button on a cassette player, and Sandi's voicecomes on.
Look, I wanted to help her. But shewas too far out. Too close to the riptides.
Why didn't you mention the murder atthe time? He drops some of the Xerox copies of the "past wives" articlesin front of her.
Someone mailed me these two days ago.
Interesting reading.
Somebody did a lot of digging to findthis. But money is a powerful motivation.
You and Teddy were blackmailing him.
In this state, extortion's good forfive to ten in the state pen.
That's a long time away from the beach.
Woolrich puts the Xerox copies in the file folder.
Not enough evidence to prosecute, andwhat's the point? But if I hear about you so much as jaywalking in my city, I'll open it.
Understand? Woolrich grabs his Pez Dispenser, pops a lemon Pez.
Sandi walks past a "Entering Cain's Point" sign - leavingtown. She sticks out her thumb as a car zooms towards her.
The second car that passes her pulls to the shoulder and Sandigrabs her suitcase, runs up and climbs in.
Sandi throws her suitcase into the back seat. Next to her Top Cat backpack - empty, now.
She gives the Woman driving the car a kiss. One hell of a good kiss. The Woman is Laura Goodis - alive! He always underestimated me. Now I'mfree. No responsibility. Just theopen road. like Jack Keroack.
Laura pulls the car onto the road, we see the Top Cat backpack.
WE ZIP BACKWARDS THROUGH TIME - everything around the Top Catbackpack a blur of motion.
Stopping when Sandi hands Laura (in her bathing suit) the TopCat backpack filled with her clothes. Laura pulls Sandi intoher arms and kisses her - one hell of a kiss. A DRUNK in thebackground watches them make out.
ZIP BACKWARDS - Sandi seems to take back the backpack, sheand Laura get on the boat. then everything but an oar becomesa blur of motion.
Stopping when Sandi rows the boat to the buoy, where Lauraclings for her life. Sandi helps Laura into the boat.
ZIP BACK - everything around the Top Cat backpack on Sandi'sback a blur of motion.
Sandi sets the Top Cat backpack down next to the dresser,counts down to drawer number four and opens it.
Behind the clothes in the fourth drawer - a vial of pills. Sandi tosses the vial into the backpack with Laura's clothes.
ZIP BACK - everything around the pill vial a blur.
Laura hides the vial in the fourth drawer and closes it.
You have to make a decision - sleepwith him or deal with me.
Sandi decides to make a deal with Laura. She takes the sheetof blue paper, walks off across the sand. a new beginning.


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