Sven-ake bood of karlstad university in sweden explained:

Sven-Ake Bood of Karlstad University in Sweden explained: "Relaxing in a weightless state in the silent, warm floating tank activates the body's own system for recuperation and healing. The stress hormone decreases, as does blood pressure. The findings confirm and reinforce our earlier studies on the effects of relaxing in a floating tank. Through relaxing in floating tanks, people with long-term fibromyalgia, for instance, or depression and anxiety felt substantially better after only twelve treatments." 22 per cent of study participants treated in the tank for a total of seven weeks said they were completely free of pain. A further 56 per cent showed clear signs of improvement. Mr Bood concluded that: "We can also see that a combination of treatment in a floating tank and traditional therapy can be effective" I think this is taken from this research Effects of flotation-restricted environmental stimulation technique on stress-related muscle pain: What makes the difference in therapy -- attention-placebo or the relaxation response? [My paper] S Bood, Ulf Sundequist, Anette Kjellgren, Gun Nordstrom, Torsten Norlander Karlstad University, Karlstad, Sweden. INTRODUCTION: The purpose of the present study was to examine the potential effects of attention-placebo on flotation tank therapy. Flotation-restricted environmental stimulation technique is a method whereby an individual lies in a floating tank and all stimuli are reduced to a minimum. METHODS: Thirty-two patients were diagnosed as having stress-related muscular pain. In addition, 16 of the participants had received the diagnosis of burnout depression. The patients were treated with flotation-restricted environmental stimulation technique for six weeks. One-half of the patients were also given special attention for 12 weeks (high attention), while the remainder received attention for only six weeks (normal attention). RESULTS: The participants exhibited lowered blood pressure, reduced pain, anxiety, depression, stress and negative affectivity, as well as increased optimism, energy and positive affectivity. The results were largely unaffected by the degree of attention-placebo or diagnosis. CONCLUSION: It was concluded that flotation therapy is an effective, non invasive method for treating stress-related pain, and that the method is not more affected by placebo than by other methods currently used in pain treatment. The treatment of both burnout depression and pain related to muscle tension constitutes a major challenge for the patient as well as the care provider, an area in which great gains can be made if the treatment is effective. Flotation therapy may constitute an integral part of such treatment. AND and from "I've tried several different therapies to find some relief from the pain associated with fibromyalgia. I've tried acupuncture, massage therapy, medicines and biofeedback. I found more relief from the pain and exhaustion in 1 hour of floating than any of the other therapies I've tried. I got the best sleep I've gotten in YEARS after floating! I felt the effects of floating lasted for several days afterward. I slept better and more deeply, I had more energy, and I had less pain." - Kami Hartig Floatation Experience of Marv Turl I've been diagnosed with PMR, Polymyalgia Rheumatica, an inflammatory disorder of the muscles that is thought to be the result of an immune disorder. Symptoms I've experienced are severe body wide aching and stiffness of my muscles, extreme fatigue to the point of being bedridden for several days at a time, and when out of bed, a feeling of weakness. I just didn't ever feel well for the past two years. In addition to the PMR, I have arthritis, as well as, injuries to my neck and back from years of being an admitting psychologist in a state mental hospital. Prednisone is the drug of choice for this condition but the side effects are almost worse than the pain. No amount of Prednisone helped my symptoms. Had my wife not booked us both appointments at Driftaway Panama as a birthday present to both of us, I would not have made the effort to travel from Coronado to Panama City. After my first 1 hour session in floatation, I felt 95% relief of pain symptoms in my muscles and joints. Three days after that, the pain started to return, so I returned on the fourth day for floatation. I have gone as long as 2 weeks between floats without the return of the original pain. Another change after floatation was the feeling of well being, probably from the natural endorphins that have been studied and found to increase with REST. Marvin Turl, age 70, Coronado, RP – February 14, 2009 IL Licensed Clinical Psychologist


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Biosci. Biotechnol. Biochem., 70 (7), 1794–1797, 2006Genetically Engineered Poly--glutamate Producerfrom Bacillus subtilis ISW1214Makoto ASHIUCHI,y Kazuya SHIMANOUCHI, Terumi HORIUCHI,Tohru KAMEI, and Haruo MISONODepartment of Bioresources Science, Kochi University, Nankoku, Kochi 783-8502, JapanReceived February 13, 2006; Accepted April 4, 2006; Online Publication, July 23, 2006The pgsBC

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