11 February 2013
: Investor Daily
: 11 February 2013
: 11 February 2013
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Understand the facts and myths of cancer

This year’s World Cancer Day commemoration is focusing on the fifth target of the World Cancer Declaration, which is to dispel
misleading myths about cancer, through an event titled ‘Cancer – Do You Know?’. Every year, nearly 8 mil ion people worldwide
die from cancer. Cancer deaths can be avoided with the support of governments and funding for prevention, early detection, and
treatment programs. People need to increase their awareness about cancer and develop practical strategies to overcome this
disease. During a talk show on World Cancer Day at MRCCC Siloam Hospital Semanggi, dr Aru W Sudoyo said there are several
misleading myths about cancer, such as cancer is only a health problem, cancer is a problem of the rich countries, cancer is a
death sentence, and cancer is fate.
Person quoted (s): dr Aru W Sudoyo


: Suara Pembaruan
: 7-13 February 2013
: 11 February 2013
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Early cancer detection with PET scan technology

Positron Emission Tornography (PET) fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) is a molecular imaging scanning process which can reveal more
detailed information to cell-level view, using a radioactive substance. dr Ivana Dewi Mulyanto, a nuclear medicine specialist from
MRCCC Siloam Hospital, explained that FDG is injected into the blood vessels to find which cells that absorb more glucose,
indicating cancer cells. PET FDG scan is utilized to distinguish benign and malignant tumor. Although it uses radiation, PET FDG
scan gives minimum radiation exposure, as much as the same with radiology examination, therefore it is safe for all ages but not
recommended to pregnant and breastfeeding women. dr Eko Purnomo from MRCCC Siloam Hospital said that PET FDG can
also be used to examine Alzheimer, dementia, epilepsy, nerve and cardiovascular diseases.
Person quoted (s): dr Ivana Dewi Mulyanto, Nuclear Medicine Specialist, MRCCC Siloam Hospital

: 9 February 2013
: 11 February 2013
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Obesity reduces vitamin D in the body
Obesity reduces vitamin D content in the body, according to PLOS Medicine journal analyzing genetic data in 21 researches on
42.000 individuals. Each 10 percent increase of body mass index (BMI) reduces 4 percent of vitamin D, which is stored in fat
tissue. Additional fat in already obese individual prevents vitamin D circulation into blood vessels. Lead researcher Elina
Hypponen of College University’s Pediatrics Department, London, stressed the importance of vitamin D intake to prevent
deficiency. The necessary amount of vitamin D per day is 50 nanomole/liter. Walking or running under sunlight is recommended
to reduce weight and to increase vitamin D intake.
Person quoted (s): Elina Hypponen, lead researcher, Pediatrics Department, College University, London
: Suara Pembaruan
: 8 February 2013
: 11 February 2013
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Indofarma investing Rp100 billion
PT Indofarma Global Medika (IGM) will take Rp100 billion of two-year expansion fund, said Ike Avianti, President Director of PT
IGM. The company will work together with various hospitals in developing business solution as a preparation to perform the role
as Social Security Providers (BPJS) in 2014. At present, PT IGM cooperates with 6 hospitals and will increase this number to 16
in 2013. The medical service cooperation consists of laboratory, surgery room, hemodialysis, and other facilities development,
yielding Rp85 billion of revenue in the previous year. The investment will be allocated to develop various warehouse and
transportation facilities in several regions.
Person quoted (s): Ike Avianti, President Director, PT Indofarma Global Medika (IGM)
: Bloomberg Businessweek
: 7-13 February 2013
: 11 February 2013
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The Viagra detective
In spring 2011, Brian Donel y, Pfizer’s global security team director, bought discounted Viagra from the Internet, took it to Pfizer
laboratory and discovered that the blue pill was counterfeit product. Some of the pills contained chalk, brick powder, paint, and
even pesticide, said Amy Calanan, Pfizer’s senior scientist. According to National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, counterfeit
drugs have yielded $75 billion of revenue in 2010 and killed more than 100.000 individuals each year. The counterfeit Viagra was
ordered online, which costs $1 compared to $15 of genuine Viagra, to an affiliated web site, directed to ‘core web site’, then the
supplier ships the drug via EMS and to US consumers through drop shippers. Pharmaceutical companies are now creating their
own investigation team and Pfizer’s team is one of the most aggressive. Pfizer has maintained a reputation as a company that
has strong investigation team whose members used to be law enforcement agents.
Person quoted (s): Brian Donelly, Director of Global Security Team, Pfizer


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