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November 17, 2008, Bethlehem, PA — The week of October 27, 2008 was action packed for the thirty
students participating in PMCA’s popular short course, “Chocolate and Compound Manufacture and On the first day, five highly experienced industry experts presented on topics ranging from the science of using the raw materials through the processing of finished product. Instructors provided various activities throughout the day to demonstrate certain aspects of the science and enhance the learning experience. The practical part of the Course started with a visit to see chocolate being made at the Blommer Chocolate Company in East Greenville, PA. Here the theory “came alive” as students were able to see the process in operation from raw cocoa beans to bulk chocolate and its use in molded blocks and chocolate drops as well as the production of cocoa powder of many colors by “state of the art” methods. This was followed by a visit to the Readco Manufacturing Company in York, PA to view a chocolate “conching” Wolfgang Candy Company, York, PA generously made room in their busy schedule once again, to host the PMCA students for the “hands on”, practical portion of the course. Students had the opportunity to individually hand temper chocolate and use it to make products such as clusters, molded items and hand dipped centers. They were also able to experiment with several different variables on a commercial enrober to gauge the effect each had on the resulting quality of the product. Each student also learned to produce products such as hollow bunnies and turkeys on a commercial molding line. On the final day of the course students evaluated the finished product from the hands on experience and discussed quality control issues. Students filled many bags and boxes with their creations and said so long to all the friends they made, or met again, during the course. Students Complete PMCA Chocolate & Compound Course (page 2 of 3)
2008 Chocolate & Compound Course Student Commentary: “Thank you for this information and for the course and all its attributes. The course was more than I expected (in a good way) and I left with far more information than I had ever expected. All the speakers were phenomenal in their knowledge and ability to communicate their experiences. They also were eager to share as much as they knew for our benefit. I am deeply grateful to all those at the facilities we visited for their gracious, professional, and eager involvement to provide such a satisfying and exciting For the first time, the Chocolate & Compound course included two guest speakers. Beth Kimmerle of Porcupine Product provided an interesting look at the history of chocolate moulds and had antique samples available for the class to view. Among many other accomplishments, Ms. Kimmerle is a well known candy historian and author, has made appearances on the History Channel and The Food Network and is author and editor of PMCA’s History Book entitled “Sweet Times”. Delighting the class with his wit and artistic skill, Mr. Brian Donaghy, Tomric Systems, Inc. demonstrated hand tempering, molding and decorating techniques, during the course. Mr. Donaghy is the Corporate Pastry Chef at Tomric and was instrumental in the development of their New World Chocolate line. The success of a course of this type involves many months of planning along with participation and contributions from a variety of PMCA member companies. Instructors for the course and their corresponding companies were as follows: Rose Defiel, Clasen Quality Coatings
Peter Jamieson, Corn Products Specialty Ingredients
Eric Schmoyer, Barry Callebaut, USA LLC
Marlene Stauffer, Blommer Chocolate Company
Dennis Zak, TMResource, LLC
The following companies made a variety of contributions to the course: Bedemco, Inc.
Welcome Reception sponsor & donor of inclusions (nuts, raisins & cranberries) for the practical work.
Tricor Systems, Inc.
Donation of Temper Meter for the practical work.
Hilliards Chocolate System
Donation of tempering utensils for practical work.
The Warrell Corporation
Donation of Viscometer for the practical work.
Students Complete PMCA Chocolate & Compound Course (page 3 of 3)
The following students received a certificate of completion for the course: Kelly Austin
Juan P. Obregon
Larinzon Bruno
Dr. Qinyun Peng
Eduardo Cortes
Craig Platania
Ignacio J. Cortes
JR Reazor
B.J. DeMaa
Anna Riblett
Jenna Derhammer
Nicole Sanders
Jane Evans
Korey Schaffer
Reynaldo Y. Go
Nicole Shoff
Columbia Int’l. Food Products, Inc. Jim Kuznik
Patrick B. Setter
Phil Linz
Rachel Sinley
Chris Lovinus
Andrew Smith
Peter Machado
Andy Smith
Curt Mills
Julie Talkington
Paul Murtha
A.J. Thornton
Joan Nelson
Marc Tillis
About PMCA
PMCA is a non-profit international trade association in the confectionery industry whose goals are to provide open forums for the free exchange of technical information through its Annual Production Conference, to promote and direct basic and applied scientific research in the science of chocolate and confectionery through its Research Program at leading universities and to educate and train technical and manufacturing personnel worldwide through its Short Course Program. The organization was originally founded in 1907 as the Pennsylvania Manufacturing Confectioners’ Association.


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