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Chevita® Products
Trade price
excl. VAT
12x5,5 g sachets
against Young Bird Sickness
12x7,5 g sachets
Bacterial infections of the gastro-intestinal tract, 1x100 capsules
caused by gram+ and gram- pathogens which are sensitive to ampicillin
1x100 capsules
Hairworm, roundworm, and tapeworm infestations
12x2,93 g sachets
Lincomycin / spectinomycin: Acute and chronicle diseases of the respiratoty tract,
especially of the upper respiratory organs, accompanied with rhinitis, conjunctivitis,
tracheitis, and air sac inflammation as well as pneumonia.
Therapy and treatment of respiratory diseases; contains Foramycin®
12x2,5 g sachets
Treatment and prevention of trichomoniasis (canker), contains dimetridazole, 1x100 capsules
1 sachet (2,5g) in 2 ltr. of drinking water, 3 days
Improvement of performance during competitions; contains L-Carnitum, Vit B1, B4, B6
20 ml (1 measuring cup) per 2 ltr. drinking water (daily dose for 40 pigeons)
To balance the electrolyte and energy metabolism
12x6,5 g sachets
Coccidiosis; contains amprolium, Vit A and Vit K3 100 capsules
drinking water or feed medication
12x7,5g sachets
Tiamulin: Infections of the respiratory tract, especially of infections caused by mycoplasma 1x100 capsules
as well as infections caused by E. coli, Haemophilus gallinarum or Pasteurella.
Pharyngeal spray against infections of the upper respiratory organs e.g. rhinitis/catarrh.
Activating and stabilisation of metabolism during mating; after weaning,
during racing season, during molting, after diseases.
Contains liquid butaphosphan, vitamines and amino acids
20 ml (1 measuring cup) per 2 ltr. drinking water (daily dose for 40 pigeons)
Control of ectoparasites in lofts (red mites, ticks, fleas, lice, plumage lice),
as well as mosquitos, flies and other insects
2x100 doses
Inactivated Paramyxovirus Vaccine (NCD)
2x50 doses
Salmonella typhimurium live vaccine for s.c. injection (paratyphus)
2x50 doses
pigeon pox live active vaccine active immunisation of pigeons to pox virus (diphteria in pigeons) Chloramphenicol-N
12x6,5 g sachets
Bacterial infections, caused by pathogenes which are sensitive to chloramphenicol,
e.g. salmonellosis, infectious coryza, sysyemic infections (septicaemia)
To eliminate bacteria, viruses, mycoplasm and fungi in pigeon lofts
Doxycyclin-t (new)
12x8,0 g sachets
Ornithosis, bacterial infections of the gastro-intestinal tract, caused by 1x100 capsules
Salmonella typhimurium var. Copenhagen, which are sensitive to doxycycline.
12x7,5 g sachets
Salmonellosis / paratyphus (wing and leg paralysis), 1x100 capsules
infection of the intestinal tract, caused by E.coli.
Ins 15
Cypermethrine, Insecticidal concentrate with immediate and long-term action;
for use in pigeon lofts, against all types of flies, mites(including red poultry mites), ticks,
plumage lice, biting lice, fleas etc. Ins 15 is toxic for bees and fish.
Dilution: 60 ml (3 dosing heads) in 2 litres of water = 20m² surface.
12x5,0 g sachets
For the stabilisation of the intestinal flora, after deworming or coccidiosis treatment, 1x100 capsules
following antibiotic therapies, in stress conditions with digestive disturbances
1 capsule per pigeon or 1 sachet à 7,5 g per 4-6 ltr.drinking water
Immunostimulant for pigeons. Prophylaxis, therapy against infectuous diseases
by activating and increasing para-immunity
Mineral and trace element solution to maintain health during breeding,
moulting and racing season
Multivitamin +
12x10,8 g sach.
Detoxication and regeneration, to improve performance after heavy muscle strain,
drinking water shortage, after infections, nephrosis, organ and joint gout,
and field poisoning
Multivitamin EB 12
12x7,5 g sachets
Vitamin supplement; contains: vit A, D3, E, C, B1, B2, B6, B12, Ac Fol., 1x100 capsules
1 capsule per pigeon or 1 sachet à 7,5 g per 4-6 ltr. drinking water
Mycosan-t ccs
12x7,5 g sachets
To restore and promote performance of racing pigeons, and enhancement of fitness 1x100 capsules
and stamina. Contains creatine, carnitine, and salicylic acid
Wide spectrum disinfectant to eleminate coccidial oocysts, worm eggs, worm larvae,
trichomonas hexamintae, bacteria, viruses, and fungi for use in pigeon lofts.
60 ml (3 dosing heads) in 2 litres of water. Pigeons must NOT stay in the loft.
Natural nutritional supplement for pigeons and show birds to maintain health,vitality and peak performance, to support metabolism20 ml (1 measuring cup) per 2 ltr. drinking water (daily dose for 40 pigeons) ELANCO (Janssen-Cilag)
50 tablets
treatment of trichomonas (canker), contains canidazol.
1 tablet per pigeon
Delivery Terms:
Prices in units, for export only, FOB excl. VAT + transport costs.
Net order >€ 500: 5%, > € 1000: 10% discount, >€ 2500: 25% discount.
Delivery in Outer Cartons
(12x12x7,5 g etc, 12x12x100 caps, 8x300 ml). Surcharge for quantities inferior to Outer Cartons: € 20,00
Payment by online banking, unless agreed otherwise. All goods remain the property of Parafarm until paid for in full.
This Price List is subject to our General Conditions of Sale; prices are subject to increase, without notice.
The import, sale, supply and/or use of Medicaments may be prohibited in certain Member States on the whole or part of their territory pursuant to National animal health policy. Any person intending to import, sell, supply and/or use Medicaments has to consult the relevant Member States competent Authorities on the current Animal health policies prior to import, sale, supply and / or use.
L'importation, la vente, la fourniture et/ou l'utilisation des médicaments peut être interdite dans certain Etats membre sur leur territoire entièr ou partielle prévu dans son législation vétérinaire nationale. Chacun ayant l'intention d'importer, vendre, fournir et/ou utiliser des médicaments doit consulter les autorités convenable de ces Etats membre au sujet de la legislation vétérinaire nationale avant qu' importer, vendre, fournir, et/ou utiliser.
Invoer, verkoop, bevoorrading en / of het gebruik van geneesmiddelen kan verboden zijn in bepaalde lidstaten op het gehele of gedeeltelijke grondgebied in navolging van het nationale beleid voor diergeneesmiddelen. Elke persoon met de intentie geneesmiddelen in te voeren, te verkopen, bevoorraden en/of gebruiken, dient in betreffende landen de geschikte autoriteiten te raadplegen over het geldende beleid inzake de invoer, verkoop, bevoorrading en/of het gebruik.


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