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Catalog of Cultivation
Medicinal Seed Collection
seed packets in a beautiful color folder! Agastache rugosa, allium tuberosum, Astragalus membranaceus, Celosia cristata, Codonopsis pilosula, Echinacea purpurea, and Platycodon grandiflorus Medicinal Wild Plants of the Prairie Kelly Kindscher
Plant Spirt Medicine
Medicinal Plants of Eastern and Centeral North America (Peterson Field Guide) Steven
Echinacea: Nature's Immune Enhancer
Forest Pharmacy
Herbal Renaissance
Herbs for Your Health
Gardening for the Future of the Earth
Botanical Booklet Series
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Siberian Ginseng
Asian Ginseng - Panax ginseng
Milk Thistle - Silybum marianum
Peppermint - Menthex piperita
Chamomile - Matricaria recutita & Chamaemelum nobile
Valerian - Valerian officinalis
Chinese Medicinal Seed
Total Price
Achillea wilsoniana yarrow tu yi zhi hao
Achyranthes bidentata ox knee niu xi
Agastache rugosa Korean mint huo xiang
Agrimonia pilosa agrimony hsian ho tsao
Allium tuberosum Oriental garlic jiu zi
Angelica dahurica angelica pai chih
Arctium lappa great burdock niu bang zi
Artemisia annua sweet Annie qing hao
Artemisia capillaris Chinese moxa yin chen hao
Artemisia vulgaris mugwort ai ye
Asclepias curassavica bloodflower ma li chin
Aster tartaricus tartarian aster tzu wan
Astragalus membranaceous milk vetch root huang qi
Belamcanda chinensis leopard flower she gan
Celosia argentea red fox ching ming tzu
Celosia cristata Common cockscomb Ji-Guan-Hua
Codonopsis pilosula Bastard ginseng Dang shen
Dipsacus japonica Teasel xu duan
Gentiana tibetica Tibetan Gentian lung tan
Glycyrrhiza uralensis Licorace Gan-cao
Gypsophila oldhamiana
Impatiens balsamina garden balsam feng xian
Inula helenium elecampane jin fei cao
Isatis tinctoria isatis da quing ye
Kochia scoparia summer cypress ti fu tzu
Leonurus artemisia Chinese motherwort yi mu cao
Leonurus sibiricus Siberian motherwort yi mu tsao
Perilla frutescens
beefsteak plant zi su zi
Perilla frutescens
beefsteak plant zi su zi
Platycodon grandiflora balloon flower jie geng
Schizonepeta tenuifolia Japanese catnip jing jie
Scutellaria barbata barbata skullcap ban zhi lian
Scutellaria baicalensis Baikal skullcap huang qin
Siegesbeckia pubescens siegesbeckia xi xian cao
Vaccaria segetalis cow cockle wang bu liu xing
Vitex agnus-castus chastetree huang jing zi
North American Indigenous & Other Medicinal Seeds
Asclepias tuberosa
pleurisy root/butterfly weed
Baptisia australis blue indigo
Datura stramonium jimson weed
Digitalis purpurea foxglove
Echinacea angustifolia narrow leaved purple coneflower
Echinacea pallida pale-purple coneflower
Echinacea paradoxa yellow "purple" coneflower
Echinacea purpurea purple coneflower
Echinacea tennesseensis Tennessee coneflower
Hypericum perforatum St. John's wort
Leonotis nepeta lion's tail
Leonurus cardiaca motherwort
Lobelia cardinalis cardinal flower
Lobelia siphlitica great blue lobelia
Melissa officinalis lemon Balm
Monarda fistulosa purple bergamot
Monarda punctata dotted mint
Nepeta cataria catnip
Nictioana alata jasmine tobacco
Oenothera biennis evening primrose
Oenothera macrocarpa Missouri primrose
Parthenium integrifolium wild quinine
Passiflora incarnata passion flower
Phytolacca americana pokeroot
Rumex acetosella sour dock
Ruta gravenloens rue
Silphium laciniatum compass plant
Silphium terebinthenaceum prairie dock
Silybum marianum milk thistle
Tanecetum parthenium feverfew
Urtica dioica nettles
Valeriana officinalis valerian
Verbascum thapsus mullein
Veronicastrum virginicum culver's root
Deep Diversity Seeds
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