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New Zealand Ice Figure Skating Association Incorporated
Affiliated to the International Skating Union • NSO Partner of Sport NZ • Member of NZOC ATTENTION ALL NEW ZEALAND REPRESENTATIVE SKATERS; ANTI-DOPING GUIDELINES FOR DRUG FREE SKATERS Below is a list of bullet points that will assist you in ensuring you are training and competing DRUG FREE. • FIRSTLY always tell or remind the doctor treating you that you are a DRUG • All ANTIBIOTICS are OK to take when sick BUT NOT another drug that
can be given at the same time as antibiotics called PROBENECID. This is not an antibiotic and not commonly given.BUT may be added for some illnesses. You will need a TUE (Therapeutic Exemption Form) for this one. • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY medication such as VOLTAREN (commonly called
Diclofenac/Cataflam) is OK as is Ibuprofen and all other anti-inflammatories. There are no issues with these types of medications. • All PAIN RELIEF medication such as Panadol, Nurofen and medications
with Codeine in, are all OK. Morphine/Pethidine opiates must have a TUE (Therapeutic Exemption Form) completed. This once again is not common and I would be very concerned if a skater was skating with opiate pain relief on board. This will of course produce a POSITIVE DRUG TEST, but can be explained with TUE. Any skater having an acute injury during an official practice can still compete with opiate pain relief but the TUE must have been completed by treating Dr. If in doubt phone your anti-doping officer or email Drug Free Sport. • ASTHMA medication no longer requires a TUE but your use of preventer
and treatment inhalers must remain in the therapeutic range guidelines. • CONTRACEPTIVE PILL absolutely fine.
HAYFEVER medication is permitted in sport but please always check with
the pharmacist if it is a brand you do not commonly use. PREDNISONE BANNED.But if you are prescribed this for a
Respiratory type infection you must have a TUE. Other methods of
administering STEROID such as (Kenocort) injections into your joints is
allowed, or if you use it for skin conditions and of course the use of the
steroid in your preventor inhaler for asthma.
• Natural herbal remedies are generally OK BUT please please check first as some of the bases in the products that are made from plant extracts can convert to a banned substance. This is not common but does happen. Remember that herbal remedies are not usually taken in the acute phase of your complaint so don’t rush in and take these without checking. Poppy seeds are a good example as they convert to morphine derivatives!!!!! and easily picked up in urine. *****NOTE TO ALL:
All illicit substances like marijuana and other over the counter recreational drugs
are BANNED. Please be aware that these types of substances stay in your system
for long periods of time.
There are other medications that individuals may need to be on, and if they have
not been covered in this brief, please check with your Doctor re the need to have
TUE completed. Drugs such as Ritalin (Concerta) Growth Hormone drugs and
Insulin just to name a few more commonly taken meds are BANNED IN SPORT.
If any skater is requested to report to the drug testing facility, take a support
person (Coach, Mum, Team Leader or Peer) and comply with all requests. There
will be time restraints that you will need to adhere to and obviously the big
important thing TO PASS A URINE. This will need to be done with a chaperone
and they will be present with you at the time.
If you have had to take any medication just prior to your leaving for a competition
out of NZ and have not had a TUE completed this can be completed upon your
return. If you have been drug tested while away please advise them of any
medication you have been taking even if it is a BANNED SUSTANCE that you
were required to take for health reasons, and that you will get your forms
completed retrospectively (later after the comp).
CONTACT DETAILS - Log in to Drug Free Sport for online advice about a drug
you may need to take or are already on.
Email Jan Christieson Anti-doping Officer NZIFSA at [email protected] or my cell


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