Nevada dmv traffic safety quick tips - lane departures

Lane Departures
Who is at risk?
Head-on collisions and other types of lane depar- ture crashes can happen to anyone at any time. But Crashes that begin with the vehicle running off the specifi c groups most at risk include males age 26 pavement or otherwise departing from the lane of to 35, drivers on rural roads and those on the road travel are a leading cause of fatal crashes.
between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. Saturday and Sunday Drivers tend to jerk the wheel or “overcorrect” to get are the most dangerous days of the week for lane back onto the road. The vehicle will careen across the highway into oncoming traffi c or the driver will overcorrect again and the vehicle may roll over.
Road Improvements
The Nevada Department of Transportation is mak- ing improvements on state roadways to help combat Rumble Strips
The Off/Off Rule
Keep your foot off the accelerator and off the brakes if your vehicle has run off the pavement.
• Don’t panic! Ease off on the accelerator. Don’t use the brakes unless you’re headed for an obstacle.
• Gently steer the vehicle parallel to the road. Con- tinue to slow down. In extreme cases, it may be safer to keep going straight until you can stop.
• Check for traffi c approaching in the lane you will • Gently ease the wheels onto the pavement.
Cable Barriers
• Straighten into the fi rst lane and speed up to the Avoid Drowsy Driving
What Works
• Get adequate sleep - Schedule your work and plan your trip to give yourself the time to sleep.
• Stop - Find a safe place to stop for some good sleep such as motel, rest area, friend’s house, etc. • Nap, then Stop - If you are not near a safe stop, a 20-minute nap can help you stay alert long • Caffeine - Two cups of strong coffee or the equiva- Fender Bender? Move Over
You must move the vehicle to a location that does not obstruct traffi c if there are no injuries, your What Doesn’t Work
vehicle is obstructing traffi c and the vehicle can be are no substitute for adequate rest.



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