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As you are no doubt aware as a member of Motorcycling Australia (affiliated through Motorcycling WA) & being a licensed rider, you are subject to drug testing. The reality of drug testing is that it could happen at any time, any place, any where. Therefore you should understand the process and expectations as well as your rights & responsibilities: • Provide prior written notification for inhaled asthma medications that contain salbutamol, salmeterol,
terbutaline or formeterol. Notification forms are available from Motorcycling Australia (MA) and must be
signed off by the relevant medical officer
Provide prior written approval for the use of banned products to treat a genuine medical condition. The
Australian Sports Drug Medical Advisory Committee (ASDMAC) coordinates this process. Their website is
Check the status of any medications or supplements prior to consumption. Do this by:
1. Calling the ASDA Hotline 1800 020 506
2. Checking ASDA’s On-line Medication List at
3. Referring to the ASDA Drugs in Sport Handbook – 6th Edition
4. Referring to the MA website ( found under Resources-all Forms-Drug Notification Forms
Be aware of MA’s Anti Doping Policy. This policy indicates:

what substances or methods are banned or restricted (ie. Stimulants, Narcotics, Anabolic Agents, Diuretics (masking agents), Peptide Hormones, Mimetics & Analogues; Beta Blockers, Cannabinoids (marijuana or hashish) & Alcohol Understand what to expect if you are notified for a drug test at the event. This information can be found
in the “Drug Testing: Athlete’s Guide” and/or “Blood Testing: An Athlete’s Guide”. Effectively this outlines

If you are selected for testing, you will be notified at the conclusion of your race by an ASDA official (Chaperone). The chaperone will need to keep you in sight until you have provided your sample. Your right is to cool down, attend any medical, interviews or post race briefings as long as the chaperone can see you. Once you are ready to provide your sample – a urine sample of 80mls, you will be escorted to the drug testing facility. It is your right to have a representative with you. If you are U18, it is compulsory to have a consenting adult with you. You will be required to provide your urine sample, directly witnessed from the front by the same gender
chaperone. It is your right & responsibility to select the equipment yourself, ensure it is clean, not faulty
& has not been tampered with. At no stage should anyone else handle your sample or the other equipment
you select
Back at the processing area, you will select a kit (from a selection), which contains 2 bottles (A& B). You pour your sample into these bottles and seal them tightly. You will be required to provide address & contact details & any medications or supplements you have taken in
the last seven (7) days. This is not compulsory but certainly highly recommended. You should declare anything
ingested (taken orally, rectally), topically (eg. creams) or inhaled (eg. asthma, nasal sprays). Don’t forget things
like anti inflammatories, cold & flu medications and vitamins or minerals etc
Once you have checked the paperwork & signed off, you are free to leave the testing area.


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