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Changes to CPOE Co-Sign Button
- Effective Monday, February 28 2011 -
Effective Monday, February 28, 2011, the co-sign button will illuminate red if there are any telephone or verbal orders entered for the selected patient. This change will allow you the ability to co-sign orders within 24 hrs of order entry in order to fulfill regulatory requirements.
With this change, all telephone and verbal patient orders will be listed under the co-sign button, regardless
of the ordering physician or MLP. Your telephone and verbal orders will be grouped at the top under “My
Orders”. Doctor’s Standing Orders, along with other physician orders, will be located under “All Orders”.

It will continue to be the attending physician’s responsibility to co-sign doctor’s standing
orders. You can identify these orders by Ordering physician: Order Standing, MD (see below).
CPOE clinical updates will share ordering tips and significant changes to CPOE. Please be on the lookout for these important communications. Below, please review medication reminders: 1. Choose the correct route
 oral = generic [brand name]  inj = generic inj [brand name]  ped = generic (ped) [brand name] Please Note: If no route is listed, the medication is oral
2. How do I place a med order that I want Pharmacy to dose?
 Enter 0mg as the dose
 Select “default” for the how often & when to start fields
 Enter “Pharmacy to dose” in the comments.
The exception is Coumadin. You must order the 1st Coumadin dose & then add “Pharmacy to dose”
in the comment field.

3. How do I order Lasix 20 mg post blood transfusion?
 Enter Lasix, select correct route
 Select appropriate dose
 How often? Select Once
 When to start? Select NEXT SCH
 Comments: To be given post blood transfusion
4. Discontinuing Medications:
 Left click on the appropriate med from the order pane  Complete order entry process using the “done” button 5. DO NOT hide medication orders within other non-medication orders.
Example of a hidden med order: Ordering Blood transfusion & placing ‘Lasix 20 mg after transfusion’ in the
comments of the lab order.
Hidden med orders delay patient care, as the order does not go to Pharmacy & there is great
potential the order will be missed!

Questions? Please contact Dr. McGillen 847.618.4384.


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