Department of physiology phon:+98761662666

Ghassem Attarzadeh Yazdi
Assistant Professor PhD, Physiology Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences Phone: + 989126843010 Email: [email protected] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Education:
 Ph.D. of Neuroscience: Department of Neuroscience, University of Edinburgh, 2002-06.
 M.Sc. of Human Physiology: Tarbiat Modarres University-Tehran-Iran, 1992-95.
 B.Sc. of Biology: Ferdowsi University-Mashad-Iran, 1984-89.
1995-2002: Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences, Department of Physiology, lecturer
2010-now: Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences, Physiology Department, Assistant
1: The role of spinal and supraspinal alpha-2 adrenoceptors on pain (tonic and chronic) by
using dexmedetomidine, First FAONS congress and first IBRO Regional congress (1996- 2: Assessing the nociceptive effects of dexmedetomidine a novel alpha- 2 adrenoceptor agonist.
12th Iranian Physiology & Pharmacology Congress, Tehran, 6-9 Nov 1995. 3: The central effect of Dexmedetomidine, a novel alpha-2 adrenoceptor agonist on acute pain.
The 4th National congress on Biology, Gorgan, Iran, 1995. 4: The alpha-2 adrenoceptors Mechanism in nociception, XXXIII International congress of
physiology science, IUPS (1997- St. Petersburg, Russia). 5: Mechanism of alpha-2 adrenoceptors in nociception. Lecture at first neuroscience congress
6: The effect of Clonidine and Dexmedetomidine on ocular pressure. Lecture at 13th Iranian
Physiology & Pharmacology Congress, Tehran, 1997. 7: The effect of Clonidine and Dexmedetomidine on ocular pressure, FAONS, FAOPS congress
8: The effect of locus ceruleus alpha-2 adrenoceptors on pain, FENS 2000 congress in UK (24 -
9: No effect of dexamethasone on dex-ras1 mRNA Human Embryonic Kidney (HEK 293) cells,
10: Investigation of Dex-ras1 and SGK-1 expression in Human Embryonic Kidney (HEK 293)
cells. Lecture at 12th Iranian Research Conference in Europe, 2004. 11: Ser/Thr protein phosphatases constitutively associated with large-Conductance calcium-
activated potassium (BK) channels, Bioscience 2005-Glasgow, UK. 12: The association of Ser/Thr protein phosphatases with with large-Conductance calcium-
activated potassium (BK) channels. Lecture at 13th Iranian Research Conference in Europe, 13: Constitutive association of protein phosphatase 2A with large-conductance calcium-
activated potassium (BK) channels, XXXV IUPS 2005, USA. 14: Amniotic membrane transplantation for bullous keratopathy in eyes with poor visual
potential, E u r o p e a n P a e d i a t r i c O p h t h a l m o l o g i c a l S o c i e t y , 2 0 0 5 . 15: Semliki Forest virus (Alphavirus) interactions with mosquito innate immunity. Ento'07-RES
Annual Meeting, 16th-18th July 2007, Edinburgh, UK. 16: Semliki Forest Virus Interactions with RNAi in Mosquito Cells. RNAi World Congress, 30
17: Semliki Forest virus (Alphavirus) interactions with mosquito innate Immunity, 4th
European Viral Zoonoses Meeting 2007 (St. Andrews, UK). 18: Molecular mechanism of glucocorticoid action on ion channels. Lecture at 18th Iranian
congress of physiology and pharmacology, Mashhad, Iran, 2007. 19: Investigation of SGK-1 and Dexras1 expression in Human Embryonic Kidney (HEK 293):
Lecture at EHRLICH II –2nd World Conference, Nürnberg, Germany, October 3-5, 2008. 20: Non-RNA interference-mediated suppression of Semliki Forest Virus Infection of Mosquito
Cells by Double-stranded RNA, Controlling Emerging Infectious Diseases in the 21st Century, 21: Double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) induces a non-sequence-specific antiviral state in mosquito
cells, SGM, Edinburgh, 29 March - 1 April 2010. 22: Non-sequence-specific antiviral state in mosquito cells by double-stranded RNA (dsRNA),
RNAi and miRNA Eurtope, Dublin, Ireland, 14-15 Sep 2010, 23: Molecular mechanism of glucocorticoid on ACTH, First-IBRO Middle East Neuroscience
24: Molecular mechanism of glucocorticoid action on ion channel, 1st neuroscience congress, Gorgan
University of Medical Sciences, Iran, 16-17 Feb, 2011. Publications:
1: Peripheral and central effects of Dexametomidine, a specific alpha-2 adrenergic agonist, on
phasic and tonic pain. Physiology and Pharmacology Journal, Iran Journal, 1376. 2: Molecular mechanism of alpha-2 adrenoceptors on pain. Hormozgan Medical Journal, Iran,
3: La Crosse Bunyavirus Nonstructural Protein NSs Serves to Suppress the Type I Interferon
system of Mammalian Hosts. Journal of Virology, DOI:10.1128/JVI. 01933-06, 2007. 4: Dex-Ras1 and serum- and glucocorticoid-inducible protein kinase1: Regulation of expression
by Dexamethasone in HEK 293 cells. Neurochemical Research, DOI: 10.1007/s11064-007- 5:Insect Mol Biol, Dec;
6: PKR acts early in infection to suppress Semliki Forest virus production and strongly
enhances the type-I interferon response. Journal of General Virology, 10.1099/vir. 0.007336-0, 7: Cell to cell spread of the RNAi response suppresses Semliki Forest virus infection of
mosquito cells. Journal of Virology, 10.1128/JVI.02440-08, 2009. 8: Advances in dissecting mosquito innate immune responses to arbovirus infection. Journal of
9: Antiviral RNA interference responses induced by Semliki Forest virus infection of mosquito cells:
Characterization, origin and frequency-dependent functions of vi2010 Dec  RNA extraction  Cell culture  Cloning and subcloning  RT-PCR  Restriction digestion of DNA  Alkaline lysis: Plasmid DNA purification  Transfection reporter gene assays  Virology techniques  Transient transfection  Determination of protein concentration  Immunoprecipitation  Western Blot  Labelling the probe (Radioactive)  Northern Blot  Immunostaining  siRNA transfection methods  Plaque assay  FACS analysis Workshops and Courses:
 Radioactive course,
 Project Management for Researchers
 Presentation Skills
 Supervising Postgraduate Research
 Medical Journalism


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