Who did he beat? Who had the mount? How fast did they go? What’s his breeding? For the answers look to the past performance pages of the track program. It all might look intimidating at first, but this page will show you how to use the wealth of data supplied for each horse. C 7 ALEXANDRIA (AL)
Trainer: Howard E. Wolfendale ( 2-0-0-0 )
Breeder: Amin Saiden
Ch.m.5 Out of Place - S S N Phoenix by Woodman, FL (Apr 17, 2000) Clm Price: $20,000
GREEN, blue collar, 'MW' in diamond frame, blue bar and cuffs on sleeves, green cap 11 12 13 14
#4 e =7 ' *' 006 7.  1H L7.2+7.2'.3D''*E] 25 -J* "! U#   NO  * . 00 C D 4<H ='* ./ '9.4H 4 " : 62 7 #7 &4&C&9 6 # 899 322 27 7* # +,- 4 ,@ B: I7 D#EF =J 7 @7* 7 #6 &'+ . D0 [email protected]  
   ! $" # &' *%% 28 % +  ! ." # .&%: *$
> =   2 " # ): *
 "'  2 " # )&: *
Quarter Horse / Mix PP Line:
@1   6"1 2%
Lifetime race record over dirt courses that were Weight carried by horse including jockey and equipment Race day medication ((L)/Lasix, (L*)/first time lasix, COURSE CONDITIONS
Morning line odds as determined by Oddsmaker Horse’s color, gender, age, bloodlines and owner silks COURSES yl - yielding
Denotes claimed from owner, price, trainer PAST PERFORMANCE DATA
Mdn/Msw - Maiden special weight (non-winner) Finish position and margin: ahead of 2nd finisher if winner; Racetrack abbreviation and race number (Foreign) Weight carried by horse including jockey and equipment Distance of race (*/ “about” distance) Medication administered race day (B-Bute/L-Lasix) Fractional times of race (in 100ths of a second) Equipment carried by horse (see side bar) Final time of race (in 100ths of a second) Equivalent Odds (*-betting favorite) (e-part of entry) Age group of race (( =filly, or fillies and mares) First three finishing horses, weight carried and their margins Race restrictions ( =Restricted; =State Bred) Type of race & race code(Stakes names are abbreviated) Italics - denotes the horse won his next start EQUIPMENT
(see side bar)/gross purse in U.S. dollars; a-aluminum pads j-aluminum pad s-nasal strip Layoff line (short/30 days; long/6 months) MEDICATION
Morning workouts (b/breezing, h/handily, g/gate, (d)/dogs up) Start position, or first running position WORKOUT LINE
• CLM 10/9000N2L (non-winners of two races lifetime) • CLM 8/7000N2Y (non-winners of two races in a year) + - Chute start
• ALW 34000N1X (allowance, purse 34,000 non-winners of a race other than maiden, TROUBLE SYMBOLS
• ALW 34000N$Y (allowance, purse 34,000 non-winners of specified money in the year) DNF - did not finishp3 - placed (third)dq-p3 - disqualified and placed (third) WIND DIRECTION

Source: http://www.meadowechofarm.com/PDF/How_To_Read_Program.pdf


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