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Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical
Technology Department
10th-12th March 2003
Parametric and nonparametric
population PK and PD modelling.
Aplications in Therapeutic Drug
12:00 Continous response modelling. Dra. A. Aldaz. Faculty
12:30 The behaviour of Efavirenz. Dr. NV Jimenez Torres. Azucena Aldaz Pastor, Facultad de Farmacia, Universidad 10 de Marzo de 2003
13:00 The behaviour of Cyclosporine. Dra. B. Porta. 9:30 Welcome. Dr. R. Jelliffe and Dr. NV Jiménez Torres Aida Bustad, B.A. Lab of Applied Pharmacokinetics, USC 9:45 Introduction to basic concepts in population pharmacokinetics. 15:00 Computer clusters and Web access for making Gustavo Camps. Facultad de Físicas, Universidad de 11:00 Nonparametric population models, NPML, NPEM. Dr. R. 15:30 Making large and nonlinear population models. Dr. Vicente G. Casabó,. Facultad de Farmacia, Universidad de 16:00 Using BOXES making a Michaelis-Menten model of Nils Hoem. School of Pharmacy, University of Oslo, Norway. 11:45 Nonparametric Adaptive Grid, NPAG, modelling. Dr. R. Roger W. Jelliffe, Lab of Applied Pharmacokinetics, USC 16:30 Demo setting up Big IT2B and NPEM modelling Víctor Jiménez Torres, Facultad de Farmacia, Universidad Iterative 2 stage Bayesian. Dr. R. Jelliffe. 17:30 Hands-on session – Managing a patient on Digoxin. José David Martín Facultad de Físicas, Universidad de Matilde Merino Sanjuán, Facultad de Farmacia, Universidad 13:30 Neural Network modelling: A New paradigm?. Dr. E. Soria. 12 de Marzo de 2003
9:30 Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) Juan José Pérez Ruixó. Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical modelling and simulation in oncology. Dr. JJ Research & Development, a Division of Janssen 15:30 Hand-on session getting the assay error polynomial. Dr. R. Begoña Porta, Servicio de Farmacia, Hospital Universitario 11:30 The behaviour of Cyclofosfamide. Dr. JJ. Pérez 15:45 Entering and storing past doses and levels, analysing the Emilio Soria Olivas, Facultad de Físicas, Universidad de 12:00 The behaviour of 5-Fluoracil. Dra. M. Merino 12:30 The behaviour of Paclitaxel. Dr. NV Jiménez Torres Chairmen
13:00 The behaviour of Gentamicin. Dr. VG Casabó Coordinators
Modelling with neural networks: some pharmaceutical
18:00 Demo Vancomycin. Setting the initial goals, planning the Organized by
18:15 Hands on session. Setting the initial goals, planning the Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology Department. University of Valencia. Laboratory of Applied Pharmacoknetics, University of Southern California. 11 de Marzo de 2003
Pharmacy Department University Hospital of Navarra. 9:30 Comparing parametric and non parametric approaches. IT2B, More information:
Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Thecnology Department. 10:00 Multiple model (MM) dosage design for maximum precision 10:30 Getting MM Bayesian posterior individual parameter 11:30 Dicotomous and ordinal response modelling. Dr. VG Casabó



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F, NUTR_DEF 2011.08.29 2011.07.25 FNUTRDEF.PRG #146 NUTR_NO,UNITS,TAGNAME, NUTRDESC, .num_dec , SR_ORDER You may select any of these nutrients for research purposes The values will be as per the USAD REL 24 TABLES 203 , g PROCNT PROTEIN .2 ,600 204 , g FAT TOTAL LIPID (FAT) .2 ,800 205 , g CHOCDF CARBOHYDRATE, BY DIFFERENCE .2 ,1100 207 , g ASH ASH .2 ,1000 208 , kcal ENERC_KCAL ENERGY .0 ,300 20

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