Ilkley Wharfedale Medical Practice
Patient Participation Group Local Survey - Action Plan 2011/12
PPG Comments
Update the Warfarin clinic to have the most up-to-date PPG in agreement that we should use latest methodology. Contact Pharmacy Department ? Would there be a cost involved with this. DKC stated that at AGH to see how we can a new treatment instead of Warfarin would be available in the future but meantime LL would investigate with Pharmacy at AGH implications of using pin prick testing for INR checks.
Promote the range of services offered by IWMP via PPG agreed that IWMP should promote the excellent noticeboard ? Include Mental Health Services?? (when repaired), message on prescriptions; NHS Choices website, A4 leaflet available on Reception 95 out of the 157 patients said they would like to be able to Online booking of appointments would not be available until Investigate with EMIS once the practice had implemented EMIS Web. The PPG were concerned that all appointments would be booked online and LL confirmed that this would not be the case and saw that many patients would still make appointments by the telephone. Patients would need to register for a unique login and password and we would then be able to ascertain how many slots need to be made available for online booking.
89 out of the 158 patients would like text reminders The PPG was in agreement that this would be a useful feature. By patients providing their mobile telephone number it was assumed that consent would be given to provide this service unless told otherwise.
Noticeboard would be useful to see what is happening in the The PPG agreed that this would be useful provided the Additional Hours 66 patients said they would prefer a weekend surgery, 38 an This was not felt to be a priority by the group. The PPG evening surgery and 14 early morning slots members had not experienced problems in getting an appointment and appreciated being able to book appointments well in advance. DKC confirmed that one third of telephone appointments ended up being converted to face to face consultations. End of surgery slots (1730-1800) were now going to be allocated to commuters who did not work locally and struggled to arrive in time for surgery after work. The idea of extended hours to be put on hold at the moment and readdressed at a later date. Ilkley Wharfedale Medical Practice
Patient Participation Group Local Survey - Action Plan 2011/12
Possibility of having a BP machine for patients to self check The PPG wondered if the self-check blood pressure monitor Discussion to be brought forward was available for both IWMP and IMMP. This is not the case and belongs to IMMP and is not for use by IWMP patients. DKC stated that there was no available room for IWMP for patients to check their own blood pressure on a drop in basis.
138 out of 155 patients were happy with the amount of time The survey saidit would be useful to notifiy patients of late running clinics bu the PPG members confirmed that they are already informed by Reception if a particular surgery is running late.
running late and by how much.

Source: http://www.iwmp.co.uk/documents/IWMP_Action_Plan.pdf


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