Indepth training manual

InDEPTh Training Manual

Journal Entry - Standard
Getting Started
When to Use the InDEPTh Journal Entry – Standard Document
Standard Journal Entries - No Feed to FRS, are used to record adjustments to expense or
revenue transactions in order to correct the distribution of cost codes, sub-accounts,
and sub-subcodes. Your entries in this document wil not affect FRS. Getting Started
2. Click on the InDEPTh Explorer Icon (the file folder with a magnifying glass). Your screen wil empty for a second and return with the 3. On the left side of the explorer window, click on the file folder for your Creating a New Journal Entry - Standard Document
1. Right-click in the right-side area of the InDEPTh Explorer window. 2. In the drop-down menu, click on “New.” 3. The “New Window” opens 4. Click on Inst. Documents Tab 5. Double click on the Journal Entry - Standard icon (the tablet with a 6. A new Journal Entry document will open. Assigning a Unique Title
1. In the Title field, using upper and lower case, enter a unique title. The title is an important search field. We strongly suggest that you establish a convention or protocol on how to consistently name your documents, and recommend using “Correcting” and the original document number, followed by your initials. For example: 2. Close your document by clicking the “X” in its upper right-hand corner 3. Click “Yes” to save changes 4. Click “Save” to save document 5. Close the “New” window 6. Locate your newly created document 7. Open your new document and begin entering details
InDEPTh Training Manual

Journal Entry - Standard
Fol owing the previous steps, you should already have entered a unique This field defaults to the current fiscal year; you may need to change it because the FY must be the same as the original transaction.
Effective Date

Defaults to today’s date. You will need to modify it to be the same date as the original transaction. [This date appears on the Items
Enter information that adequately explains why you are processing this document. For example: “To correct cost coding on DR#####”. Admin Contact and Other Contact
Click on the yellow pick-icon and select the appropriate name from the If the contact is not listed, you can call 962-4357 or create a Remedy ticket. If the contact information or phone number is incorrect, contact Enter by typing your four-digit department number or selecting it from
InDEPTh Training Manual

Journal Entry - Standard
Items Tab – Page 1
Items Tab – Selecting Records to Import
Right-click anywhere on the Items Tab and from the subsequent drop- down menu, click on “Select Journal Entry Transactions”. A “Transactions Search” window wil appear.
InDEPTh Training Manual

Journal Entry - Standard
Items Tab – Page 2
Journal Entry – Standard Transactions Search Window
In the search window columns, enter the fol owing: 1. Account – type in six digit account number without the dash. 2. Subcode – type in four digit subcode. 3. Ref 1 – type in the reference number for documents that feed to 4. Doc ID – type in either the Transaction Redistribution or Journal 5. Tran FY – type in four digit fiscal year. For example: 2007. 6. Legacy Proc Month – type in the two digit processing month. For Once you have entered the above search criteria, click the “Retrieve” button at the bottom of the search window, highlight the appropriate transaction and click the “Select” button.
You will see ***CORRECTION*** beside the Ref 2 field. The original account, subcode
and cost code are automatical y reversed.
Correct The Entry
Select the appropriate account/subAccount, subcode/sub-subcode or cost code to correct the original transaction. Debit and Credit account/subcode must be the same as the original
This field allows departments to describe (up to 25 characters) the transaction. This field appears on cost code reports. Selecting Additional Transactions
Right-click in gray area under the previous item and choose “Select Journal Entry Transactions”. A “Transactions Search” window will appear. Repeat the steps in the Items Tab section.
InDEPTh Training Manual
Journal Entry - Standard
Completing Your Document
Funding View Tab
Make sure account numbers, subcodes, and cost codes are correct. The Funding View Tab is a view-only display. To change funding information, you must go to the Items Tab and modify the correcting User Attributes Tab
The majority of departments do not use User Attributes; however, if your department does use them, they will be listed on this tab. Click on the appropriate User Attribute at the top of the screen. Once you do this, an entry field wil appear at the bottom of the window. You may select a value from the drop-down menu for that field. Attachment Tab
To create attachments in your document, fol ow these steps: 1. Right click in gray area and choose New. 2. Select Attachments type, Notepad or Annotation. 3. Enter remarks, maximum of 128 characters. 4. The text in the remarks section will be printed on the Journal 5. You may type a long justification in the lower section. Text entered here must be printed separately and attached to the Saving and Submitting the Document
1. Right click in a blank, gray area in the document 2. Choose “Close and Submit” from the drop-down menu. 3. If you need to re-edit after submitting your document, right- click on its title, and choose “Suspend/Modify.” The document wil open and al ow you to make changes. Then you can Printing the Journal Entry Detail Sheet

1. Make sure your document is in “Approvals Pending” status. 2. Right click on the document, you can select either “Print 3. If you select “Print Preview”, your document will appear. To print, click on the printer icon in the preview window. 4. If you select “Print”, the document wil print to your default 5. Close preview window by clicking on “X” in upper right hand 6. Do not send the Journal Entry Detail Sheet to the
Administrative Office Building. This document is strictly for


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