How Drugs Can Harm Male Fertility – Tips for
Healthy Sperm Production
By Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen, on March 16th, 2010 Various types of drugs – including prescription medications such as antidepressants – can harm male fertility levels. This summary of the possible effects of drugs on male fertility includes several tips for healthy sperm production… “Everyone knows taking anabolic steroids and other recreational drugs wil negatively impact health, but there is rarely a discussion of how male fertility can be affected,” says Dr. Laurence A. Jacobs of the “To achieve optimum fertility, men should refrain from drug and substance abuse and also be informed of the possible side effects of everyday Here, Dr Jacobs describes how drugs can harm male fertility, and offers quick tips for preserving healthy sperm. For more information about male fertility, read The drug scandal surrounding some of baseball’s greats including Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Alexander Rodriguez, Barry Bonds and more – has sparked discussions about the short and long term effects these drugs will have on their overal health. What has not been addressed and is often not known is how much these illegal drugs, as well as everyday prescriptions such as Paxil, can damage male fertility.
How Drugs Can Harm Male Fertility
Certain drugs can cause impotence, erectile dysfunction, ejaculation difficulty, changed hormone patterns, low libido, disruption of the pituitary gland and its stimulation of the testicles, baldness, toxic effects on the testes and decreased overall fertility.
The good news is that these effects can often begin to reverse immediately once drug use has stopped. However, since it could take up to 12 months forto return to normal after abusing Anabolic Steroids, Dr Jacobs advises men to be aware of how their choices can affect their chances of conceiving a baby.
Medications that can harm male fertility include:
Paroxetine (trade names Seroxat and Paxil) Antibiotics containing Nitrofurans and Macrolides Sulfasalazine, found in anti-diarrheal medication Ketoconazole, found in anti-fungal medication Labetalol (trade names Trandate and Normodyne) Quick Tips for Healthy Sperm Production
Limit use of saunas, hot tubs and hot showers Stay cool – the optimal temperature for the scrotum is 95 degrees F, whereas normal Avoid smoking – nicotine can damage sperm DNA and cause birth defects Limit alcohol intake as excessive drinking may cause impotence For more information on healthy sperm production, read If you have any questions or thoughts about how prescription medications, drugs, and
lifestyle can harm male infertility, please comment below…
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