Ananda k nanjundaswamy

Ananda K Nanjundaswamy

2051 Kerr Dr R-09
Email:[email protected]
Bioprocess development specialist with 8 years of industry experience: • 5 years experience in development and production of agri-based products like biopesticides and insect pheromones, production and purification of glycopeptide antibiotics and secondary metabolites from plant tissue culture • 3 years experience in production and purification of biopharmaceuticals like
Research coordinator- Managed R&D operations for 4 years, designed and executed
research projects, supervised six research associates, set up two operational R&D labs
single handedly, coordinated with different state and federal agencies for conducting field
Team player- Coordinated with R&D team for process optimization and scaling up of
statins and mycophenolic acid from pilot scale to production, improved product yields
which lead to doubling of the company profits
Target achiever-Achieved company targets of timely production of compounds, scaled
up product yields and completed projects on time
Innovator- Involved in the novel manufacture and purification of compactin and
cyclosporin which were patented and also designed a bioreactor CellovenTR for
optimizing cell titers in insect cell cultures

Head, R&D
A.G. Bio Systems Pvt. Ltd.Single handedly set up two state-of-the art research facilities, one of which was awarded
ISO 9001 and supervised six research associates. Designed and managed the following
research projects
o Insect pheromones—Identification and commercialization o Bioinsecticides—Production of Bt, Photorhabdus luminescence, Penicillium oxalicum; Optimized insect cell lines for production of NPV;
Designed a bioreactor CellovenTR to enhance the cell titer in insect cell
cultures to obtain maximum occlusion bodies of NPV; Optimized an in
assay for chitinase
o Biopharmaceuticals—Developed and optimized downstreaming of glycopeptides like teicoplanin, vancomycin and rifamycin SV o Bioprospecting—Isolated and screened fungi and actinomycetes for antibacterials, ovicidals, and insecticidals against Helicoverpa armigera and Spodaptera litura o Secondary metabolites—Optimized plant cell culture for the production of vincristine and scopolamine from Catharanthus roseus and Datura stramonium respectively using bioreactors
Transcorp Technology Ltd. Bangalore, INDIA
Conducted field trials of agri-based products and also optimized solid and submerged
fermentation of secondary metabolites
Scientific Associate, R&D
Biocon India Ltd. Bangalore, INDIA
Part of the pharma group involved in the optimization, scaling up and purification of
compounds like lovastatin, cyclosporine, mycophenolic acid, acarbose and amylase
Microbiology—Isolation and preservation of microbial cultures
Insect cell lines—Maintenance of Helicoverpa armigera and Spodaptera litura cell lines
Insect Pheromones—Identification and commercialization
Strain improvement—Random and site-directed mutagenesis
Bioprocess development—Solid-sate, submerged; optimization and scale up
Protein Science—Purification and identification
Compliance activities—GMP, GLC
Bioreactors—Operation of different fermenters and SCADA software systems for
fermentation control
PhD Grain Science (Bioprocessing)
MS Biochemistry
University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, INDIA BS Agriculture
University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, INDIA
1. AU 2000255633 (55633/00); WO 01/81611
Title: A novel process for the manufacture and purification of compactin
2. US7176001; AU 2000235743 (35743/00); WO 01/64935

Title: Manufacture and purification of cyclosporine A


Anand KN and Thimmaiah SK (2003). Studies on nitrogen fixation characters in some varieties of cowpea Indian Journal of Plant Physiology 8(4), 354-358 Anand KN, Thimmaiah SK, Mahadevu P (2001). Evaluation of nitrogen fixation and
leghemoglobin content in root nodules of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.). Indian
J Agric Biochem 14 (1 & 2), 69-70
Thimmaiah SK, Anand KN, Mahadevu P (1999). Relationship between ureide content
and nitrogen fixation rate in cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.). Indian J Agric
Biochem 12 (1), 27-30


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