Beaumont forms hybrid research and device lab Beaumont Health System plans to open one of the nation’s first hospital-based combination cardiovascular research and physician training centers at the Royal Oak campus this fall, as part of its mission as a center for medical education.
The Beaumont Center for Innovation and Research in Cardiovascular Disease (CIRC) will conduct medical device research and serve as a training center for physicians, nurses and technical staff, says Robert Safian, M.D., Beaumont’s director of CIRC and director of the Fellowship Training Programs in Cardiovascular Diseases and Interventional Cardiology.
“One of the purposes of the center is to promote research and develop relationships with the medical device industry so new cardiovascular technologies come to Beaumont,” says Dr. Safian. “We already conduct clinical trials, but this center will help us expand our relationships with medical device companies, and transfer these technologies into the community.” Taking ortho research to higher levelsNew computer program collects data for studies With more than 14,000 orthopedic surgeries a year at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, there’s plenty of information available to build an impressive research program. All that was left to do was capture the information. Enter Ortech.
“It’s a Web-based, software program that physicians are using in the operating rooms,” says Kevin Baker, Ph.D., manager, Orthopaedic Research Labs. “During surgery, surgeons enter data about the patient, the surgical procedure and the orthopedic implants used. We then compare procedures, devices, outcomes and more to learn how effective treatments are Using Ortech won’t just help with research. Reimbursements, quality control and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid reporting are all being increasingly tied to outcomes, and this program will help track them. “Basically, Ortech acts as a registry to improve research processes before, during and after surgeries,” says Dr. Baker. “We do so many ortho surgeries here each year, we have a lot of useful data to collect and Ortech offers an • they have been diagnosed with stage • they are not taking any prescription operating rooms for joint replacement and spine procedures. But the hope is to extend the program into physician offices, so data will be available from the time a patient goes to the doctor to their last follow-up appointment. This information could help with pain relief, range of motion and traditional outcomes measures. Eventually, all subspecialties of orthopedics including sports medicine, trauma, hand and upper extremity, foot and ankle, shoulder and elbow and pediatrics will utilize Ortech.
Implementation of Ortech was made possible through philanthropic support, including a generous gift from the Sidney and Madeline Forbes family.
principal investigator Harry Wasvary, M.D.
No Passing Zone: Initiative makes call lights everyone’s responsibility When you’re a patient in the hospital, “Service to our patients is of paramount relying on others to help with even your importance, and it’s also a quality and most basic needs, waiting for a call light safety matter,” says Leslie Rocher, M.D., Oak. “The ‘No Passing Zone’ program seeing hospital staff walk past the door – regardless of their role – can make the To ensure that patients realize our entire Call lights are a quality-of-care issue that overall quality of care they are receiving. patients’ call lights and inquire what the are expected to go into a patient’s room and provide clinical care. Simply put, it you get help as soon as you wanted it?” Credentialing process is going paperlessBeaumont has purchased a secure Web- eliminate redundancy for physicians on the by using the physician’s birth month as the based credentialing software package from expiration of the two-year appointment to Morrisey Associates – MSO for the Web, or hospitals.
the medical staff. Physicians were notified of this change last year and will make this review module to be implemented in April transition over the next 24 months.
for all three hospitals. This will allow a reapplication review performed by medical electronic applications. If you wish, you privileging for all members of the medical provided for all system chairs, department may visit the Credentialing office to do chiefs and section heads involved with the your online reapplication, or Credentialing staff can walk you through the process over This new software eliminates paper-based Electronic credentialing is already under the phone. For assistance, contact Denise credentialing. It will increase the efficiency and standardization of our credentialing replacing the former reappointment cycles Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak 3601 West 13 Mile Road Royal Oak, Michigan 48073-6769 Beaumont offers free weight loss surgery train 20 to 25 practicing physicians every “Beaumont Weight Loss Seminar,” is a free community seminar presented by three months to perform procedures using Beaumont Weight Control Center experts to provide information on bariatric the new medical devices after the products surgery options available at Beaumont hospitals in Troy, Royal Oak and Beaumont’s weight control and bariatric surgery program is led by a group of medical, surgical, behavioral, nutrition and exercise experts who provide support donated $5 million to help Beaumont build before, during and after weight loss and surgery.
the Suzanne & Herbert Tyner Center for Cardiovascular Interventions. The Tyner Your patients can learn more about Beaumont’s Weight Control Center team and surgery options at a free informational seminar on Saturday, March 17, from 10:30 a.m. to noon at Beaumont Medical Center, Macomb Township, 15959 Hall additional opportunities for physicians to There is no charge to attend the weight loss seminars. For more information or to Beaumont’s heart and vascular surgeons register, patients may call 888-899-4600 or visit classes.beaumont.edu.

Source: http://dr.beaumont.edu/Beaumont%20News/Beaumont%20News,%20Feb.-March%202012.pdf


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