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Robert Bradley
Robert Bradley has worked as a consultant and a free-agent manager for several years
in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. He has worked with a
variety of clients in larger and smaller businesses in many industries. Some of his larger
clients include:
 Alberta College of Medical Laboratory Technicians – Edmonton, Canada
 Ballard Group (fuel cells) – Burnaby, Canada
 BC Ministry of Health – Vancouver, Canada
 British Energy – Glasgow, UK; Philadelphia, USA
 Bruce Power – Toronto, Canada
 Canfor Forest Products – Prince George, Canada
 Exelon Nuclear Chicago, USA
 Fisher Scientific (high-tech - hardware) Ottawa, Canada
 Frito-Lay Canada (Retail food) - Winnipeg, Canada
 Suncor Energy (oil & gas/mining) – Alberta, Canada
 WCB of BC – Compensation Services (Insurance) – Vancouver, Canada
 Worksafe BC – (public sector) – Vancouver, Canada
Bob’s role in these and other organisations has been to partner with organizational
managers to enhance performance. This is achieved by thoroughly analysing, and then
aligning business strategies and practices. Systems and measures are then built to
support this alignment. By improving employee involvement, commitment, and
accountability in the business, greater returns are realised both in terms of financial
measures and human capital.
Prior to his life in consulting, Bob was employed by a major retail chain in Western
Canada, where he performed several different roles in Operations Management and
Human Resources. As an HR professional, he worked in Training and Development,
where he conducted workshops on performance management and communication skills,
as well as training technical skills. As an Operations Manager, responsible for over 100
people, he was located in several different locations throughout British Columbia. He
was accountable for labour relations, staffing, budgeting, loss prevention, inventory
control, and customer relations. Bob has also worked as a recruiter for both hourly and
professional help.
Bob conducted his academic work at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British
Columbia, where his studies were eclectic to say the least. He holds a Master’s degree
in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Applied Sciences
(Communications/Business Administration), a minor degree in English Literature, and a
certificate in Liberal Arts. Bob has also completed and taught a variety of other business
and management related courses.
In 2000, Bob published a book to offer suggestions to private companies and policy
makers in Canada on how to better retain skilled labour. With the brain drain and the
talent wars as critical issues in business competitiveness, no one can afford to be
complacent when it comes to managing the human asset.



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