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1. Name of the teacher :. Dr. Jinu Devi Rajkumari

2. Department :

3. Designation:

4. Date of Birth

5. Date of joining in Cotton College : 1st September, 2003
6. Academic qualification : M.Sc., Ph.D.
7. Area of Specialisation : Cytogenetics & Plant Breeding

8. Research Project :
Minor Project.

Title of the Project : Studies on production potential of Trigonella foenum

graecum L. under different mutagen treatment.

Sponsoring Agency :

Duration of the Project : 18 Months .( From January,2010 to June, 2011)
Total sanctioned amount : Rs.1,60,000 (Rupees one lakh sixty thousand only)
List of publications :
.Effect of Colchicine on Morphological and cytological parameters of Trigoenella Foenum graecum L. Adv.Plant Sci. Vol 24( 2).2010

2. Environmental effect on Germination, Seedling growth and Chromosomal
behaviour of Ricinus communiss L. plant grown on roadside of an Industrial area. Proceeding of International Seminar on Climate Change, Global Warming and NE India : Regional Prospectives. Organised by ERD Foundation, Guwahati
Assam, India & North East Institute of Science and Technology,CSIR ,
Jorhat, Assam,India, held at Regional Institute of Science & Institute of Science &
Technology, 9th Mile, Ri- Bhoi, Meghalaya, India on 22nd and 23rd March 2010
Pg. 200-203.

3. Effect of Automobile exhaust on cytophysiological characteristics of roadside Ricinus communis L.of Industrial area. Proceeding of UGC sponsored National
Seminar on “Sustainable Management and Conservation of Environment “
Ogranised by Dept. of Botany, Moran College in Collaboration with Red
Cross Society on 3rd & 4th June,

4. Studies on pollen fertility and stigma receptivity of some indigenous rice (Oryza sativa L.)
cultivars of Assam. Research Journal of Contemporary Concern.Vol.7,2009
5. Variability and correlation studies for certain traits in Paederia foetida Linn., a herbal medicinal plant. J. Adv. Plant Sci. vol 4( 1&2) pg.58-61.2008.
6. Seed germination improvement studies in Chlorophytum arundenaceum . Adv. Plant Sci . vol.19 (11).pg 579-82 :2006

7. Accumulation of dry matter, starch and protein in developing grains in some local Rice (O.sativa L.) cultvars of Assam. RJCC.vol(3),pg. 85-88 :2005
8. Production potencial of Plumbago zeylanica L.under different harvest schedule and crop geometry. J. of Spices& Aromatic Crops. vol. 13(2),pg.140-142: 2004

9. Floral biology of Chlorophytum arundenceum ,a herbal Medicinal plant. J.Econ.

Taxon.Bot. vol. 28(1) pg.110-112 :2004.
10. Effect of transplanting time on performance of some indigenous rice(O.sativa L.) Varieties of Assam.RJCC. pg. 115-17,2004.

11. Morphological and quality traits in Eight indigenous rice (O.sativa L.) varieties
of Assam . Plant Archives. vol. 2(1).pg. 111-113: 2002
12. Effect of storage on germination of Paederia foetida seed. Proc.on

Conservation and Utilazation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants,
Bhubaneswar,India. Allied Publishers Ltd. Dec.vol. 4- 6
13. Meiotic behaviour of Chlorophytum aundenaceum, a herbal plant used in
Indian System of Medicine. Plant Archives. vol. 2(1&2) pg. 91-93,2001.
14. Colchicine induced variability in physiomorphological and biochemical trait in
Rice. Oryza. Vol.35(2).pg. 127-29: 1998
15. Effect of colchicines on meiosis of two high yielding varieties of Rice(Oryza
L) . Bull. Life Sci. vol. 7: pg. 39-42 (1997).
Seminar and workshop attended:

1. National seminar on ‘Sustainable Management and Conservation of Environment ‘

Sponsored by UGC, Organized by Department of Botany, Moran College in
Collaboration with Indian Red cross Society held on 3rd & 4th June 2010.

2. International Conference on “ Global warming ,Climate change vis-à-vis

Management of Natural Resources in North East India “Organized by ERD

Foundation, Guwahati Assam
,India & North East Institute of Science and

Technology,CSIR ,Jorhat, Assam,India,
held at Regional Institute of Science &
Technology, 9th Mile, Ri- Bhoi, Meghalaya, India on 22nd and 23rd March 2010.
3. National seminar on ‘ Changing face of Geography and Challenges ahead ‘
Sponsored by UGC and NEC, organized by Dept. of Geography
on 18th and 19th Dec.2009.

4. Short term Training Course In Bioinformatics for Research Scholars & Teachers

Conducted by Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility Centre, Cotton College,
On 11th & 12t.h, 2009.

5. Workshop on ‘ Potential growth and Development of Medicinal & Aromatic plants
to provide alternative employment opportunity to the rural poor and
Youth’ organized by NIRD, Guwahati during 23rd &24th March 2007.
. 52 nd Technical session, Assam Science Society on 18th March,2007.

7. Short term Quality improvement course on fundamental technique in rDNA

Technology organised by Deptt. Of Biotechnology, IIT, Guwahati during 3rd to
7th July 2006

8. Workshop on Bioinformatics and its future prospects ,Organised by DOEEC centre
Guwahati / Tezpur and Dept of Botany, Guwahati University on 9th June 2006 .

9. UGC sponsored seminar on Germplasm conservation and sustainable Development .
Organized by Department of Life Sciences, Dibrugarh University. 29th


10. UGC sponsored seminar on environment protection and conservation of nature and

natural resources of NE , India .sibsagar College, Joysagar 7th & 7th Nov.1997.
Participation in academic programme as Resource person:
1. Evaluator
of District level Children’s Science Congress ( National Children’s
Science Congress,2010) held on 12th Sept.2010 at New Guwahati Adarha High
School. Organised by ASTEC.
. Resource person in the UGC sponsored National seminar on “ Sustainable
Management and Conservation of Environment.” Organized by Dept. of Botany,
Moran College in Collaboration with Indian Red cross Society on 3rd & 4th June
.3. Invited Speaker in International Conference on “Global Warming, climate change

Vis- a-Vis Management of natural Resources in North East India”organized by
ERD Foundation Guwahati & North East Institute of Science & Technology

held at Regional Instituteof Science & Technology, India ,Meghalaya on 22nd &
23rd March,2010

4. Resource person of Refresher course in Biology for the subject Teacher of Higher
Secondary Schools and Lecturers Junior Colleges of Assam from 27th june to
11th july, 2007.
Organized by Deptt. Of Zoology,Cotton College; Sponsored by
Assam Highe Secondary Education Council, Guwahati
Cotton College Research Council,Guwahati, Assam. Member of the Assam Science Society, Guwahati, Assam. Member of the Botanical society of Assam,Cotton College,Guwahati. Member of the Academy of Plant Sciences , Muzaffarnagar, India. Member of the International Association of Rice Research Workers, Member of Indian Society for Plant Physiology ,New Delhi.


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