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Note: If any of the contents of this meeting report differ in any respect from your own recollection of the points discussed or decisions reached, please notify the recorder immediately. In the meantime, the action items may proceed in accordance with the understanding described herein. LOCATION:
City of Sault Ste. Marie – Engineering (Chair) City of Sault Ste. Marie – Engineering City of Sault Ste. Marie – Public Works & Transportation Senior Environmental Officer, Ministry of the Environment REGRETS:
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Announcement of award presented to Randy Roy for natural waste Action By
2.0 Odour
Batteries were replaced in the vent flares, which has corrected some of the issues that have been occurring. Also, the deodorizer was freezing in the winter but has been rectified in the warmer months. Rosina Macdonald (RM) noticed an odour today at the landfill. Randy Roy (RR) will investigate after the meeting. TSH and Dillon are working on biosolids management study. Lime stabilization is one of the alternatives that looks favourable. Also, the City is looking at metering landfill gas discharge and changing to an active collection system. Pipes would collect methane and burn it off. It has yet to be determined if this system will be used. Contaminant Attenuation Zone (CAZ) Application
Ted Walls is surveying property owned by the City, and may have the plan ready this week. Lilian Keen (LK) asked about the remnant plume. Susan Hamilton Beach (SHB) indicated that the consultant is currently looking into how to address this issue. Status of EnQuest Project
EnQuest reportedly has access to Federal funds, conditional on meeting specific criteria. They are currently looking for waste to use as a feedstock for the demonstration plant. In terms of the Ministry of Environment Certificates of Approval there are 11 outstanding issues. There are two Certificates of Approvals for air and waste. Each certificate has a number of conditions that need to be met. Some conditions have been addressed, while others have not. January 24, is the official start date. The facility must be running continuously to conduct the stack test. EnQuest would like a full demonstration facility for a 20,000 to 25,000 tonne capacity. The City understands it can provide waste without contravening the Environmental Assessment. RM asked if there would be a liaison group. SHB indicated that there may or may not be one dependant on the certificates of approval for the site. RR indicated that on the EBA the public can comment on any issues, such as the preference of having a liaison group. Andrea Welz (AW) commented that other technologies should be examined through a competitive process. Status of the Waste Management Environmental Assessment
Action By
SHB indicated that the Environmental Assessment is not on hold, and is moving forward. The City is documenting First Nations consultation. The City has also asked EnQuest for comments. With no reply as of yet. The EMC committee would like to be advised as to the EA consultation. Composting
SHB informed the group that the certificate of approval submission for a permanent leaf and yard waste composting facility was in for approval with the Ministry of Enviroment. Composting food scraps would assist the City in achieving diversion goals however it is more expensive than landfilling per tonne. AW asked why the City is not composting. SHB indicated that the Ontario regulations are strict and the feedstock must meet specific parameters as well as the end product. The City understands Regulations have been under review and possibly will be changed in the near future. Annual Report to Council
SHB indicated that the annual report has gone to council. 8.0 Adjournment
Minutes prepared by Catherine Taddo, P. Eng. If any of the contents of this meeting report differ in any respect from your own recollection of the points discussed or decisions reached, please notify the recorder immediately.



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