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Monika Jürgens’ Publication list 19/6/2009
Johnson, A. C., White, C., Besien, T. J. and Jürgens, M. D. (1998). "The sorption
potential of octylphenol, a xenobiotic oestrogen, to suspended and bed
sediments collected from industrial and rural reaches of three English rivers." The
Science of the Total Environment 210/211: 271-283.

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phosphorus across two major eutrophic UK river basins: the Hampshire Avon
and Herefordshire Wye." Journal of Hydrology 304(1-4): 51-74.
Johnson, A. C., Aerni, H. R., Gerritsen, A., Gibert, M., Giger, W., Hylland, K., Jürgens, M. D., Nakari, T., Pickering, A. D., Suter, M. J.-F., Svenson, A. and Wettstein, F.
E. (2005). "Comparing steroid estrogen, and nonylphenol content across a range
of European sewage plants with different treatment and management practices."
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pose a risk to the environment and human health? An overview and UK case
study." Journal of Hydrology 348(1-2): 167-175.

Jürgens, M. D., Johnson, A. C., Pottinger, T. G. and Sumpter, J. P. (2009). "Do
suspended sediments modulate the effects of octylphenol on rainbow trout?"
Water Research 43(5): 1381-1391.


Patientin mit makulopathie (amd)

D O I : 1 0 . 1 0 1 6 / j . d z a . 2 0 1 2 . 0 6 . 0 1 0     2 9     D t. Z t s c h r . f. A k u p u n k t u r 5 5 , 2 / 2 0 1 2M. Bijak · Experten: A. Päärmann, J. Nepp Patientin mit Makulopathie (AMD) Female patient with age related macular degeneration (AMD) Zusammenfassung Abstract Altersabhängige Makuladegeneration (AMD) stellt in den In-Age related macular dege

Balde notes 2

Lyrica 4.26 To Johannes Albula. The genius of Virtue. Meter Alcaic. The poem I think is indebted to, but far surpasses, a passage in Horace: c. 3.2.16-24. 5 petit: peto is cognate with Gk. πέτοµαι and originally meant ‘fly’. 6 Iovis satelles: Juppiter’s ‘attendant’, the eagle. 15 lustrali sulphure : the ancients used sulphur in their lustrations; e.g. Od.

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