Painless delivery
before you are completely free of pain. When do you choose an
While the effect slowly increases, your epidural?
The most suitable method of anaesthesia blood pressure is checked regularly. We during labour and delivery is epidural check whether the epidural anaesthesia The anaesthesia ward is at your disposal or peridural anaesthesia or pain relief. works well. Insufficient anaesthesia 24/24. After a call a skilled anaesthetist The anaesthetist injects pain-relieving occurs, but can usually be remedied.
can relief the pain within 30 minutes. In principle, an epidural is possible at any back. An anaesthetist is a specialist During the progress of labour, we can time. but if your gynaecologist expects doctor having knowledge and experience repeat the injection through the tube or a long labour or a difficult delivery, and in providing all types of pain relief to use a pump, which continuously admin- patients in the operation room, but he isters small quantities of painkiller. If will advise you to use an epidural in is also an expert in pain relief during a this is not sufficient, you can get an ad- time, even if the contractions are not too ditional dose of pain medication by push- In case of a completely spontaneous delivery, we also advise you not to The epidural
Epidural analgesia is meant to take away postpone the decision for an epidural the pain but maintain the feeling of the too long. Towards the end of labour, it After placing an infusion, you have to lie contractions. This means that at the end becomes more difficult to apply and the anaesthesia on your side or bend forward slightly from of labour you still feel when the contrac- benefit of the painkilling effect is less the waist. After disinfecting, you get a tions get stronger, so that you can also long.
small injection with a local painkiller. push for the delivery. careful to avoid a perforation of the Is an epidural possible for every which surrounds the spinal cord. This is
membrane surrounding the spinal cord. delivery?
done with a very thin needle, so that the Therefore, it is important that you lie or risk of having a headache is very small. sit still as long as you are asked to do so. An epidural is not possible in case We do not call it epidural anaesthesia If the membrane surrounding the spinal of clotting disturbances, a local skin but spinal anaesthetic. This technique cord is hit by accident, you may have infection near the puncture site or an is also often used in case of a caesarean a headache the next day. This seldom allergy for painkillers. Back problems section. If you are at the point of giving occurs and we can treat this headache.
such as scoliosis or disk hernia can make birth, epidural anaesthesia is no longer the placing more difficult but do not rule applied because it would not be effective When the needle is in the right place, the it out. After certain back operations, it in time.
anaesthetist puts a fine tube near the may be impossible to apply an epidural.
nerves, which conduct the pain of the contractions. Once the tube is placed, a tight bandage is applied. After testing the proper working, a painkilling product is injected. It may take up to 15 minutes What are the side effects of • Have you had an epidural before? If Permission
epidural anaesthesia?
• A drop in blood pressure: this can be .
compensated by an infusion or with .
advantages and possible side effects and • Did you attend the information I give the doctors of the anaesthesia near the puncture site. Long lasting .
backache is not caused by the .
epidural, but can be a result of the .
above), which can be treated successfully.
• Do you have a deviation of the spinal What are the advantages of an .
the prenatal information session, each third Monday of the month.
• It reduces the stress of labour and gives you the comfort of pain relief, Do you take certain medicines? Which Appointments to consult an anaesthetist which is beneficial for both you and ones? Did you take any aspirin containing about epidural anaesthesia can be made • It allows you to rest between labour and be better prepared for the .


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Name: ________________________ Class: ___________________ Date: __________ Chapter 4 Review Short Answer Scenario 4-6 Read the following brief article about aspirin and alcohol. Aspirin may enhance impairment by alcohol Aspirin, a long time antidote for the side effects of drinking, may actually enhance alcohol’s effect, researchers at the Bronx Veterans’ Affairs Medical Center

The to facilitate your studying, the following list contains many of the terms and items found on the upcoming exam. Tetracycline, acne, papules, peeling lotion, topical antibiotic agent, comedones on her face. You tell her to apply retinoicacid, Retin A cream, dry skin, toenails, dermatitis, steroid creams, Psoriasis, Trichophyton rubrum infection, Atopic dermatitis,seborreheic dermatitis,

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