What is the difference between Lithium Ion batteries and Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries? Lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable batteries that use lithium as one of their active components. Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries are a type of lithium-ion batteries known for their long life and How Do I choose the correct Battery Tender® Lithium battery for my application? Battery Tender® Lithium batteries are available for most Powersport and other small engine start applications. You can find the correct battery for your application from your local Battery Tender® How does the “Lead Acid Equivalent” capacity rating compare to Flooded, AGM, and Gel cell battery ratings? The capacity of lead acid batteries decreases markedly when discharged at high currents such as when starting a vehicle. This effect is much less for a lithium battery. In fact, when discharged at a current equal to its capacity, a 2 A-hour lithium iron phosphate battery will have as much capacity How do I charge and maintain my Battery Tender® Lithium battery? Can I use a standard Lead Acid charger/maintainer for my Battery Tender® lithium battery? As long as the battery charger does not have a desulfation mode and the peak voltage does not exceed 14.8V during the charge cycle it can be used to charge a Battery Tender® Lithium Battery. Of course the best way to charge and maintain a Battery Tender® Lithium Battery is to use a Battery Tender® Lithium Battery Charger.
What is the best way to store my battery long term? A Battery Tender® Lithium Battery has virtually no self-discharge and has a shelf life of 2 years. The best way to store the battery is disconnected from the vehicle in a clean and dry location with the protective covers installed on the positive terminals. How do I prevent water damage or corrosion to my battery? A Battery Tender® Lithium Battery has a waterproof construction however the battery should be kept clean to minimize corrosion. A corrosion inhibitor can also be used on the terminal and How do Lithium batteries Cold Cranking Amps “CCA” rating compare to Lead Acid batteries? When talking about lithium batteries used for engine starting the term CCA is used when making comparisons of the cranking ability to that of a lead acid battery in the same application. It is important to select a Battery Tender® Lithium Battery that has a CCCA rating that is equal or greater than the lead acid battery it is replacing.
What is the warranty on my Battery Tender® Lithium battery? 1) 0-12 months: Replace free of charge with original receipt or product registration on our website;
2) 13-24 months: 50% off MSRP with original receipt or registered on website.
3) 25-36 months: 35% off MSRP with original receipt or registered on website.
There are no specific federal laws requiring the recycling of Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries however local governments may have different requirements. The Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation provides free recycling locations throughout the US and Canada. You can locate their How do I ship my Battery Tender® Lithium battery? Ship the batteries in their original packaging if possible. If the battery has sustained any physical damage you must completely discharge it prior to shipping.
What happens if I hook up my battery charger to the wrong terminals? o If you happen to hook up your battery charger cables in reverse (positive cable to negative terminal and negative cable to positive terminal) then you will potentially damage the battery.
What happens if I hook up my battery to the wrong terminals on my vehicle? o If you incorrectly connect your battery to the wrong cables (positive cable to negative terminal and negative cable to positive terminal) then there is a chance for spark and damage to the battery.


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