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Publication of Hong-Dar Isaac Wu (2011.12)
Refereed journal paper and book chapter (recent 5 years)
(2011b) HDI Wu
and H Fushing. Spin-spin coupling information is crucial for
unbiased NMR analysis in Metabolomics. Statistics and Its Interface 4: 443-450
(2011a) HDI Wu. A general two-sample test for treatment effect with covariates
adjustment. International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Statistics 24
(SI-11A): 60-73.
(2010) HP Liu, HDI Wu, JWC Chang, YC Wu, HY Yang, YT Chen, WY Hsieh, YT
Chen, YR Chen, SF Huang. Prognostic implications of epidermal growth factor
receptor and okras gene mutations and epidermal growth factor receptor gene copy
numbers in patients with surgically resectable non-small cell lung cancer in Taiwan.
Journal of Thoracic Oncology 5:1175-1184.
(2009b) HDI Wu, F Hsieh. Heterogeneity and varying effect in hazards regression.
Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference 139:4213-4222.
(2009a) CL Lin, PH Lin, LW Chou, SJ Lan, NH Meng, SF Lo, and HDI Wu*
model-based prediction on length of stay for rehabilitating stroke patients. Journal
of the Formosan Medical Association
108: 653-662. (*Correspondence)
(2008e) H Fushing, HDI Wu, CY Lin, RS Tjeerdema. A new meta-ANOVA approach
for synthesizing information under signal-heterogeneity setting with application to
nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopic data. Metabolomics 4: 283-291.
(2008d) HT Chiu, HDI Wu, HW Kuo. The relationship between self-reported
tobacco exposure and cotinines in urine and blood for pregnant women. Science of the Total Environment 406: 331-336.
(2008c) HC Tsui, HDI Wu, CJ Lin, RY Wang, HT Chiu, YC Cheng, LY Lin, TH
Chiu, FY Wu. Prenatal smoking exposure and neonatal DNA damage in relation
tobirth outcomes. Pediatric Research 64:131-134.
(2008b) FY Wu, HT Chiu, HDI Wu, CJ Lin, JS Lai, HW Kuo. (2008). Comparison
of urinary and plasma cotinine levels among different smoke exposures during the
three trimesters of pregnancy. Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology 22: 296-301.
(2008a) HDI Wu. A varying-coefficient hazards regression model for multiple
Statistical Models and Methods for Biomedical and Technical th peer review.) (Eds.: Vonta, F.; Nikulin, M.S.; Limnios, N.; Huber-Carol, C): 33-42, Springer, New York (book chapter) (2007c) FY Wu, HDI Wu, HL Yang, HW Kuo, JC Ying, CJ Lin, CC Yang, LY Lin,
TH Chiu, JS Lai. Association among genetic susceptibility, DNA damage, and
pregnancy outcomes of expectant mothers exposed to environmental tobacco
smoke. Science of the Total Environment 386:124-133.
(2007b) M Nikulin, HDI Wu. Flexible regression models for carcinogenesis studies.
Journal of Mathematical Sciences 145: 4880-4893.
(2007a) HDI Wu. A partial score test for difference among heterogeneous
populations. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference 137: 527-537.
(2006b) HDI Wu, SY Chou, DR Chen, and HW Kuo. Differentiation of trace
elemental composition in serum among normal and malignant breast patients.
Biological Trace Element Research 113: 9-18.
(2006a) HDI Wu. Statistical inference for two-sample and regression models with
heterogeneity effect: a collected-sample perspective. “Pr h”(Eds.:M. Nikulin, D. Commenges and C. Huber): 452-465, Springer, New York (book chapter) Refereed journal paper and book chapter (earlier than 5 years)
(2004a) HDI Wu
and Semiparametric models with applications to reliability, survival analysis, andquality of life.’ 239-250, Birkhauser, Boston. (book chapter) (2002) HDI Wu, F Hsieh, and CH Chen.Validation of a heteroscedastic hazards
regression model. Lifetime Data Analysis 8: 21-34.
(2001) CY Hsiao, HDI Wu, JS Lai and HW Kuo. A longitudinal study of the effects
of long-term exposure to lead among lead battery factory workers in Taiwan
(1989-1999). Science of the Total Environment 279: 151-158.
Other Publications (consultation works)
YT Chen, JWC Chang, HP Liu, TF Yu, YT Chiu, JJ Hsieh, YT Chen, YR
Chen, HDI Wu, SF Huang. Clinical implications of MET gene amplification in
non-small cell lung cancer patients without prior tyrosine kinase inhibitor treatment.
Journal of Thoracic Oncology (accepted).
(2011c) CY Peng, CB Chen, HC Lai, WP Su, PH Chuang, HDI Wu, LB Jeng. Early
HBeAg loss in HBeAg-positive chronic hepatitis B patients with acute exacerbation
on lamivudine therapy. Hepatology International 5(1): 586-596.
(2009c) CY Lin, BS Anderson, BM Phillips, AC Peng, S Clark, J Voorhees, HDI Wu,
MJ Martin, J McCall, CR Todd, F Hsieh, D Crane, MR Viant, ML Sowby, RS Tjeerdema. Characterization of the metabolic actions of crude versus dispersed oil
in salmon smolts via NMR-based metabolomics. Aquatic Toxicology 95: 230-238
(2008g) WC Chang, CC Lin, LM Chen, HDI Wu, LS Yeh, LY Lin. Schedule effect
and laparoscopic-assisted vaginal hysterectomy. Australian and New Zealand
Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
(2008f) CC Huang, KF Cheng, HDI Wu. Survival analysis comparing peritoneal
dialysis and hemodialysis in Taiwan. Peritoneal Dialysis International 28:
S15-S20. (IF:1.47|R:45/69|▲:16)
(2007d) PY Wu, YC Li, HDI Wu. Risk factors for chickenpox incidence in Taiwan
from a large-scale computerized database. International Journal of Dermatology 46:
362-366. (IF:1.26|R:36/54|▲:1)
(2005b) SY Chiang, TH Huang, SN Uang, HDI Wu, YC Wei, HY Lin, JA Swenberg,
chromatography/electron-capture negative chemical ionization mass spectrometry
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 19: 1915-1920.
(2005a) WK Chen, HDI Wu,
Emerging Infectious Diseases 11: 1067-1073.
(2004c) MR Lin, HF Hwang, MH Hu, HDI Wu, YW Wang, FC Huang. Psychometric
comparisons of the timed up and go, one-leg stand, functional reach, and Tinetti
balance measures in community-dwelling older people. Journal of the American
Geriatrics Society
(2004b) MR Lin, W Huang, HF Hwang, HDI Wu, LL Yen. The effect of crash
experience on changes in risk taking among urban and rural young people. Accident Analysis and Prevention 36:213-222. (SSCI)


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Tagebuch und Briefe von Rozsi Wolf Aus dem Ungarischen übersetzt von Magda Tothova und von Catrin Bolt zusammengestel t. Verhoffen 194. Mein lieber Laci! Die Wochen und die Monate vergehen langsam, und wir warten, was der Morgen bringt. Wann kommt der große Tag, an dem wir als freie Menschen von hier gehen können. Ich lebe jetzt hier bei meinen Eltern neben einem österreichischen D

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