Manager-- Glen CarlquistCoach ----- Rob AllegraCoach ----- Tim Heller Mission: "Help kids to develop a love for baseball, competition and sportsmanship while learning respect and working togetheras a team towards a common goal".
Exciting moments:This past week (4/5/10) certainly has been a busy baseball week. We had 3 games all with very talented opponents. We are very proud of our boys for winning their first divisional game. The most rewarding thing is we won against a team that beat us thenight before 15 to 4. The boys never gave up and won the next night 5 to 3. Brett was our opening pitcher going 3 inning and allowing only 1 run. The bats came alive with hard hits by all the boys. Trent came out of his slump with 2 big hits and 3 RBI's and Micah kept the excitement going with his great base running, taking home on a miss throw back to the pitcher.
Our defense was also outstanding with a running catch in center by Kirk and Ryan's second double play in 2 games.
The boys are starting to gel as a team and as we head towards tournament time we will be ready.
Phase of the week: "Good players may not always play good but good players always play hard".
The week of 3/7/10 we only played one game due to rain. It was a close game and we are proud of our kids for never giving up.
It was the bottom of the 6th with 2 outs and J.C. started it off by getting hit by the pitch. We then followed with the next two boys walking to give us bases loaded with 2 outs. Michael took the count to 3 &2 and then hit a soft pop up to the short stop who made a diving catch to end the game. What an exciting ending. The game against Heritage Harbour was not only exciting but was our first win. Hunter started pitching and allowed only 1 runin 3 innings very good job! Alex played another solid game at first and the rest of the boys played well. J.C. again started us off again with another hit and Nick had 2 doubles. At the beginning of the game I told the boys that I smelled a victory and Nick was quick to say he smelled mango. Not sure what he meant but if Nick smells mango and hits 2 doubles, it now mango every game.
Saturdays game was equally exciting as Michael struck out one of the opponents best hitters with bases loaded. Hayes followed Michael pitching and allowed 1 run with the meat of their order up. Kirk, playing catcher made an outstanding catch as the batter popped up the ball and Kirk was on it like glue. Hunter had a nice diving catch behind firstand the rest of the boys played great however the best defensive play goes to Joey with a diving catch in center to end the inning. We may have lost but the boys played as a team… we are getting better every time we step on to the field.
Lets stay focused as I smell another mango win.
Phrase of the week-- "We smell a mango win." Exciting moments : Wow we finally played our first two games, although we didn't win the kids did great. We played the two best teams in our league both full of 12 year olds where we have only one. There were some outstanding plays this week but our first 2 double plays probable standout. The first one, man on 3rd a hot line drive to Trent at SS caught the ball and through to Joey at 3rd for our first DP.
The second one, Trent is pitching, man on 1st & 2nd, bouncer back to trent he turns and through to Micah at 2ndand Micah on to Hunter at first. WOW our second DP! Phrase of the week---NEVER GIVE UP! FC = Fielder's Choice (Hit the ball but you got out)



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