1 each Basic First Aid Book, in plain language
2 each
Bandages (Ace) elastic, 4"
4 each Bandages, gauze, 2" x 2"
each Bandages, gauze, 3" x 3" and 4" x 4"
each Bandages, gauze, 18" x 36"
Bandages for burns (Second Skin) 3" x 3-1/2"
3 each Triangular Bandages
Band-Aids in assorted sizes, flexible and moisture resistant best
Bicarbonate of Soda
Butterfly sutures or Leukostrips
1 each Cold/heat Pack, reusable
1 box
Cotton Swabs
Dental Floss
Epsom Salts
1 each Eyedropper
First Aid Tape, 1/2" x 10 yards and 1" x 5 yards
Gloves, lightweight rubber, (for medical and hygiene purposes)
Insect Repellent
1 bottle Isopropyl Alcohol
bottle Meat Tenderizer for insect bites and stings
1 box
Moistened Towelettes
1 each Nail Clipper
Razor Blades, single edge
Safety Pins, assorted sizes
SAM splint
1 each Scalpel
each Scissors, Surgical pointed
1 bottle Soap, liquid, antibacterial
6 each Tongue Depressors
2 each Thermometers, disposal OR 1 digital, (no breakables with mercury)
1 each Tweezers
Analgesic Cream (Camphophenique, Paraderm Plus)
Antacid (Mylanta, Tums, Pepto-Bismal)
1 series Antibiotic (Tetracycline for general infections)
1 box
Anti-Diarrheal (Imodium, Diasorb, Lomotil)
Anti-fungal (Desenex, Micatin, Tinactin, Lotrimin)
Antihistamine (Benadryl, Claratyne)
Antiseptic Ointment (Neosporin, Dettol)
1 each Anti-toxin (DMSO)
1 tube
Burns (Hydrocortisone, Derm-Aid)
Cold/Flu Tablets (Nyquil, Repetabs)
Constipation (Ex-Lax, Dulcolax, Durolax)
1 bottle Cough Syrup (Robitussen, Dimetap)
1 box
Decongestant (Actifed, Sudafed, Repetabs)
1 bottle Eye Drops (Visine)
1 tube
Hemorrhoid Relief (Preparation H, Anusol)
Ibuprofen (Advil, Nurofen, Paracetamol)
1 bottle Itching, Insect/Rash (Caladril, Calamine)
1 tube
Itching (Dibucaine, Paraderm, Lanacane)
Lip Balm (ChapStick, Blistex)
Lubricant, Water Soluble (K-Y Jelly)
1 bottle Nasal Decongestant (Sinex, Ornex)
Nausea, Motion Sickness (Kwells, Dramamine, Travacalm, Meclizine)
Non-Aspirin Pain Reliever (Tylenol)
Pain, Fever Reducer (Panadeine, Mobigesic)
Pain Reliever with Codeine (Panamax, Tylenol 3)
Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)
1 bottle Poison Ivy/Oak Relief (Dermarest Poison Ivy Mousse or Ivarest)
packet Poison Absorber (Activated Charcoal)
Radiation Protection (Potassium Iodide-[KI] or Potassium Iodate-[KIO3]
1 bottle either is fine)
1 can
Sunburn Relief (Solarcaine, Paxyl)
1 bottle Sunscreen (SPF 15 at least)
1 bottle Vomit Inducer (Ipecac, Activated charcoal)
1 tube
Yeast Infection Treatment (Gyne-Lotrimin, Monistat)
Household Bleach
Perscription Medications

Source: http://911emg.com/911_forms/form_1aid.pdf


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