Dear Patient / Parent / Guardian,
An overnight sleep study has been arranged for you at the Ashford Hospital on:
Date of Study _______ at 8.00pm
Please check in at the hospital’s main reception area at 8pm to be admitted. The admission process will
take approximately 15 min. A sleep technician will arrive at front reception at 8.30pm and take you to your
room where the sleep investigation will take place.
• If these dates are not convenient please call (08) 8275 1187 to rebook • Please confirm your attendance at least 7 working days prior to your booking • Complete the enclosed Patient Registration form and return it in the reply-paid envelope as soon
Preparation for Sleep Study and Responsibility of Parent or Guardian:
According to hospital policy one parent or guardian must accompany the child and arrange to stay overnight
during the sleep study or the study cannot be conducted. The person staying with the child can either stay
in an adjacent room or if preferred in the same room in which the sleep study is conducted. A bed will be
provided in the sleep study room but note that it will be a portable fold-out bed.
En suite bathroom facilities are available and towels and linen are supplied, but please ensure that your
child’s hair is clean and free of any hair gel, mousse or other hair products on the night of the study. Nail
polish should also be removed. Males (excluding those with beards) are required to shave before coming in.
Your child should try to follow a normal sleeping schedule as much as possible in the few days preceding
the sleep study. If your child is suffering from a heavy cold, please contact the unit, as the study may need
to be postponed.
What You and Your Child Need to Bring:
Please ensure that your child has comfortable nightwear, dressing gown and slippers. We also ask that you
bring with you any items which are essential to your child’s comfort which may help to put them at ease,
such as a book or special pillow. A television is present in the room. The parent or guardian is also required
to bring their own pillow, night wear and toiletries.


Please also bring any medication and medical equipment your child may require on the night of the study
(e.g. including over the counter medications or ventolin). These items will not be supplied by the Hospital.
The staff monitoring the sleep studies are technicians and are therefore not authorised to administer
medications to patients. If the study asks for your child to be tested on their current CPAP settings please
bring the CPAP mask but not the CPAP machine as this will be available in one of the rooms.
Arrival Time and Location of Sleep Unit:
We ask that you arrive with your child at 8pm on the evening of the study. Parking is available in the Ezipark
car park off Everard Avenue at a rate of $27.00 per night (up till 12 hours).
The Sleep Unit is situated in the Day Ward which is located on the ground floor near the front reception area
of Ashford Hospital (off Reid Avenue).
AISH Public • AISH Private
P 08 8275 1187
F 08 8277 6890
E [email protected]
W www.adelaidesleephealth.org.au
Information about the Sleep Study:
Following admission, you will be shown to your room by a sleep technician who will explain what the study
involves, and will then set up the equipment which monitors your child’s sleep. The technician will be happy
to answer any questions you may have regarding the sleep study.
During the night your child’s breathing, heart rate, brain activity, leg movements, and the level of oxygen
and carbon dioxide in the blood will be monitored. Different sensors will be applied to the skin in order to
make these measurements, but please note that none of the procedures carried out during the sleep study
are invasive or painful in any way.
For your child’s safety the technician will be able to view the sleep study on a video monitor which will also
be digitally recorded and archived as part of their patient record. Recording will cease when the study has
ended. A buzzer is present in the room if you or your child requires urgent assistance.
If your child has sensitive skin or any allergies, e.g. to latex - please inform the secretary when confirming
the appointment as well as the technician on the night of the study.

Please complete a menu if breakfast is required.
What Happens the Next Morning:

The sleep study ends at approximately 6.00am and you will be able to leave by 6.30-7.00am. The
technician will remove all the recording sensors, and your child can have a shower before leaving. Breakfast
will be provided, as ordered the previous evening. As the rooms need to be cleaned and prepared for day
patients – an Ashford staff member will escort you and your child to the dining room for breakfast.
Following the Sleep Study:
A follow-up appointment will be made for you once the sleep study has been analysed. Results of your
sleep study will then be sent to your doctor, who will discuss them with you at your next appointment.
Following the sleep study an account will be forwarded to you. The fee for an overnight sleep study is 75%
rebatable from Medicare with the balance claimable from your private health fund. A separate fee will be
charged for your hospital accommodation account, which is claimable from your private health fund. It is
important, however, to check your level of cover with your health fund, prior to your admission.

If the date of the arranged study becomes inconvenient please call the Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health
as soon as possible on 8275 1187 Monday to Friday between 9am & 5pm. If a parent or guardian cannot
stay overnight with the child the appointment will need to be rescheduled. The out of hours number (for
urgent matters only) is 8275 1149.
Checklist: What to Bring
… Private Health Care Card
… Medicare
… Nightwear
… Toiletries
… Medications.
… List of all current medications
… CPAP mask (not machine) if your child is currently on treatment (and it is requested by the physician)
… Your own pillows if preferred
Yours Sincerely
Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health

Revised 29 May 2012

AISH Public • AISH Private
P 08 8275 1187
F 08 8277 6890
E [email protected]
W www.adelaidesleephealth.org.au

Source: http://www.adelaidesleephealth.org.au/files/117_ashford_sleep_study_patient_information_12-18.pdf

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